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China Middle School Girls Introduce New Victims To Rapists [Copy link] 中文

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by Fauna on Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From Phoenix Web (ifeng):

Victims also bring down schoolmates. Locals spread that there are 30-40 victims. Journalists have verified at least 10 people. 3 people have been caught or arrested.  Parents point to many village directors and civil servants are also involved.

Rumors began from February this year that 10 female students students, ranging from 13-16 years old from Bihu Middle School [Jade Lake Middle School] had been raped, involving businessmen and local government officials. Bihu Town is a remote rural township in Lishui District of Zhejiang. Biu Middle School is the town’s only junior high with 1000 students, most of whom live in on campus. Some girls were infected with sexually transmitted diseases, resulting in miscarriages/abortions after becoming pregnant, and some may even now be forever infertile.

On February 13th, a local teacher reported to the police that a 13-year-old student named Xiao Ling [Little Ling] had called him begging for his help, explaining that she had been tricked into a car and raped. From this point, the tip of the iceberg had been exposed.

Xiao Ling lived at school and according to regulations, students return home on their own every Friday at 2:30pm.  However, this time when school ended, Xiao Ling was asked by two fellow students to go play together. Afterward, they boarded a car owned by Chen Weixin that was parked waiting at the front of the school. Because Xiao Ling had met Chen Weixin before, she did not have many suspicions. Then, Chen Weixin took the three girls to a remote are and stopped the car. After the other two girls exited the car, Xiao Ling was left in the car and Chen Weixin forced her to have sexual relations with him while the other two girls unsuccessfully tried to pull Chen Weixin away.

After the police intervened, it was discovered that Xiao Ling was not the only case and an increasing number of Bihu Middle School girls were also involved. However, the total number of girls that were raped has not been determined or relased although 36 and 42 are two popularly rumored numbers in the town. Journalists have only confirmed the specific identity of 10 people.

The reason so many girls are involved was discovered to be a multi-level marketing network style of introduction using schoolmates to bring other schoolmates, resulting in an endless stream of girls being trapped.

Xiao Li’s mother told reports that in 2007, her daughter was taken to “Floating Snow KTV” by schoolmates Xiao Jun and Xiao Ying under the pretense of going to play together. There, she met the KTV’s boss Chen Weixin. After becoming acqainted, Chen Weixin invited Xiao Li to eat, drink alcohol, etc. and sometimes also purchased little things for Xiao Li, but there were no excessive actions. But suddenly one day, Chen Weixin took Xiao Li to go out driving and in a relatively secluded place, Chen Weixin suddenly stopped the car and raped Xiao Li in the car. It is reported that Xiao Li was only 13-years-old when this incident happened.

After this, Chen Weixin intensified, not only having sexual relations with Xiao Li numerous times but also telling Xiao Li “as long as you bring me girls to play, I will give you money”. One day afterward, Chen Weixin called Xiao Li, asking her to bring a schoolgirl out to “play.” In accordance with Chen Weixin’s phone call and under the pretense of going out to play together, Xiao Li brought a classmate named Xiao Fang to the meeting place chosen by Chen Weixin. There waiting was Chen Weixin, who then drove them to a remote place and stopped the car. On the car, Chen Weixin forced Xiao Fang to have sexual relations, Xiao Fang cried and begged, Xiao Li also pulling Chen Weixin asking him not to do this. However, Chen Weixin completely ignored her, raping Xiao Li right in front of Xiao Li. After this incident, Chen Weixin gave Xiao Li 300 yuan, and gave Xiao Fang 500 yuan.

As it is understood, after raping these girls, Chen Weixin would always give the introducing girl and the raped girl sums of money. At the same time, Chen Weixin would also buy mobile phones for some girls, to make it easier to contact them. Under these enticements, Chen was introduced to three girls from Xiao Li alone, and after sexual relations with Chen, Xiao Li’s downline Xiao Fang began contacting Chen directly. Xiao Ling who reported to the police was introduced to Chen Weixin by Xiao Fang.

Xiao Li’s mother told reporters, Xiao Li once said to her that Xiao Jun who introduced her to Chen Weixin had previously introduced many girls to Chen Weixin. Moreover, Chen Weixin personally told her daughter that over the past 7 years, he has already played with many Bihu Middle School students.

The investigation revealed more and more cases within cases. While investigating the Chen Weixin case and questioning a girl named Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei not only acknowledged the rape by Chen Weixin but also that Village Committee Chairman He Guobing also raped her.

Journalists learned from many villagers that after He Guobing becamse the Villager Committee Chairman, the villagers all called him Old Bing. Upon coming the leader of the village, some of the thornier problems in the village were all resolved by him, and many people feared him. Previously, he had open an electrical repair shop, let off a loan shark, and opened a pawnshop.

“From a hierarchy standpoint, Big Bing is also Xiao Fei’s uncle, how could he do what he did?” Xiao Fei’s mother told reporters. According to reports, not long after being raped by He Guobing, Xiao Fei felt unwell and doctors diagnosed her with a sexually transmitted disease, and in the end it was Chen Weixin who paid for her to see the doctor. While Xiao Fei was sick, and because she of exchanging underwear with schoolmates, this led to other female schoolmates contracting the disease. Furthermore after this, Xiao Fei’s mother accompanied her daughter many times to the doctor’s for examinations where the doctor told her, Xiao Fei can never have children in the future.

While being interviewed, there were also parents of victims who expressed that they have heard that Chen Weixin and He Guobing, in order to make some social connections, had previously given the girls to other people to “share.” The parents said that amongst them, the ones that could be clearly identified include “many of the town’s Villager Committee directors, and no shortage of civil servants”.

The town of Bihu has been unable to return to the past calm after this matter. While Bihu Middle School has taken additional actions to safeguard the students, many parents are still uneasy.

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;@ Chen Weixin and He Guobing should be killed by government as soon as fast

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Originally posted by vivian625 at 2009-5-6 11:48
;@ Chen Weixin and He Guobing should be killed by government as soon as fast

... and so? Will it help the victims? Will it stop the problem?
  Unfortunately, it is not an isolated case...  
Before, affairs like this one were covered up. Since there is more transparancy, several cases have been revealed.
Kids and their parents should be aware ...
The parents are supposed to protect their kids, and the parents of the girl were unaware of what their daughter was doing...
A 13yo girl in a KTV ...  She met the man several times before the rape...  
How can a 13yo girl be free enough to go out with an old man with no suspicion from the parents?

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Yes,,, so sad that the Chinese men are increasingly trying to be Japanese businessmen wannabes, in the worse sense of the term. Its sick and disgusting, and probably result of the Japanese pornography that is increasingly available to (up until recently sexualy deprived) Chinese men.

I am sure that this is not an isolated case, but due to secrecy of the Chinese culture, many -even more horrific stories than this- remain hidden from the public.

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Wow, a really objective web site.

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Bear in mind China hands out the death sentence for child prostitution:

BEIJING (Reuters) - A court in southern China sentenced a couple to death for forcing primary and high school children into prostitution, state media reported on Tuesday.

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