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Do you have an agenda? [Copy link] 中文

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I am writing to all of you to ask this.

Do you have an agenda

Do you post on CD for poletikal purposes, or releegious ones? Be honest with yourself.
I do not have problems with those who do as long as they are open about it, however, what I have noticed is that the majority of individuals I expect are doing this take cover identities or act under ghosts. The cut and paste, refuse to tell the full story. Don't answer direct questions and spend a vast amount of energy placing blame on others instead of convincing the forum that they have a better way.

What is the purpose of these actions?
Disunity, disharmony, incitement?

The methods are different, some will simply slather bile and vitriol on a cultural group without even atttempting to examine the entire story.
Others will use spiral logic, misdirection and manipulated statistics to prove a point and hope that the silent majority do not have the ability to think for themselves.

It is sad that this forum is a reflection of the state of the world.

I do have an agenda, I seek to understand "why" we have become like this, or if we have always been like this.
i seek to find a way of healing the wounds that others would salt, to bring a measure of calm to the population.
Because it may be this decade is already lost, and the next one. like a disease the hatred of a father spreads to the son, to the daughter, friends and family.
The father must be cured to ensure the cancer does not spread.
The disease cannot hide in the open.
My meaning is simple, if you have grievances, air them openly, without hate. the people you speak to are not directly responsible for the worlds ills, neither are you.
do not give half a story, it discredits you when people find out more.
We will not always agree but we can acknowledge and try to move on to a better world

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My purpose in this forum is not to push a political agenda, but i find myself doing it plenty of times.

I came to this forum to meet Chinese people, as a way to get to know some of the inhabitants of a country i plan to visit, but this forum is so politically charged (and with ideas i don't usually share) that i end up arguing about politics (and therefore trying to push a way of thought) many times.

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No, I don't but once I argued with people who criticized China about Xinjiang riots and human rights even I am a girl and not interested in politics at all.

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I think all forum-users have an agenda. We are all here for different reasons.

I came here because I wanted to ask a question regarding a Chinese man I like, and was actually led to this forum by a Google link on my question. I came here, signed on, and asked my question, and while many people have read my query, very few answer, which makes me wonder why people don't have anything to add, as I am honestly interested in people's ideas and input. I think many different voices help lead to a consensus of ideas. By seeing others' viewpoints and thoughts, I can better situate myself.

I am grateful for finding this place, because I like that man and feel this place can/has helped shaped my perception and understanding of China. I would like to see more people use their voice in constructive ways. If you feel you have a voice on this forum, I think you should use it.

Also, I am naturally interested in politics and the political. Nothing wrong with that. I think humans are political animals. Politics is basically the science of society. It shapes us all. I am also very interested in (dare I say it?) human rights and ethics. Ethics are a major part of my continued studies and also my personal idea of fairness. I never thought there was a site in China where I could feel free to be myself and discuss things I am interested in. I know human rights are an issue for China, as firewalls are built to keep the idea out. I am not sure this thread will survive now because I have said it. We will see. However, I feel here on this forum I have something to offer with my fairly broad and ethical approach to knowledge.

We all have an agenda. I am still waiting for answers to my initial question. Meanwhile I have discovered I need 50 posts to get to have a picture with my name.

I feel a great love for China. The people I met there are all just wonderful. Their generosity and kindness and honesty is truly humbling. I am hoping to find that same lovely spirit of goodness here, I spose. That's why I keep coming back.

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I'm here to practise english typing in a less knitpicking enviroment. To talk politics, which I know almost nothing about, but it's fun exercise:) I've also lived a short period in Beijing and I'm curious about China and to see where you're heading

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Good on you huang262

what would be good is some real Chinese here teaching us

what a pity that out of a country of 1.3 billion, so few are here in their very own newspaper

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