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China strongly denounces CNN host's insulting words [Copy link] 中文

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Let him stew in his own juice.


And I think CNN deserves all the reprimand from the victims of the piece , the Chinese . However let me say that we Chinese should refrain from that emotive reaction to throw the baby out with the bath water .  CNN  has let themselves down twice recently , on the fundamentals of ethical and professional reporting . They have deliberately cropped the photo to change from stone throwing mob at the military vehicles to a " military crackdown " and now this unforgivable , uncivilized and uncouth anchor man's comments from the gutter press.

We must protest as vigorously and vigilantly as we can but we must not alienate the " good " guys at the CNN. There must be many a fellow CNN reporter and program director cringing and blushing with shame that their reputation has sunk so low .  The aim is to not include them in the fray because they can make the difference from inside . No professional journalists with self respect and dignity can support this Cafferty caper . It is insulting to the intelligence to his audience and shows what that American education system can throw up from time to time .  Hold our cool .

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He issued a clarification of his remarks on Monday's "Situation Room," saying that by "goons and thugs," he meant the Chinese government, not the Chinese people. It was unclear whether China's Foreign Ministry was aware of the clarification when it held the Tuesday news conference.
Individuality: Always Remember That You Are Unique.  Just Like Everybody Else.

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Man or Mouse ?

To use Chinese government and not Chinese people is an embarrassing back flip and back down . This man knows , from his colleagues and CNN that this Neanderthal knuckle dragging exercise has got to stop . This is why I say , let them stew and let them sort it out internally . After all , how can you distinguish the Chinese people from the government when 99.9% of the people support the government . Humbug and pathetic .

I wish that Cafferty has enough balls to stick to his initial remarks but then it takes a man to do that .

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Mr Goon, Mr Thug, Mr Junk and Mr Cafferty

Mr Goon: Now, now jack, you can't go around and steal our names. That's plagiarism! Unfair! I am Mr Goon, he is Mr Thug and our friend there, standing next to you, is Mr Junk.

Mr Thug: Yes, jack. You must learn to see things more clearly.  Why see a speck so far away in a land overseas when you can't even see the Grand Canyon in front of your eyes?

Mr Junk: i agree with Mr Goon and Mr Thug. You're just too lazy, jack. Open your eyes and close that mouth of yours for a change.

Mr cafferty:  But hey people, i am a CNN anchorman. My job is to make acidulous comments to drum up support for my employers, China Neutralising Network.

Mr Goon: Acidulous? my foot! And it's a big foot, to boot. More like incredulous.

Mr Thug: Look, jack. When you open that mouth of yours and think you will be applauded by your audience, what you fail to realize is that what you said will make you and your employers look like a bunch of hooverites and mccarthyists retro to the era of nazism and white supremacy.

Mr cafferty: how so? i am lost.

Mr Junk: How so? you opened your mouth and said "they have been goons and thugs for fifty years, selling junk to us" and now you are puzzled? Is your brain scrambled? So scrambled that you have to beat a hasty retreat and try to worm your way out by saying you never meant those derogatory terms for the Chinese people but you only meant them for the Chinese Government?  How can you do that when you very well know that we are the goons, thugs and junk-bearers of the world?  Haven't you heard of the term "junk bonds" and what they had done to our own hardworking american citizens? Haven't you heard of the term "junk food" that our McDonalds and KFCs and Pizza Huts are exporting in tonnes to those stupid Chinese people? Haven't you seen how clever our businessmen are to wring the blood out of those poor ignorant peasants by selling them junked tv sets and computer monitors so that their hands and land will be contaminated by mercury? What's a million or two to die when they have one fifth of the human race, those formerly pigtailed yellow men? What our anglosaxon cousins succeeded with opium in the last century, we shall continue with junk in this. Let's get our hershey to sell them more of our finest chocolates with three-month expiry dates at twice the price; after all, they're junk.

Mr caffety: but they sell leaded products to us and poisonous pet food; i protest you can't talk to me like that!

Mr Goon: Really? have you been there, jack? Have you seen how little they make, how hard they work, how many sub-layers of small factories they have in the rural areas whose owners are trying to make trifles in order to satisfy the increasingly ruinous demands of our well-heeled buyers, rapacious capitalists to the last core? Did our people help them with advance payment to buy the right materials, transfer technology or teach them quality control? Did our buyers give them the right product specs? Were those specs communicated to them clearly and in their language which predates ours by a few millennia? Did we do our best first before expecting them to do their best?

Mr Thug: Yeah, have YOU been to China, jack? haven't you seen how much the Chinese love pets? They dote on their pets so what makes you think they want to poison ours? And as with the shipments to japan and other countries, the point has been made clear there was sabotage in the importing countries;  are you so senile that you can't exercise some wisdom about things? When someone is doing well and earning a reprieve from past hardships caused by others, those others will become jealous and try to make trouble. Especially us whites and those who think they should be whites.

Mr cafferty: Ok, ok. I can accept we junk them and their recycling industries help remove a lot of junk from our land otherwise we will be the biggest junkyard on the planet.  But what about the beatings? Aren't they thugs and goons?

Mr Goon:  careful again, jack. Who again are 'they'?

Mr cafferty: The Chinese people. I mean, the Chinese Government. I mean, the Chinese what-ever...

Mr Junk: see, jack. You can't make up your mind who you want to target. Are you on dope or something? Make up your mind who you really mean.

Mr cafferty: Ok, the Chinese Government.

