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Arab World nuclear race / Who has what, and from where [Copy link] 中文

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by Yoav Stern - Haaretz

Israel is following with interest the closer nuclear ties France is forging with the Arab world. The Foreign Ministry has declined to go on the record on the issue, but ministry officials say that though they are concerned about the matter, they do not oppose it.

So who has what?

Morocco: Advancing a civilian nuclear program with France.

Libya: Canceled its military nuclear program in 2003. Libya and France signed an agreement to cooperate on civilian projects.

Egypt: Developing a program for an energy reactor and negotiating a cooperation agreement with the U.S. and France.

Saudi Arabia: Signed a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement with the U.S.

Syria: Interested in developing nuclear activity within an "Arab framework," in cooperation with Turkey.

Jordan: Rapidly advancing an energy nuclear reactor and negotiating its erection with France.

United Arab Emirates: Signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with France at the beginning of the year.

Last Saturday, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon signed a cooperation agreement on nuclear issues with his Algerian counterpart while touring the North African country. Algeria has been suspected in the past of conducting a nuclear project for military purposes.

France is also in close contact on this subject with other North African and Arab countries, as well as states in the Persian Gulf.

Officials in the government are concerned about the nuclearization, even if in most cases it is for civilian purposes and not for arms.

"The French are ready to supply this technology anywhere, as long as they are being paid. They would sell a nuclear reactor to Israel, too, if it expressed an interest," a source at the ministry said.

The officials said France also wants to be seen as a leader in the regional developments in the Mediterranean and Europe.

France is trying to persuade Algeria to support, or at least not oppose, the Mediterranean Union set to be established in Paris next month.

Arab nuclearization began in recent years mainly in response to Iranian nuclearization. Dr. Ephraim Asculai, a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, told Haaretz yesterday: "Why are Arab countries waking up all of a sudden about the nuclear issue? Clearly Arab countries are worried about Iran. This is not their response, but rather a statement: 'We are here.'"

The sale of nuclear technology by France can provide a livelihood for many of its people. Asculai says billions of dollars are invested in the building of a single reactor, money that no country would scoff at easily.

The Arab nuclear awakening, as well as the search for alternatives to oil, has aroused the major nuclear powers to look for business possibilities. In addition to France, Russia, the United States and China, other powers such as Germany are courting the Arab countries. Iran, for its part, is trying to appear as though it is taking under its wing Muslim countries interested in moving ahead in this area.

In his last visit to Algeria, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussed the nuclear issue extensively. But it should be remembered that not every agreement on nuclear cooperation matures into the establishment of reactors or full implementation. Declarations of intent do not necessarily obligate the parties.

Among those expressing themselves on the nuclear issue is King Abdullah of Jordan, who told the Washington Post last week at the Petra Conference that Jordan would be quicker than other Arab countries in obtaining nuclear energy.

He said that Jordan's goals were entirely civilian. Jordan was considering placing nuclear energy in the hands of a civilian firm to decrease concerns, he said.

In Syria, which officially denies that the facility bombed in September was nuclear, Oil Minister Sufian Alao said recently that his country would move ahead on joint nuclear activities with Turkey, as reported by Turkey's Anatolian News Agency.

The extent of Syria's cooperation with North Korea and Iran in the nuclear realm is disturbing to many, and no single answer is forthcoming. Syrian President Bashar Assad says his country wants to develop a nuclear program "in an Arab framework," meaning with other Arab countries under the umbrella of the Arab League.

Egypt uses the nuclear issue to prove its advanced patriotic activities, with promotion of the issue associated with President Hosni Mubarak's son, Gamal Mubarak.

Saudi Arabia has raised the issue in various forums and is holding talks with the U.S. and France. The Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes most of the Arab states in the Persian Gulf, has declared that it would promote cooperation on this issue.

According to Asculai, a number of Arab states have poor scientific infrastructure that will make it difficult for them to develop independent nuclear programs. He says technical difficulties will block the Gulf states from building a nuclear reactor.

"A nuclear reactor for energy must be profitable only if it produces a great deal of electricity. For the countries to collaborate on this issue, they will have to upgrade the infrastructure for delivering electricity," he said.

Algeria: Advancing a nuclear program for civilian purposes with France and Iran. It has several facilities that are suspected of being used in the past for military purposes.
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The "boys" are getting new toys .......................


.................... it won't be long until they'll start "throwing things" at each other.

Arabs against Arabs ......... Muslims against Arabs  ........ Sunnis against Shiites .................. in the name of domination of the lands, the resources ...... and the peoples of Islam.

Iran is the most ambitious to gain control and dominate the area. They want to export "their religion",  the Islamic Fundamentalism, from the Golf, all the way down to the Gibraltar Strait.

Egypt has the largest air force in the region and says it needs it, in order to keep the "boys" calm ............each one on it's territory.

Saudi Arabia (perhaps one of the most territorially vulnerable) has the best and most powerfull contacts outside the Arab/Muslim worlds ....... and needs them in order to maintain a political edge on the rest ....... in order to maintain its sovereignity and influence in the area.

Pakistan has the largest army........................

Turkey has a good chance to enter the European Union in the coming years. The rest of the Muslims feel "threatened" by this opening of Turkey to the "West".

