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Is US a peaceful country? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by sensible at 2008-7-7 08:53
The US has never been a peaceful country.  "eace" is not part of our heritage.

Revolutionary War (1775–1783)
Shays Rebellion (1786-1787)
Northwest Indian War (1787-1794)
Whiskey R ...

there is also Amerikan Black Slavery war not mentioned .........
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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USA based it's world power status on it's military might.

it protects it's power by basing military bases all over the world.
it's to protect and influences regimes that control energy and minereal sources.
it also has capability to threaten states that harms it forex.

BUT which hegemonic empire wasn't like that.

and Malaya has been a beneficiary of it for so long....

Green DRagon

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It is ironic that the  United States was born out of a war of national liberation against the British empire and denied that it had imperial ambitions.

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine, for instance, popularized the idea that America could establish a "benevolent" empire while they condemned the British for policies of the "extermination of mankind," rather than just conquest, in their colonies.

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<arched eyebrow>

Originally posted by pjtran at 6/27/2008 01:17 PM
you'd NEED alot of luck & i mean you r pure raw luck because your chances of bein get shot at & kill extremely higher than any other nations

As someone that has worked in, and enjoyed the nightlife of, Detroit - I would disagree with your assessment a bit PJ.  Like with every other place in the world - some common sense does play into the equation.  Being a ladies man is one thing that will reduce the "luck" rate somewhat - depending who you are attempting to snog, yes?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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ha ha ha

they just wanted to avoid "part paying" for the War for Quebec against the French!
and the Irish descendence wanted to set the score right!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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Crimes of Imperialism[/size

See the site:

This explains why some think that:

America = killing machine

Americans love to fight

- Gen. Goerge Patton Jr.

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For #29 For kiwi

Funny logic, kiwi.

When US warplanes were bombing China's lands across the Yalu River, when American politicians were threatening to invade China from Korea, when the new People's Republic was being barred fromt the UN membership by major western powers hoping to strangle the young republic, should China respond or wait? Wait for what?

Did the United State invade Iraq in 2003 at Iraq's request? At UN' request? By cross 6,000 miles across the globe. And you were saying China should cross the Yalu River to defend its natioanl security?

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