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Sorry! CNN, We Can't Accept Your "Apology"! (I) [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by baoer2 at 2008-6-23 17:38

I really appreciate your endorsement of my stand on this issue, though I'm not sure I fully agree with your slightly vitriolic language. I believe you would agree with me that we join this foru ...

Dear Baoer,

Obviously, you are out of touch on the board. The figure, who I called him zombie of Hilter, has many IDs in China Daily(CD), such as, cheeseburger, hotchilli and so on, which have been banned by CD. If he were a good guy, how could he be banned by CD

He didn't deny he is cheeseburger, hotchilli. And Mengzhi, Northwest, Satsu_ji( who is a Japanese) can prove my words.

And don't expect your good deed always returns good for yourself. As the old fable says, Mr Nan Guo saved the life of a wolf and finally the wolf was never grateful but wanted to gorge Mr. Nan Guo.

Our Chinese government gave up financial compensation from Jap government but they now go to honor Yasukuni Shirne year after year.

Well, if you don't trust in me, it is up to you. You will believe what I said is true sooner or later.

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And why..

From Seneca:
It's good to see some journalists reduced to their true size from time to time, but please, if this example has any merit then so have hundreds of cases in which the Chinese so-called media should apologise to the West or to certain countries such as Israel or the Jews.

.. should the Chinese media make such an apology? Because you say so?

China owes Israel and your beloved Jews nothing. Perhaps this is something you find difficult to accept.

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The unwanted moral policeman .

# 40 Reply to SS,

The Moral Policeman is alive and well , and patrolling a forum near you !

The Chinese press and people seldom , if ever , shoot their foul mouth off like a drunken sailor , at other nations or their people . However , they are now alert and assertive enough ( self confidence ) to reply and retort when cursed and scolded for nothing . The dwindling army of  " headmasters " still treat China as a student who has to kept in line . They want ( indeed demand ) that China behave as they see fit !! Take a long jump along a short jetty SS. We will do what is right when we like . Jack the Jerk and his ilk has to be told that we do not appreciate such bull crap that he regurgitates . You can go off duty now !

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you're ABSOLUTELY on the money...

Originally posted by 441424 at 6/22/08 10:07 AM

wishful thinking.

and then again CNN wont be there 4 long if CNN doesnt get its act 2gether quikly...that's the bottom line  

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Gutter snipe .


You are despicable and tardy . Now you are criticizing the very China Daily forum which allows you the more than fair freedom of speech . You are abusing it for your foul minded campaign against China and the Chinese and you have the gall to be ungrateful . If I were a moderator , you would have been out on your ear long ago .

" urang " is not a Malay word but then as it is with English words , you are ignorant and not even aware of it .

I will have you debate me on topics , and leave my personal details out . This is a hard ask isn't it ?

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-6-25 18:41
" urang " is not a Malay word ...

Nitpicking, Mengzhi. We all know what he means.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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