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Should I leave the China Daily? Do you want me to go away? [Copy link] 中文

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You are wrong. we are different people. please don't say any bad words to Blue Tiger.

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Blue Tiger apparently your fertile seed fell on a field full of  heavy fertilizer and are sprouting. Only the weak seedlings  of ignorance , prejudice ,  and fear are screaming as they wilt. You oppostion by these obnoxious
weeds are the sincerest form of flattery. All the stinky stuff flying around will help your ideas germinate, grow, and thrive. Just  hold your nose those nutrients really smell, also make sure you didnt step in any.

Electron packets are the method by which messages are transmited over the internet. There are a lot of hostile people on this site---ignorant too.

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Blue Tigeress

       Lets examine the truth for a min.  Wrs told you that your lying Blue Tiger and you don't have a girlfriend in February.  Then all the sudden we see a post from you under the name Blue Tigress, which was began right after wrs said you have no girlfriend, and she starts saying Oh I love you Blue Tiger HAHAHAHA Please do not think that anyone on this post is stupid.  You have posted three times! I'm glad this post keeps track of your records.  The first time you posted and told wrs you love Blue Tiger HAHAHA Then you post and say that you want Blue Tiger to leave the post so he can have more time to love you HAHAHAHA OMG!! How funny, finally you post for the third time since Feb and tell me to be nice to Blue Tiger.  
      But to answer your comment.  I am nice to Blue Tiger.  I talk to TigerMama (Blue Tigers Mom) and she said that he is punished and can't use the computer for a week because Blue Tigress is Blue Tigers right hand in the bathroom HAHAHAHA  He apparantly knows a lot of Kung Fu strokes that his uncle wong taught him.  I think he always said that the hardest person to beat is yourself and he was trying to make out with Blue Tigress(His right hand) in the bathroom and was caught by MamaTiger.   Grow up chile!!!!

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Faustian Pact

I fully accept your right to choose whether you remain an active correspondent of this forum, or decide to withdraw.

Nonetheless, I would make the following observations:

1. If you feel that you have been rounded-on by Chinese correspondents, do you not concede that your often virulent, and frequently conceited, abuse of them has actively encouraged such intemperate responses ?   

2. Is throwing your future forum participation into the sensitive domain of public opinion at odds with the notion of "freedom of speech" and, indeed, a trifle self-indulgent ?

I suggest a period of humble reflection on your part would be a useful precursive exercise to your eventual decision.

Sincere best wishes for your deliberations.      

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To Blue Tiger - Leaving?

Your frist sentence is all you need to say. What does Bush have to do with your dilemma?

Your statement reminds me of Homer Simpson; "oh, look at the butterfly".

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Do not leave. Register another nickname and restart it.

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You're a great writer and adviser. Just stay. Whoever it is, tiger or tigeress, I dont care. You just stay and keep helping people.

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