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Christian West raped China in the last century   [Copy link] 中文

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Yet, we Chinese lived in peace with ethnic Mongolians with love


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Originally posted by petera at 2009-4-20 07:23
They let the British butcher the Indians,the Chinese,the Maori,the Africans,the Native
Australians and God knows who else.  

So when America doesn't interfere with international matters you blame them for the problems of the world and when they do interfere you blame them all the same?..... Glad that is all cleared up now.

Nice to know that no matter what the U.S. does your position will remain the same.... thereby allowing them to ignore your opinion all together.

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What do you mean by Christian? It was all about Politics, money-profit and power, not Christianity! China is doing exactly the same thing today!!!! are they Christians or something?

And anyway, if thats the case why so many Chinese people still convert to Christianity today?

Shut your face and get your facts right

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Originally posted by idiot8 at 2009-4-20 19:06
as for Raping.  the palace was chosen because it would involve as little rape as possible.  instead of breaching beijings city walls and raping and pillaging the Chinese people, the army decided to punish the emperor instead so they sacked his palace.   

Oh, really? I marvel your shocking ignorance.

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There are good and bad Christians

Just  like there are good and bad Chinese, and Westerners.

The good Christians brought modern medicine, took care of unwanted babies and orphans and the elderly and destitues, provided food for the poor, encouraged the liberation of women, discouraged opium smoking and foot-binding by women, introduced modern education system including the best universities in China, introduced modern Science and Mathematics.

And the Mongols and Manchus who "raped" China were Buddhists.

The Atheist (ChinaComm) Party "raped" China too, and in so many ways. Undeniably, it has also done a lot of good.

Christianity is a very useful tool for enhancing political power. Look at the Philippines today. Years after the Spanish have left, the people are still loyal to the Pope! It's a permanent kind of brain-washing that is almost impossible to remove, generation after generation! People are willing to kill and die for it!

"loyal to the Pope" - that's only for his religious teachings.  

And that is precisely what the West wants. A group of people in China who will be loyal to the West, people who sometimes can be counted on to betray China!

I reject the Pope's interference on China's political affairs.  I also reject the Atheist Party interference on Church's affairs.

Do not deny that most Chinese Christians and Catholics are patriotic, and they have their patriotic churches.

If the Atheist Party does not treat the religious people well, it will be rejected by them.  Just look at the Tibetan Buddhists and Eastern Turkestan peoples.

Atheism is a very useful tool for enhancing political power also.  It has raped great many countries in Eurasia, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from Arctic to the Indian Oceans, South China Seas, all the way to Indonesian seas.

Atheism has also "raped" the entire education system of the world, calling it "secular" and "scientific".

Look at China today, people are still loyal to Mao, despite his "achievements". During his reign, China had no law and no heaven. (wu fa wu tian).

Interestingly, Mao on his death bed told the Americans that God was "calling him".  And Zhou Enlai on his death bed spoke about "meeting" Karl Marx.  

Almost every atheist Chinese on earth has a certain unknown and unspeakable fear of "Heaven" and "Hell".  

And the Atheist party pretends that they can choose the next Dalai Lama, and rule over the Buddhists "harmoniously".  Hint:  Appoint a buddhist to rule over the buddhists.  Accept the religious peoples into the Atheist Party.

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Reply #14 petera's post

The Maori weren't massacred. Get it right! There were land wars, yes but massacre, hardly!

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