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Anti-chinese propaganda by ARD [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by horacetwest at 2008-8-22 18:21
As you can see by yourself, the article was published under the header "Nachrichten" which means "general news" and categorized under "Ausland" which means "foreign countries".  So it was neither a comment nor an editorial....

Thanks for the clarification, Horace.
Unfortunately my German skill is not sufficient to judge myself and since your comments seem balanced and reasonable I have no reason to doubt your conclusion.
This seems a clear instance of bias which does not have a place in proper journalism.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by martinxia at 2008-8-22 11:26
I respect human being right too much, I know chinese government need much to do.

But each time I saw some anti-china posters with human being right issue, I even do not care human being right and I stand by the side of chinese government because we are aware of those people who claimed human being right is not for chinese, but for themselves, they are evil!

That is a tragic issue between chinese and western people

I find your reaction understandable. And I agree that it is a tragedy for the mutual relations.

That is actually why we all have to learn to differentiate. I would say that there are three main categories:

1) Justified and substantiated critics. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. China has to learn to live with it.
2) Debatable critics. Well, then let it simply be debated. It only reflects that something can be seen from different point of view. Again there is nothing wrong with it.
3) Polemic critics. Be it a propaganda tool or not, we should learn to reckognize that type of critics and to defend against unjustified attacks - regardless whether we are chineses or westerners. I think that is feasible, but both sides have to be willing to learn and to accept mutual responsibility.
[b]Horace T. West[/b]

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Originally posted by huang262 at 2008-8-24 12:13
Just curious, Horace. What is your avatar?

It is the national coat of arms of the Austrian government. You can see it on the dress of the Austrian National Olympic Team.
More information can be found here:
[b]Horace T. West[/b]

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The real culprits...

From Satsu:
"If my statement is so wrong then please explain to all of us why German media are world champions in China bashing. How come this all has started when the 'beautiful' Frau Bundeskanzler(in) came into power? How come that the influence of the fake monk in German media seems to be everywhere and overwhelming? How come that news magazines like 'Der Spiegel' openly promoted a boycott of the Beijing Olympics back in March/April? How come that -and I remain with my wording- German state TV only picks the most negative reports about China? How come that no high German politician attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic games?

How could it be possible that Sino German relations deteriorated beyond recognition over the last two to three years?

Maybe you can shed some light into this dark chapter of German diplomacy"?

... are the German businessmen who embraced globalization and opened factories overseas to reduce costs. Not wishing the blame for Germany's employment problems to be pinned onto them, they and their media friends and political poodles decided to scapegoat China- very convenient considering the smear avalanche launched against China prior to the 2008 Olympics by some other Western interests.

Seems Madam Merkel has learned quickly who butters her bread, and that's all that counts with politicians of her ilk.

BTW, Romania is the latest country to benefit from globalization at Germany's expense, so singling out China doesn't make sense anyway, but it explains where ignorant anti-Ch.inese numbskulls like iamnaive get their daily dose of propaganda from.

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Originally posted by augusten at 2008-8-21 13:28
I found out that German media is the most anti-Chinese media in the west.

Some claimed der Spiegel as the leading anti-China fanatic.

Now this ARD also follow the ideology.

The anti-China propaganda is a career extremely hot in west, you can find a better one but you never know who is the best, at insulting China!

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Originally posted by huang262 at 2008-8-24 12:13
Just curious, Horace. What is your avatar?

On Youtube you can also find our "second" anthem with my atavar

and the meaning of my atavar is explained in our real anthem:
[b]Horace T. West[/b]

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