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New US president seen unlikely to confront China [Copy link] 中文

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well, The Israelites are "dogs of the Amerikan regime".....

The Amerikans bankroll their state.
They might have no choice.

anyway, let's watch.

Green Dragon

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I Tend to Disagree

Israel is no lap dog of America.  Lap dogs do not blow up the master's gunboat and survive unscathed.  It is really the other way around. As the Israel PM pointed out (the obvious) - Jewish folks control America.  BOTH McCain and Obama have to kowtow to the foreign power (in the form of AIPAC), lest they have no hope of winning the liars' contest in Nov.  That is the true nature of the beast.

Actually, the Jewish folks have, over history, been the most successful in assimilating into society, prospering, and yet still keeping their ethnicity intact.  Today there are as many blond/blue Jews as there are those with middle eastern appearance.  Successful Jewish men marry beautify native girls and convert them to Judaism.  China used to be considered too backwards for our Jewish friends, but such is no more.  You have the high profile marriages such a Murdock's current Chinese wife Mandy Deng (and their 2 daughters will be what?  Chinese?  Jewish?).  In another 200 years, you may see a lot more Chinese looking Jews, as China goes down the modernization route.

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you think too highly of the jews.

Green Dragon

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Respect For Our Jewish Friends

How can you not be awed?  6 million (or about 2%) only in number, and yet control close to 100% of media, and close to 50% of medicine and the law.  Over 10% of Senators, and about 8% of Representatives.  Some say, through  indirect leveraged control, they also control over half of the US$13 Trillion economy.

The control is comparable in Europe.

Think too highly of them?  I doubt it.  If only the Chinese can be that successful around the globe.

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While Obama and McCain continue their quest for the US Presidency, expect tough talk, and no significant actions to back up the tough talk, as both pander for US voters.  But when one becomes President, expect the President to fall in line, just like past Presidents, because US cannot afford to alienate China.  

As US continue to spend billions on a War of Choice with Iraq, as it continues to incur massive debts and unfunded liabilities and don’t have the internal ability to pay for it without external borrowings and printing money, China’s leverage only grows not only in its ability to influence the US, but others in the rest of the world.  Expect tough talk during election year pandering.  However, don’t expect tough acts to back up the tough talk, as it is unlikely given USA’s need for China’s help with geopolitical matters like North Korea and Iran, help with UN sanctions, help with financing US debts and unfunded liabilities, and help with maintaining stability since it is far more stabilizing for US to have China as a friend, stakeholder, and strategic allied, than the more ominous alternative – foe and strategic competitor.  

Don’t believe the pre-election tough talk, since we have seen this before with the current Bush, and after he became President, he woke up to practical reality.  I don’t expect substantial differences from Obama or McCain, when it comes US dealings with China.  They will fall in line, just like past Presidents, as tough talk, gives way to practical reality.
Learn, as if your life will never end!

Live, as if your life will end today!  

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Have I hit a nerve?

Originally posted by cestmoi at 6/24/2008 09:02 PM

Notice the similarities of TV' postings to seneca's, not that they are necessarily the same. Emuc has the same tendency eg. Howard / Hanson / Ruxton  etc are "silly daffers". But ...

... simply type in cestmoi's quote of: Israel has 10% of its airforce based in the south of Turkey in Google - and good old Noam pops up in the top five hits.

Sorry folks - but when statisitics and percentages come up - one does get curious where the numbers come from.

But it seems that the original question has been ignored:  What does Isreal factor into McCain's or Obama's views on Chinese/US relations?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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It Matters a Lot

China has been acting most friendly to America's cause in the Middle East, even though China has been excluded from the Iraqi oil field "loot division round" so far.  If China were to act sympathetic to other parties involved, the casualty numbers for Israel and everyone else would change quite dramatically.  

China welcomes peace everywhere on Earth.  But it cannot be done in such a way to harm China's national interest.

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