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Sorry! CNN, We Can't Accept Your "Apology"! (I) [Copy link] 中文

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I hate to say this but I do agree with seneca !  Jack the Jerk is a low life and is of no importance to any of us . The Chinese have made their disapproval firmly and clearly and that should be that .  CNN and her future deals with China will have to be under special microscopic scrutiny by the government .  Apart from that , the world is still revolving on the same axis as last month and Jack is still jerking himself off in his basement , under that rock .

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It reminds me of my childhood ...

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You are creating a new Salman Rushdee

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I see an irredeemable narcissist that saves about 1,000 lives a day from Africa to China. I've earned my smugness because I'm up at a very ungodly hour to check in with people taking delivery in Guangzhou.

Even with all your moaning you can't deny what I've said: your spiel seems very petty in light of recent events. Like a child throwing a tantrum.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Again, Self-exhibitionist Tendency

Mr/s. Interesting, even though I really wanted to put in some good words for you, your very first sentences expose that you're a hardcore narcissist--bragging about how important and indispensable you're in some ongoing relief operation. I think there're many more silent heroes grinding on the same posts as well, but I doubt most of them are as eager to honk around as you. Fortunately you're not commanding from some solar headquarters; otherwise your self-vanity might blow yourself up.

But the sad thing is your whatever position or function won't grant you any superior status in this or any other argument.

Your "Even with all your moaning you can't deny what I've said: your spiel seems very petty in light of recent events. ike a child throwing a tantrum." is riddled with loose labels and character attack. Mr/s. Interesting, you see, the rule of engagement in argument is that you need make sure you understand such strong words as "moan" and "spiel," then you tie them to my argument to show why, where, and how they're applicable to my reasonging. But you did none, except a lump of unfounded abuses.

That's why I really feel you don't belong here, at least for my posts. If all you want is some big medal for your heroic yet unappreciated contributions to some major project, then go for some civil affairs department or philanthrophical foundatiion, but not here. Particularly when you seem so busy and so important, don't let this minor discussion mess up your grand responsiblities!

Conversely, I enjoy reading thoughtful reponses of Seneca and Exportedkiwi, who alert me to some key assumptions I should have made explicit early on. Their counter-arguments enlighten and sharpen my thinking. That, I believe, is the essence of argumentation.

I'll respond to them later. But for Mr/s. Interesting, please don't bother with our trivial bickering any more; your mission is millions of times crucial for our mankind!

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My Rationale

To Seneca and Exportedkiwi:

Nice to hear your sides of the argument. I realize that we have different assumptions on this issue. Let me explain:

Suppose we somehow steal into Mr. Walton's mind and probably find the following conceptualization:

Since Cafferty's incident, Jim has been closely monitoring the evolving crisis, and deployed some PR efforts to defuse the situation, but eventually he decided that a personal letter to Chinese ambassador stood as the best solution to cool the roiling water down. Then he summoned his legal teams to discuss the drafting details. The advisers put heads together and produced a hierarchy of three versions (in an order from the worst to the optimum for CNN's interests):

1. Tell Caffy to confess his guilt publicly, if he wants to keep his job. Jim follows with the same message via his letter.
2. If Caffy doesn't comply, we can later settle accounts with him, but Jim must explicitly denounce Caffy's bull---- in the letter.
3. If kowtowing to China and Chinese risks losing face among the Western world, then Jim could at least deliberately distance CNN from Caffy's stupidity, and testify to Chinese that CNN and Caffy are two leopards of different spots.

Though Jim tended toward the last one, but he somehow sensed, with his professional experiences and China sophistication, that he can still extract extra leeways in his actual wording. Then he pontificated, "Gentlemen! there is a fourth and probably the best one out there, in which neither I nor CNN nor Caffy need bow to Chinese. A brief one in which I start with one or two appetizers for their knee-jerk ego, deflect their attention from the nature of Caffy's ----, while focus on stroking their grievances." One senior adviser reminded that "apology" or equivalents should appear somewhere in the document. Jim nodded and concluded, "Yeah! Chinese always seem readily content with that crap, then let them have it." Except for a few adviser's reservations about the viability of such approach, all agreed that Jim should give it a shot and see if it takes off.

Then that's the letter we read so far. Sounds surreal or disgusting? Bismarck warns us long before that to retain belief and respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making.

Still remember, Seneca, during our childhood, how often parents told us the toys they gave us were the best in the world? We may gleefully live with that myth until later in life, but we can't live on it forever.

With CNN, I never dream of getting the best apology, just a decent one.

Others, of course, may settle for the cheapest CNN quotation, but not for me.

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Reply #15 seneca's post

Exactly, mountains out of molehills to the overly sensitive. Baoer, it's just not worth it, focus on things that are more important and forget the mere trifles. My uncle used to say to me "don't sweat the small stuff; Everything is small stuff". It's good advice friend, take it and move on!

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