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China as the no.1 [Copy link] 中文

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I understand pride. Pride in one's country, in their people, in their beliefs. It can lead to a great community effort and the achievemnt of wonderful things.

Unfortunately pride can also lead to bigotry, hatred and fanaticism. Pride, disguised as righteousness and covered with blind ignorance leads to resentment.

Confused? Before World War 2 the U.S.A. was looked to as the new world, a source of hope free from the troubles of the established old world. Americans were seen as rough, but rapidly distinguishing themselves as fair, honest and straightforward people. Although the Americans did not want to be a part of the events in World war two they were drawn into it and when roused the huge resources of teh U.S. population proved to be too much for the Axis powers to contend with. Victory for the Allies would not have been possible without the Americans.

After the war the shattered nations of Europe again looked to the U.S for aid, food, materials, money. all were given generously to all nations that needed it. Including the very enemies that had been fought against. In comparison the nations of Europe continued to squabble over ownership of territories, just as they had done for hundreds of years. Concessions were wrung out of the losers of WW2.

The peoples of the shattered world appealed to the U.S. to be the guardian of peace. The Soviet Union and her closest friends stood against the idea, the opposing ideologies leading to the development of the cold war. Over sixty years later the thankfulness that was felt by the world has been replaced by resentment and disgruntlement at the power the U.S. wields. Now, as the superpower slowly recedes in power and the economic superiority that is held wanes, China stands ready after its long sleep to once again extend its reach across the globe to take its place as the most powerful nation on earth.

My question is.

Is China ready to shoulder the responsibilities and not simply the benefits that being number one will bring?

The policing of dissident populations, the demands for equality, the cries for freedom from the yoke of oppression. Can China guarantee these things to the people of earth?

Or will it be a nation struggling to deal with the differences of myriad beliefs?

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Answers; nope, nope and nope.....and I'll ask you a question; will the world trust China to be #1......simple answer, nope, nope and no  way in hell,  nope! I will never allow myself to be allied to such a monstrous entity that is the CCP, no matter how good I think your leaders are today.....and....newsflash....I think I speak for a ----eloada others around the world too!
P.S; I did say, "I think so".

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Let's Pray...

Let's pray that the Chinese leaders will  still be farsighted, judicious, and wise as usual. Let's pray that by the time China becomes the No.1 power of the world the Chinese leaders can still retain these good traits. Let's hope for the a gentle, unselfish, reasonable,  but powerful China.

Let's also hope that when China becomes the strongest country, the U.S. won't do anything stupid (of course the Americans will be pissed off about that) know what I mean...

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Do you honestly think that the worlds preemininet powers will let China rule the roost......dream on! China has a few nukes, a few subs and surface vessles, they have several hundred Russian designed warplanes, a few Chinese JF10 or 17s, andan  army that can't go anywhere.......get a grip!

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2008-8-21 23:33
Answers; nope, nope and nope.....and I'll ask you a question; will the world trust China to be #1......simple answer, nope, nope and no  way in hell,  nope! I will never allow myself to be allied t ...


It is not important whether people like China to be a great power or not. Great powers were never liked by smaller countries or adversaries simply because great powers do not care about smaller countries but only about solidifying their own power to control or dictate others. History has taught us a lesson and this is that there are no good or just great powers. All of them had their own agenda. This was so in the past, that's the case at present and this will also be so in future.

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Yep, and God help us when China allows us to know her agenda....I for one will resist!
Chinas' world, one long as it's the CCP dream.....and ya know, that's all it'll ever be for China's leaders, a dream!
Hope you're well
Jia you, NZ!
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Never Say Never

It is a FACT that China was the No. 1 nation on earth for much of the last 5,000 years.  It is also a fact while No. 1, China never was predatory and oppressive like the western nations.  I do not see that latter changing either, as China steadily marches back to her rightful berth.  The number of gold medals is but one area where the direction is demonstrated.  China is already No. 1 in many areas today, and the list expands quickly.  With a leadership that is capable and dedicated, with a public that has a 90% favorable view of the government, China is a nation working together as a nation, and much is being achieved.

Talk is cheap.  Now that China has some spare change, even though the nation is still far from rich, China is already helping the less fortunate, and all without strings attached.  China truly practices mutual benefit.

The world would welcome ANY guardian of the peace.  The world however rightfully detests warmongering, and the world continues to be shocked and awed (in a bad way, unfortunately) by those who preach freedom and yet invade and occupy other nations.  It is still not too late to join China's leadership, to bring true peace and prosperity to the billions all around the globe.  

The timing could not be any better for China and the Chinese.  Much of the world is unfortunately ruled by greedy megalomaniac clowns who do not really  give a damn about their own people or country.  It is a climate conducive to the rise of nations that are blessed with the kind of capable and dedicated leadership that China has, and with people willing to do the hard work and are openminded to changes, and who strive for the best, bearing the burdens and achieving the accomplishments of 2 or 3 generations in the time space of 1.  

China, Jia You!!

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