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i would never date a chinese girl who has been with a foreigner [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by sedr231 at 2008-10-7 14:10

Since you still call me littlecock, I will greet you by "small dick sedr231".

thank u all for your insights into this. so the tuth is finally coming out and we are now starting to understand that my view is not a minority view. if this forum was in chinese and contributed by mainland chinese only, i am sure my view would be would be in the super majority.
"if this forum was in chinese and contributed by mainland chinese" -  if you dare to write such things in a chinese website in your identity of a Chinese foreigner (jia yang gui zi 假洋鬼子), you will be bashed in the manner you can never ever imagine.  Probably from your mother to your sister and your future daughter up to all your female ancestors will be greeted repeatedly by the angry male forumites there.

littlecock loves putting people down. is an idiot. what is wrong with being a english teacher? a english teacher in mainland china earns more than most people. do u laugh and bully the people who sell fruit on the street? do u laugh at the beggar with the baby when she asks you for money? do u steal the plastic bag containing all the used plastic bottles which some granny has spent all day collecting to sell? i think yes....u are that type of person. littlecock's english is not perfect, but always likes to judge other people english standard. strange.
There is nothing wrong with being an English teacher.  I respect people in all professions, of all races and from all countries.  You are the one that trys to instigate hatred between the Chinese and the Eastern Europeans, the blacks, and the Koreans etc.  I just despise the type of English teachers like your friend and ally Colorfulwolf, a street wanderer who picked up some rotten apples from the roadside and proudly and hysterically claimed "See!  I have got apples, I eat apples!",   But sadly, those rotten apples might cause food poisoning and might immediately take this loser's pathetic life more quickly than the Sanlu milk powder.  Tell him to treat these rotten apples (in his words trashy women or sluts) better, as these women are the only ones that accept him for who he is (a western male rotten apple) and think that he is something.  These Chinese rotten apples and the western rotten apples are made for each other.  They had better cherish each other.

i want to clarify. i am not referring to ethnic chinese girls who are born and live foreign countries. these girls know exactly what it is to live in a country where they are a minority. they know that not every foreigner is rich. it's also the same for the non chinese that they date in these countries. but is it tough sometimes for them?....i can say yes sometimes. i think that's why my half chinese, half white friend, whose mother is chinese says she pitys chinese girls who date foreigners. she knows that these mainland chinese girls really don't understand how difficult it can be for mixed race relationship on both sides.
My opoinion is, Chinese people already in the west had better not flaunt their superior economic conditions and proclaimed familiarity with the western culture in front of their mainland counterparts, and the Chinese mainlanders had better not think they will become the No. 1, the leader of the world within the few months and prematurely begin to despise people from other countries.  Your mixed blood girlfriend (whether she is a ligitimate or illigitimate child) said she pitied Chinese girls who date foreigners.  Then what is her opinion of her own mother?  

i have many chinese friends thank you. i am loved as much as the Chairman! as i said my view is a majority even if u want to fool yourselves it is not the case or naively don't know. if u are a non chinese laowai, i can understand that it is because no one has told u before.  

Don't delude yourself anymore.  You are not totally a foreigner.  You are not totally a Chinese.  You don't belong anywhere.  No place wants you.  No girl wants you.  You are just a ghost wandering between the west and east unable to find a home for your soul.

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[ Last edited by littleboat at 2008-10-7 04:03 PM ]

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thank u seneca for your insight. thanks for partially agreeing with my view. mixed race couples do get problems any where in the world. what i am saying is it can be very difficult if one party does not fully understand. i don't think chinese people are as open as u think. it is a very naive statement. maybe in the larger cities, but not most of china. just as people in other countries are not all open to mixed race marriage. u met some of them. but they won't include me. the sad fact of the world is that it is as it is. i think u may have some problems when u have children. their views may end up like my half white, half chinese friend.

your comments contrast very much with someone like littlecock, who has made great effort to write a lovely rant.

thank u littlecock for your comments. very insightful...about u. low intellect, easy to bait. u make a mistake. i have never mentioned money. why should i. as i said i don't like money hungry girls. money is something i would never mention. it's hard making money. it is u who think in foreign countries that it is easy to make money. that is a fairytale. u are the only one on this posting who has mentioned money. not me. u said u earn more than the english teacher, who u put down. his only crime is to share his experience. it is his view. u are the one mentioning that others should get a better paying job. i have never said this. u flaunt your own economic superior over others. does it make u feel good? your low intellect means u attack people personally rather than argue your point if u disagree with a viewpoint.  

by the way littlecock, who deleted your comment timed at 15.46? it wasn't me. was it u? i imagine your comment was too much of a rant and u had to delete it. u seem to forget that the chinadaily is the most prestigious, leading english language newspaper in china.

i have not spread hatred between any race. it is u that have done this. i have friends around the world of many different races. all i have done is mention what i know and what other people tell me. i know very well that a black man dating a chinese girl in china will get a lot of problems. i think if u wrote your comments in a chinese language website as they are, it will be u, not me who will be targeted for a bashing. u are a chinese who hates chinese. it's very apparent. u forget your history. it was with the contributions and efforts of overseas chinese like me who enabled china to free itself from oppression. no one on this forum hates china. i think the only person is u.

i don't like money hungry girls. no man. chinese or foreigner does. u cannot understand this.

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Originally posted by sedr231 at 2008-10-5 00:20
i have to admit i would never ever date or marry a chinese girl who has ever dated a foreigner. i am british chinese. i cannot stand such women. such girls are money hungry and are frankly very nai ...

Would you date British girls who have dated Chinese men?     :)

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I won't go so low to respond to this small dick loser anymore.

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I think many chinese girl don't know what is truly love.
they always imagine their  future husband which is leave nothing to be desired
and they make higher and higher standard

money is important for them.~~my low opinion

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