Regional historical conflicts (land, resources)

Once they get armed ....................... an occasional trigger ............... and Obama will have a new problem to tackle.......
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Iran's domination of ISLAM


Instead of concentrating on what kind of socio-political system fits them best, who should lead/govern them and what should be the focus of their internal and exterior struggle with the world  ……. the 1.2 billions Muslims on the face of the earth, are focused on an issue that has absolutely no relevance to their future.

Today the Muslims’ focus of interest are a population of less than one percent of its own (12 million Jews scattered in the world) and a piece of land (State of Israel, 20.000 square kilometers) that is less than one percent than the area of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Egypt and Jordan had already signed peace agreements with Israel. But that peace will never result on a cultural/economical regional integration of the three countries. The Imams’ rhetoric, the Muslim press (specially Al Jazeera – which is broadcasted 24/7 in Israel), the aligned media in the rest of the world (and last but not least ….. PETERB!!!!) ………. confuse the issues on the minds of the Muslims.

The country that has best understood this phenomena …… AND THEREFORE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF IT,  is Iran. Iran, far away from the zionist “front line”, with none of its own interests directly at stake, has turned the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a tool against West’s Muslims “allies”.
Today Iran is going directly to the hearts of the Muslim street with a passionate message, calling for the destruction of the “zionist empire” (I remind you 6.5 million living on 20.000 square kilometers)…….
The Iranians can reach the hearts of the Muslim populations world wide, flying over the heads of Muslim world leaders and educators……… leaders and educators, that all they can do is contemplate the Iranians without knowing how to neutralize or diminish their influence on their local populations.

The Iranian anti-Israeli mantra (Goebbels inspired) is giving Iran what Iran is looking for………… worldwide domination of Islam.
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Correct .... !!!!!!


..................... and since I'm well connected to the right people at our nuclear base in Sry Lanka ....... I made sure that one of these lethal bombs is pointing to the roof of the barn where you live  ...................

[ Last edited by rrhonda at 2009-9-1 07:58 PM ]
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Originally posted by rrhonda at 2009-9-1 19:51

..................... and since I'm well connected to the right people at our nuclear base in Sry Lanka ....... I made sure that one of these lethal bombs is pointing to the roof of the barn w ...

Hi rrhonda,

You know, since 2006 there's been one question that I've found difficult to find anything like a rational answer for. Why the heck didn't Israel achieve its stated objectives in the war with hezbollah- the return of the missing soldiers and the destruction of hezbollah? World opinion? Nah, Israel doesn't really give a flying fukk about that, does it? So what was the REAL reason, rrhony baby? Any idea??

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it's time for the middle east to stand on her 2 feet...

the next region would be south america and follows by africa; so, nobody gets FUK in the future  

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War accross the Lebanon - Israel border


The Israelis, as you would probably found out if you followed our newspapers, are very critical of our politicians, our government, civil servants and as a spin off of it ……. we are also very critical of our military commanders.

The war in Lebanon was not a war between two sovereign countries, namely Lebanon and Israel. It was not a confrontation between the army of Israel and the army of Lebanon.

The war was between the Israeli army and the military wing of a Lebanese legal political party (Hissbullah). I don’t  remember ever reading that in modern history, any political party of a sovereign country ever attacked the civilians and/or the military forces of another country.

Although it was its total responsibility, the Lebanese government through its police, security forces and army, didn’t know how to stop the aggression of the Hisbullah to the civilians and the military forces of its neighbor country.

The Israeli government and the Israeli military were the ones that had to stop the aggression of the military wing of the Lebanese political party.

Israel engaged on an international conflict, chasing the aggressors across a mutually agreed border   …….
“You probably know how to start a war, but you never know how it is going to progress ……………. and most important ……………………….. how it is going to end”

We chased the Hissbullah back to Beirut, destroyed their long range missiles launching capacity on the first 30 minutes of the war. We killed their fighters and commanders, destroyed most of their weapons, had Nassrallah living for a long time in shelters ….. up until the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had to promise the French and the Germans that Israel will not attempt to have Nassrallah eliminated.

We showed the Lebanese Government that if they do not take control and responsibility on the situation at our common border …… Lebanon has too much to loose.

Ever since the end of the war, we brought some relative calm to our northern border……………… But all in all, I personally think that the war was a failure. Not a failure from the stand point of casualties, despite the fact that we lost about 150 soldiers.

It was a failure because our soldiers were not trained properly by their commanders for this type of mission.

There was poor coordination between units and also …………… between the commanders.

Poor supply procedures.

In the ground the troops and local commanders were brave and fought well, however the lack of leadership at the high ranks produced unexpected results.

The air force proved ineffective at eliminating the Hissbullah forces. Thousands of Katyusha and other short range missiles attacks on the North, killed around 50 Israelis civilians.

The Commander General and the Defense Minister lost their jobs.
The Prime Minister lost a lot of support from our people.

But immediately after the end of the war, the IDF did its internal “cleansing”, corrected what was necessary within the system ……. and here we are again, .............. waiting for the Hissbulla to make its move.



If everybody are thinking alike ...... then ...... nobody is THINKING.

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