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It's offical now America is a Nation of Bastards [Copy link] 中文

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I prefer you mention China's edconomic advantage

Originally posted by myfriend at 2009-4-13 10:37

Not knowing who the fathers are, Amerikan women have to ask the government for welfare assistance.  According to CNN,  many women have multiple sex partners and they really don't know whose spe ...

Clark County as well as Las Vegas do not allow prostitution and prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas !!!

The Clark County Sheriff and Las Vegas Police mounted one of the largest arrest in last 2 months and arrested

most of the hard-core prostitutes.

If the japanese businessmen do not frequent the white trash hookers, they will starve to death.

If you are ignorant of the laws in Las Vegas, just ask me and don't spread misinformation.

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Kanyuek: You are a Yank arselicking bastard.

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indeed, in america,most skilled talent are come from other countries, not its own country

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i don't think it's proper to do this, mechanic...
grown up with half-family is tough enough... they didn't do anything wrong... pls don't blame the innocent ppl... they don't deserve that....

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Originally posted by kanyuek at 2009-4-11 06:46
Cho killed 32 people in Virginia Tech and Wong killed 13 people in NY.

So Chinese must be murderers , mass murderers and gun-toting killers walking with hand-guns and
happy-go-lucky triggers !

for your information, they both were educated in US....

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Originally posted by mechanic at 2009-4-10 20:57
70% blacks 50% mex 28% whites have no dad.Again America number One in something.

Being part of a single family is absolutely normal in certain Western countries. Nobody is born with the stigma anymore, at least not in the US or UK. Take off your China glasses and try to undertstand different societies without branding other people. Nobody asked the Chinese to preach us about right or wrong, and morality.

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It's a warning.

Children of single-parents or children of divorced parents perform significantly less in school, thus earn less, and have higher rates of dropping out, drug abuse, etc.

It's a problem that should be acknowledged at the least.

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