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Russia and China: A Natural Alliance [Copy link] 中文

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In fact, be careful British Club, France-Germany alliance,

...even USA, Japan/Korea....

it ain't pretty!

and wait....what's that in North Korea, why the provocation South Korea?

ha ha ha

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note: I might be hiding in Kelantan, or Perak when it all blows up!

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I thought of escaping to Sdyney....

...but i worry that the might CONSCRIPT me into some kind of military service.....

ha ha ha

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Originally posted by cossack at 2009-3-8 01:34
In Iraq, the U.S. has yet to face the Russian-trained Republic Guard, who, according to my sources, have moved to the extreme north of the country, waiting for the U.S. to extend its forces hundreds of miles beyond their supply depot at Kuwait City.

An exhausted, overextended and morale-less U.S. infantry will be easy pickins for a rested, elite trained and well armed Republican Guard.

When was this written, are we to believe that the ultra elite republican guard have been hiding in the far north of the country for 5 years now and are confident that when the right time comes they will attack!

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Reply #10 idiot8's post

The Baathist in Syria and Mesopotamia are the same.

Don't need the Republican guards to start a war.
The Republican guards, if they are still around would probably be financed by Syria or Jordan.

ha ha ha

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Something cooking up here!

Lets put on some attention in this tread now.....

not sure yet, but the 5 STAR KONGFU will balance out changes in strategies.

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Whew!!! I thought something was happening here....


(1) Russia refuses to sell SU-33 to China. This could indicate a "cooling of relationship" between China and Russia. Probably the Russians are seeing China being more and more of a rival.  (Russia battles the Amerikans over ENERGY, and MILITARY/SPACE technology)
(2) Then China decides to RATTLE the Amerikan Regime over their Minting Rights. (China battles the Amerikans over CONSUMPTION and MINTING rights)
(3) Persia supposedly decides to target higher CRUDE OIL prices TO RATTLE somebody.
(4) Russian supposedly close Turkemestan gas pipelines, seems targeted at the CHINESE.

I thought, HOLY COW,  China and Russia is fighting.....

but wow!
(5) The Russian announces to build a pipeline to China.
(6) and CHINA announces less support on Amerikan government bonds, limiting Amerikan minting.

this indicates a Russian/China (with some Russian precaution on a resurgent China) Vs. USA.

(7) Russia announces in Rio Novosti that it intends to build a new SPACESHIP to launch more payload cheaper to space.
(8) and Yesterday China announces it would pursue independent new generation MILITARY, SPACE technology.


Boy! Amerikan Regime now need STRONG LEADERSHIP to battle this new SOFT COLD WAR.

(it seems in the EU/Japan battlefront for GREEN ENERGY/ADVANCED ENGINEEERING would not be top agenda for the Amerikans)

Let's watch on!

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An China show benign face to ASEAN.

i am wondering, is CHINA able to consume enough (at this stage of her development) to conduct a TRADE DEFISIT with ASEAN?

I think China and ASEAN has about the same PER CAPITA GNP.

Does this indicate that China is going to APPREACIATE THE RENMIMBI very soon.
You cannot get a trade defisit when China is a workshop and exporting powerhouse?
It'll only cause pressure on the RENMIMBI to revalue.

Doesn't make sense at all!
If China does revalue it's currency upwards, does that mean more ASSEMBLY in Java and Vietnam?

In that case, Mr. Yudhoyono should start preparing INDUSTRIAL TOWNSHIPs complete with worker's apartments (rehousing of slum dwellers in new assembly-new town centres!)

Still, is China's activities premature?

I better visit China again especially Yangtze delta, Central China and Sichuan to get a reassessment on development, income levels.


Last time i was in Hangzhou, Suchou and Nanjing, it was not so rosy, city centre dwellers were poor, quite unlikely to be great consumers!!!!

Let's see......never know.

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