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China rejects accusation of 'colonialism' in Africa!   [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2009-3-11 18:00

I have never been to Africa.
Please elaborate.
Why don't they like us, but love the whiteman?

Because I come, treat them as people and most importantly spend my money there.

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2009-3-11 03:26
Oh... the folks in Vietnam have a difference of option about the whole islands issue - especially the ones that the PLAN took over from South Vietnam back in the mid 1970's after the fall of Saigon ...

Filipino also....

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Originally posted by fredius at 3/11/2009 12:57 PM
Filipino also....

But the issue with Vietnam is one that has the most sparks - given that the PLAN's "moon defense" seems to be the extend it will go with the USN.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Reply #27 delilamer's post

>Well, it is bit like pointing missles at an island to ensure you can "take the land" if required ...

If it makes you assuage your guilt for benefitting from your society's committing genocide, then by all means do consider having acutally killed millions to seize the New World equal to China's possession of missles which have never been fire in anger. After all its quite apparent you need the psycological salve more than I do.

>I don't believe that taking land by force is a uniquely Western concept ...  

No. You guys just refined it to an "art form" in that you do it and thereafter claim it was justified because (pick random excuse):

A) In self -defense
B) We were bringing culture/liberte/Western goodness even if we had to kill them
C) We needed lebensraum
D) God told us to do it

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Originally posted by Kbay at 2009-3-11 18:44
You have proof Chinese people in Africa mistreat them, or are you just bullsh!tting as usual?

I have only been to sub saharan Africa once, and it was a pleasant stay but I take my good friends word for it.  I worked with a south African and a man from Ghana for a few years and I know a Chinese girl who worked in Nigeria for Nigerail.

Why do you have any proof that everything in the news about Africa isnt true?  Listening to my friend describe the Chinese section of town in Lagos with all the guards and strict control of local Nigerians did strike me as similar to the foreign concessions 100 years ago in China except that they are not immune from foreign law.  Still I dont think local African courts have much power or are the most fair to begin with.

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here is a cut and paste except

Sensitive to criticism?

Traditionally sensitive towards outside criticism of its own domestic policies, China advocates a stance of non-intervention in internal affairs, and, at least publicly, makes a point of not tying trade, loan, or aid negotiations to political conditions, or as is sometimes the case with World Bank loans, to fiscal reform or privatisation agreements. Several African leaders have already voiced support for Chinese loans because of this.

Even so, says one Chinese Africa expert, China will need to pay more attention to a sustainable development model. Xu Weizhong, director of the department of African Studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, and adviser to the foreign ministry, told "China needs to move from engaging with elites to engaging with the population. [China] needs to understand the African public."

Chatham House's Alex Vines agrees saying a lack of local content is one of the "weaknesses of the Chinese model" and that China will need to learn how to become "multicultural in this climate of globalisation".

"If the Chinese do not question what political elites do with resources, this could contribute to problems in the future. If the populations in these countries don't see improvements in their own livelihoods, they will question where the aid goes," said Vines who suggested a change of government in some countries, such as Zimbabwe, could be detrimental for China in the long term because of Beijing's perceived cosiness with corrupt and unpopular leaders.

Targeting Chinese immigrants

A taste of this is currently occurring in Zambia where Michael Sata, an opposition party leader, is taking advantage of a groundswell of anti-foreign sentiment to attack Chinese industries. Numbering about 30,000, Chinese immigrants in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, were accused of stealing jobs and, earlier this month, they found their shops the target of organised looting.

But whether this will force China to mollifying its policy is another matter.

Some African leaders have said they prefer China's "no questions asked" style of doing business. In a sign though that Beijing is listening to concerns, Wen Jiabao has announced a June quota limit on Chinese textile exports following complaints that African jobs were being destroyed.

Foreign ministry official Cao says more "practical polices" will be announced at the upcoming China-Africa ministerial meeting next month in Beijing.

ht tp://engli sh.alja hive/20 06/1 0/20 0841014118426771.h tml

obviously they take the standard western party line on everything.....

there are problems and be they big or small they are growing.  They should not be ignored, but most people in China and on this board seem to think.  O African people must love us because we are not white!

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