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Sex crimes on children -- for my dear Amyamy ... [Copy link] 中文

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Amyamy seems very pinned on attacking the Chinese officials committing crimes on children (or any crimes and corruption).  I am not objecting to her or defending the crimes the officials committed except that she seems to be single-mindedly against one thing, one section of people and would ignore the other possible causes of the crimes.  I said POVERTY.

I am totally against all abysmal crimes, whether they are abuses of children, women or others.  I understand, absolutely, where Amyamy is coming from and I absolutely support her.  But not on her single-mindedly pinned on ONE THING and ignore other causes.

Whatever it is, I believe we need to be accurate in finding the problem and addressing it.  We can't eradicate bad people around who want to abuse and take advantage of their position and wealth to the detriment of others.  But, at least, we can bring awareness to society, teach them and educate on such cruel behaviours and protect those vulnerable and educating them.

Here is an article .....


Brown pledges to investigate trafficking of children through Heathrow care homePrime minister says trade 'completely unacceptable and inhumane' after Guardian reveals 77 Chinese children were trafficked through local authority home

Robert Booth, Wednesday 6 May 2009 14.25 BST Article history
Cards showing missing children are displayed by the founder of a missing persons website. Photograph: China Photos/Getty Images

Gordon Brown today pledged to investigate the trafficking of Chinese children through a local authority children's home beside Heathrow airport, exposed in the Guardian.

Speaking at prime minister's questions, Brown told the House of Commons the trade was "completely unacceptable and inhumane" and said he would work with the home secretary to investigate and "do everything we can to protect these children".

He statement came in response to a question from John McDonnell, the Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, which includes Heathrow.

McDonell asked Brown to secure a report to Commons on the measures the government is taking with the local authority to tackle the problem.

Brown told the House: "Child trafficking is completely unacceptable and inhumane, and anything we can do to stop child trafficking, we will.

"I will investigate, with the home secretary, the reports that are in the newspapers this morning.

"We will do everything we can to protect these children, and we are leading internationally in asking other countries to help us ban the practice of trafficking children."

The prime minister's statement came after the Guardian published details from a secret intelligence report from the Border and Immigration Agency, which revealed that at least 77 Chinese children had gone missing from the 59-bed home since March 2006.

The building houses foreign children who arrive alone at Heathrow without papers.

According to the report, the trade appears to be controlled by organised criminal gangs.

The document suggested that the home has been used for the systematic trafficking of Chinese children to work in prostitution and the drugs trade across Britain, with criminal networks effectively using it as a clearing house for teenagers they want to bring in from China.

Brown's intervention came as a major boost for campaigners against child trafficking in the UK, who have failed to win political backing for greater resources to be made available for police operations to track down the traffickers.

They have also called for more robust standards of care to prevent vulnerable children from going missing.

"For too long, the problem of trafficked children going missing from care has been a low priority for this government," Christine Beddoe, the chief executive of Ecpat (UK), said.

"The prime minister's intervention gives us hope, at last, that this issue may now be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

"The report obtained by the Guardian provides damning evidence that the government knows much more about the risk to these children than they have been prepared to admit in public events or in parliament.

"It is hard to imagine anything more sinister than a government knowing the extraordinary risk of harm to this cohort of children and yet not providing local authorities and support agencies with the resources or information to provide immediate high level safety to these children upon identification."

Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, will today send a letter to the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, demanding an explanation why the trade was allowed to happen.

The letter will call for immediate action to trace more than 70 Chinese children who remain missing from the home.

"This is extremely worrying and the sign that the system has gone wrong," Grayling said today.

"We need an investigation into what happened to prevent children disappearing in the future.

"The home secretary needs to take immediate action to trace where these children have gone and make sure it can't happen again.

"But it also needs to hold talks with the local council to see whether it's putting too much responsibility on the shoulders of one local authority, especially as it's so close to Heathrow."

A spokeswoman for the Department for Children Families and Schools said the government was "very concerned" about children who might go missing from local authority care.

"We recognise the vulnerability of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, who may have been trafficked into the UK," she said.

"We know that early identification is the key to protecting these vulnerable children and we have produced a toolkit to help front line staff to identify those at risk."

Keith Vaz, the chairman of the House of Commons home affairs select committee, which is undertaking an inquiry into trafficking, said the Guardian's evidence would be aired at a conference to co-ordinate policy on the policing of trafficking and care for victims of the crime.
When asked what they least admired about the West, they replied
MORAL DECAY, PROMISCUITY and pornography which...

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I didn't pinpointed the officials that were charged rape(in English Xinhua) or charged whoring under-age girls(in Chinese Xinhua) in the Xishua case thread. I just address that two law articles difference as well the the legal charge difference in 2 language reporting. I never said kill them, shoot them...etc.

In 2007 my other thread about the former teacher forcing students in prostitution in Guizhou, I didn't mention about officials did I? Mostly I mention the social trend. In the milk scandel threads I said on the prosecution matters and the difference of 'mianzhi' and 'sacked' terms.
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Thanks for the article. I've also mentioned about teaching the kids to protect themselves in 2007 thread. I don't think the educators elites in China do not know this and need me to teach them. The implement to every corner for the awareness is what should be stengthened. And I've said before, sex crime has more than just a poverty factor. Relatively rich regions also happen.
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Reply #1 whampoa's post

Swampy, if you could see through your rather clouded eyes, you'd notice that all decent people, yes, including gweilos, condemn this criminality.....what part of this don't you understand? You've lost your moral imperative and what you thought was high ground...and rather tenous claim that was. Down gal, you've lost all credibility here now, and this saddens me as you could probably contribute more than the usual drivel we endure from others.

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