Mr Goon: You said fifty years. Why, since you're some sixty eight years old, are you saying you have been observing China since you were eighteen? Did you even know where China was then?  Were you with the other American journalists who had gone on the Long March with the Chinese Government?  Have you visited the Nanjing Memorial? Have you walked the streets of Beijing and Shanghai, talked to the people of Hefei and Taiyuan, tasted the fruits of Kunming, ate the peanuts of Shandung, held the hands of children and farmers across the land, seen lives improve across the vast expanse of that country? Tell us, jack, if in the last thirty years alone, there has been so much progress and care in that society that even the top heads of states and the best journalists of the world can praise and admire that nation's government for great work done and care of the people, do you think they could have been goons and thugs all along?!??

Mr Junk: yeah, jack. What say you to that?

Mr cafferty: but...but....

Mr Thug: Look, jack.  Why don't you take a break first and go to our US Library of Congress and do some real research before you start shooting off that mouth of yours.  All three of us are very angry at you. How dare you say the goons, thugs and junks are over there when you very well know they are all here. Can't you see us standing here before you, right in front of your CNN cameras and microphones?

Mr Junk: Jack, can i call you Jack and not "Gaffe"rty? What did our Martin Luther King say? I Have A Dream. Why did he say that? We whites didn't treat our black brothers as brothers then. Who wrote the first book All Men Are Brothers? It wasn't that german, Schweitzer. It was one of 'em chinamen, i believe. Thousands of years ago. How dare we be so presumptuous to think we can take the high moral grounds over them when we haven't even done our research in our libraries? If we are wrong about them on pets, do you think we can be right about them on humans?

Mr Thug: And jack, people like me have our moments of pride too, so don't try to diminish them. Our policemen are seen on cctv beating up people, our armed forces use dogs on unarmed prisoners, our marines shoot up villagers from Vietnam to Iraq, our bombers napalmed paddy fields, our cruise missiles demolish afghan huts, our wet teams kill latin american leaders, our rockets even can kill friendly consular staff of a sovereign state.  So why are you trying to diminish my achievements for the starspangled banner?

Mr cafferty... i wasn't trying to. you know... don't think that of me..i am you know a patriot.

Mr Goon: you're nothing but a poor specimen of the worst sort of chauvinists that make up today's self-rated western media.  

Mr Junk: yeah, you give it to him, Mr Goon.  Jack, while you're trying to absorb what we have said here today to you, you might as well go tell your bosses don't play around with geopolitics anymore and scuttle that hypocritical calvinistic claptrap.  After all, in today's world increasingly polluted by us, even white will soon turn yellow.

Mr cafferty:  i...i.....

Mr Goon, Mr Thug, Mr Junk :  Jack Cafferty,  go look in the mirror.

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Should Oust Cafferty from CNN

Should Oust Cafferty from CNN

While I don't particularly like Mr. Cafferly, nor CNN I consider them too Liberal for me..I do agree with his and their assessment on China. I think the reaction to the Olympics being "Staged" in China will have far reaching ramifications, toward exposing China to the world, and the world to the Chinese.. The best and worst things that might happen to China as a result of the exposure the games will provide. For closed societies, like China, the worst thing is uncontroled access to information, both good and bad, and it will be the best time for the Chinese people, as they will experience with they are missing and demand it, Freedom.. And that same Freedom will bring the end to the China of today..

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You got to love how this farce is playing out.

People make comments about China. People who are ignorant and, quite possibly, just plain dumb.

When people like this talk about 'China' they are talking about their perception of the 'Chinese Comm-un-ist party System'. Never mind that their perception is usually 100% wrong that's just the way it is.

The govt/party then stands up and vehemently denounces this attack on the Chinese people.  

Well thats because the govt HAS to do this.  They can't possibly stand up and say: look we know you're not really criticizing China or the Chinese people but, in reality, you are criticizing the party system. That would be too accept responsibility for some of that early negative history post-rev-ol-ution. Instead they turn to their favorite response mechanism.  Use the nationalistic feelings of our people to divert attention away from the real issues, demand apologies, demand a voice on this racist agenda. It ISN'T ABOUT RACE. It's about politics. And a cold war mentality hangover.

What I'd really like to hear the Chinese govt say is this:

"you know over 50 years ago, we were pretty bad, made a lot of mistakes, and inadvertedly caused suffering and misery to a lot of people in this country."  

"we accept that things were bad but everything is getting much better. As we develop, our people have more and more freedoms. Generally they are happy. You can''t build Rome in a day. We are moving as fast as we can and, in time, will develop a society that will be able to be measured and benchmarked against any western country while not losing our own cultural identity. Standards of living are increasing all the time.  Our people now have confidence in the future to match their self-belief"

"We have changed how we gov-ern this country.  We are asking you to come and look at how we go-vern this country now and you will find that we have dispelled with the ugliness that caused so much torment before the great Deng Xiaoping created the roadmap for our extraordinary development."

But then they can't do that can they.  It's like admitting to the west that they f@cked it all up before.
The perception these lame-ass, ignorant azzholes like Jack Cafferty have is of China 40 years ago. Unless the party does something to change that perception this entrenched ignorance will continue to persist.

If they did and people began to see China for what it really is, then over time you will begin to hear thousand s of apologies from westerners as they become more educated.  Apologies from foreign govts may take a little longer, but heck thats politics too.

I know posters here will say - why should we apologize/be the first to move towards a more conciliatory approach.  The answer is simple.  When you are dealing with dumb ignorance on the other side, you have to make a move.  Shouting and waving hands in the air is not going to produce anything positive.

But then, we don't live in idealistic world. And anger and destruction is easier to create than concilitation and creation. I don't see an early end to all this accusation and counter-accusation.

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is he a human being? why he insults a whole ethnic?
all Chinese are boons and thugs? this words indicate he's a downstandard host,no quality at all.

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