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Lest we forget ! The bombing of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade ! [Copy link] 中文

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Defeat as victory ?

If being shown up as incompetent and dumbed down constitute a " victory " , be my guest . It is not a coincidence that your Dubya and Dick also consider being pulverized as " victories " . This latest Green zone debacle and Bashra bashing is touted by the CINC as a " defining moment " !?  Defining moment ? For incompetence and an inability to fight off a rag tag enemy ?  Victories Yankee style !!

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They throw their money at your feet

If the "wrongful death verdict" is accepted then here comes a slew of cash from a government that sees the US dollar fall from it's heights.

This comes from the country that sings " you cash ain't nothin' but trash" a slight polar alignment from a "large amount of money to a bag just a bag".

Which brings us to the ugliness of life since blah blah blah the USA will (pay) or just throw money at your feet.  Does this in fact indicate  the motive of being a super power then the act of suicide by a country becomes a means to obtain "heaven by releasing them from their worldly posession".

They understand they have a wrong to correct only this wrong seems to be the one more wrong which closes the tunnel's opening which may seem to say the US is always working in the dark this president or the next.

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We should observe May 7 as an Anniversity as it was on that day, 1999, in Operation Allied Force, NATO bombs hit the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia,

We should then have an "accident" where we "accidentally" press a button and blast a NATO embassy.

Do you think that they would believe us?

Why is it only these gangsters that have accidents?
You will reap what you sow!

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DD, DD, DD...

Originally posted by kanyuek at 3/25/2008 06:03 PM
Why wasn't the truth good enough for Hillary Rodham Clinton?


That's a question worth considering as

Like the poor marksman that you are - you have forgotten yet again the cardinal rule of copy and paste, citing the source.

If you are going to rant - at least come up with some original material, like Dr. ## and northwest do once and a while.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Why Should Any of this Surprise

Westerners are genetically INCAPABLE of telling the truth.  Their "leaders" are selected through liars' contests (nee "elections").  The bigger lies they tell, the more popular they are.  The Western press is in on all of these lies, and actively participate in them.

The entire Western culture is built on the act of inveterate lying.  The fact that they insist that their press is not biased should tell you lots.

To the Westerner, the entire purpose of having a press is to make those oppressed by them feel it is their own damn fault that they were not born Westerners. There is systematic attempts at denigration of anything good that did not originate with the West.  Atrocities committed by white men is always euphemistically sanitized.  Bombing the natives to oblivion becomes "pacification," etc.  When they sent a warplane half the way across the globe and bomb sovereign Chinese territory (in the form of Embassy grounds), the liars blame it on an outdated map!!

Eye for an eye - it'd be folly not to reciprocate with exactly the same good faith, and that's the truth.

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Actually, China already had an accident when it buzzed a US intelligence plane in international airspace. Of course, since intelligence aircraft are sturdier than fighter jets, the Chinese lost that one. Of course, most people never seriously questioned whether the Chinese pilot had simply miscalculated.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Also, NATO doesn't have embassies.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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