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Should I leave the China Daily? Do you want me to go away? [Copy link] 中文

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thanks for supporting for blue tiger

My blue tiger is very handsome and muscular American guy. I fell in love with him because of his intelligence. We have talked many times about his posts in China Daily. I know he just want to help people so he spent a lot of time here. His writing is very good, I can tell some people do get wonderful ideas from his posts. But everytime, I saw people wrote some bad words toward him, I really feel so sad. that's why I say yes to his question. But now, I changed my mind, I would like to support him, just like he always support me. I love you, honey.

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I say, "Yes".

I found China Daily Forum only recently and was hopeful that it be a forum where one could find gracious and thoughtful, if sometimes controversial, communication and exchanges of ideas and information between people from China and other nations. Such exchange, while always beneficial, is more and more important because of China’s changing presence in the world community.

I believe this Forum has the potential to be one ground for such exchanges. It seems natural that people with an interest in Chinese and world affairs and an interest in communication among the people of China and people from other nations would read China Daily and participate in its forums, including the Friendship, Love, Relationships and English Study Forums.

China Daily Forum has disappointed me that hope principally because of your repetitive, annoying and tiresome posts. This post, “Should I Leave China Daily? Do You Want Me To Go Away?”, is representative. It begins with an attack against others who have challenged you and disagreed with other posts you have made. As is typical of your responses, you assert that they are “obviously immature and mentally diseased”. I have not read all of your other posts, but in the ones I have read, your attacks against those who have challenged you or disagreed with you included statements such as “stupid farm girl”, that one person’s English was not good enough to discuss the matter at hand, “duck-eater” and the list could go on and on.

Further, it appears to me you imagine yourself to be the savior of China and, particularly, the savior of its women, from the rest of the world, especially the United States. Typical of that delusion are your canned posts attacking any non-Chinese male or Chinese female who would express an interest in a romantic relationship with the other. To you, it seems, all such men are sexual predators or perverts and all such woman stupid, or worse (although I did notice that after a personal consultation with you, you deemed lisabj perhaps to be okay – how fortunate is she to have gained your personal approval of her life). Likewise typical is this post and your “threats” to leave China Daily and deprive us all of your unequaled “insights into various love and relationship problems”, to discontinue your work on an English language website (there already is one on CD called “English Study”, by the way) and your articles on “everything from job dissatisfaction to how to develop confidence”. Your posts continually allege your great wisdom, education and insight and how you have, in your view, helped so many Chinese people.

First, I hardly think China needs you to save her. She appears to have quite capable leadership and has managed to survive for quite some time now without you. I am also convinced that the women of China do not need you to defend and save them. From what I see, read and hear, they are also quite capable of handling that task themselves. I recently read that there about 900 million Chinese involved in agriculture. I suspect that among that number there are at least a few million “farm girls” (who also may eat duck and who may not speak English at all) who, in terms of intelligence, insight and thinking, not to mention grace, manners and common human decency and understanding, would make you look like a puppy.

I think also that your “insights” into relationships and other problems are not nearly as wonderfully insightful and helpful as you imagine them to be. If you truly are as magnificent as you would have us believe, I find it unimaginable that you are not one of China’s national leaders or, at the least, a renowned psychologist or psychiatrist, rather than one who appears to have a no more useful occupation than filling China Daily Forum with his drivel.

I view your “threats” to leave CD as nothing more than what I see much of what you post to be – self-aggrandizement and pandering for approval and acceptance, particularly, it appears, from Chinese women. If you are convinced that you have such invaluable “insight” and “help” to give, why don’t you spend a few dollars to start your own website and let those who wish to be your followers elect to do so, instead of imposing yourself upon the unwilling who would like to put China Daily Forum to better use.

We would all, I believe, be better spared your “insight” and “help”. I say that, in part, because I find your words and your conduct to be a deplorable representation of what American men are truly like and because I believe your attempts to dominate China Daily Forum, your childish, egotistical and self-serving personal attacks on anyone who would dares to disagree with you and your gross misrepresentation of foreign men and Chinese women (among others) discourages the honest, open, thoughtful, intellectual and friendly exchange of friendship, understanding, opinion, insight, culture and information. How few people looking for such an exchange would even attempt it in China Daily Forum after reading even a few of your posts and the responses they elicit.

In my opinion, the greatest contribution you could make to China Daily Forum would be your complete and permanent absence from it.

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Well said sundance!

     I have told Blue Tiger in my first post to him that I hate being mean and hate arguing.  I just hated seeing him write so many rude posts to people.  Anyone can go to the topic of lisabj looking for a american boyfriend and see how rude Blue Tiger has been.  
       Now he's acting like a big baby saying maybe he should pack his bags and leave!  Its like someone standing on top of a bridge and saying for ten hours "I'm going to jump!" "I'll jump off this bridge if you want me too!"  
      Read his angry posts and you will see that he truley does not like the Chinese culture and stays on this post just to keep telling people he is important.  
       The worse thing he has done is take all the people who disagree with him and say that its all wrs...  He says that its one person under different names that attack him.  My name is Sammy D.  I have one name and do not know wrs...  I have said many times that I live in New Orleans, LA and only post against Blue Tiger because he gives Americans a bad name.  There are not too many Americans on this site and he is not a good representative of America.  
       I vote that you stay Blue Tiger.  I vote you stay and change your attitude.  What harm will it do for you to respect other people and their opinions?  Do you always have to reply with insults?  Blue Tiger has been mad at me ever since I told everyone on this post that he E-mailed me and told me that I hurt his feelings calling him fat.  He told me in his E-mail that I don't know how much it hurts him to be made fun of because he can't see his feet and wears a bra to cover his man breasts.  
       I really felt terrible after reading his E-mail and posted the next day.  I made a public appology to him and still he didn't accept my appology.  I don't care that Blue Tiger is fat and can't see his own feet because his stomach is too big.  I don't care that he wears a bra because he has man breasts.  I just felt terrible for making fun of him and wanted everyone to know that I was wrong.  In my opinion, Blue Tiger should change his attitude and admit he's not perfect and "athletic" He should let people love him even if he is fat.  He should respect other people's opinion and know that once he does that no one will care that he is fat.  Hope my opinion helps.  I like you Blue Tiger I do.  

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I like to read some of your articles...

Blue tiger, I like to read some of your articles. and it's better we don't judge people.

I want to read more your wise, encouraging words. Yes, calm down, have a deep breath ;-)

argue is also not a bad thing if you really want to say it. I know rustum is a  very sincere and loving and caring man and also hot temper. He will not use different handle to do the things.

I hope each of us show our sincerity and respect to other people and make this forum a nice place to express what we're feeling.

I hope you stay and give us a smile in the new day ;-)

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I will be sad if you leave!

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you are welcome!

blue tigher!many friends have expressed their feeling about you.I am a chinese.I'd like to say,"YOU are welcome!"

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Same as Jackhope,

I think everybody is welcome here.

If you like just give your applause; if you don't like, just criticize and give your reasons.

And be angry when something irritates you, just be angry! That's natural feeling, nothing wrong.

Doctors said: Being too tolerant will lead to cancer.

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