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I have said many times

all the attacks on China, by Australia, USA , England and France and Germany
are all RACE HATRED motivated
even the PELOSI / OBAMA backed killing of Chinese on Chinese soil
was RACE HATE motivated.

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Xavier Herbert, the author of "Poor Fellow My Country" once said that there's a deep undercurrent of intolerance in Australia.

Seems this intolerance is starting to become more open now, as the red-necks look for scapegoats to blame for its stagnant economy.
Silence isn't an option in cases like this- just like it wasn't an option in Germany 70 years ago.

Any comments from the local Germans and Aussies? No?

Prefer to "look the other way"?

One can just imagine the flood of moral indignation were it to happen in, say, China.

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china is so close to the island...

should send a boat of people and kick their friggin arse for some fun that i didnt have for such a long time  

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Legacy of Howard and Hanson

Mark my word, this will trickle through to workplace discriminations.

White Australians have mastered the art of ostracising and discriminating at workplace to give white Australians a leg up, especially Anglo Celtic whites, without actually violating the black letter of the law. White Australians will have their token Asian to tell you they are not discriminatory, don't get sucked in.

I have said this many times, Chinese must look after the interest of Chinese, we must work together the way Anglo Celts work together in white Australia.

I emphasize "white Australia" because the Aborigines are not involved in discriminations or racially motivated violence, rather, they are the victims.

East Asia is full, white Australians go home.

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Originally posted by betrayed at 2009-1-26 22:23
IT was a day to celebrate all things Australian but it quickly descended into an afternoon of violence and racism ......

IT was a day to celebrate all things Australian but it quickly descended into a media beatup.

news.c o
By 3.30pm (AEDT) Manly Police called in the public order and riot squad and PolAir in an attempt to control the crowd, made up of a core group of troublemakers estimated by police about 80 drunks teenagers from out of town.

This event reportedly also involved a Sikh taxi driver, an Asian girl in another car, and some childish shouting of racist slogans.
There was no reporting that the other "brawls" were racist in nature.

news.c o
"It was just an act of stupid bravado by one youth who was heard to say that he wanted to hit someone," he said.
"And then unfortunately the pack mentality kicked in, but it was just one incident and police were very quick to respond."

Clearly this is a beatup by the Murdoch news media.
Those brawlers should receive an education to assist them in understanding the errors of their ways.
I think a visit to Mr Rattan Cane at Changhi Prison in Singapore might help do the trick.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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The slow progress of evolution in Australia

In terms of evolution, these white Australians display streaks of atavism. They cannot rise above their base instincts, such a tribal society.

In terms of law and order and social progress, they are recidivists. They will do this again and again.

So much was given to them by providence, a mere smidgen of humanity was expected of these white Australians, so little they give in return.

A disgusting people!
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Only the Ausrtalians

Originally posted by totothedog at 2009-1-27 07:09
If they were all sent home there would be no place for the Anglo, Amerikan, Australian, New Zealand, Diego Garcia, Canadian Anglos krap in Schleswig Holstein or wherever they originally congealed.

Leave the Americans and Canadians out of this. There are no violent race riots there, only in white Australia.

In terms of racial harmony, Howard's white Australia is decades behind USA or Canada. Can you imagine Australia with an Aboriginal Prime Minister?
Let the dice fly high

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