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COLORFUL DOMAIN CLUB SPRING OUTING NOTICE (多彩地带英语俱乐部2008春游通知) [Copy link] 中文

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Dear members,

We are going to climb segments of ancient Qin Great Wall(怀柔), play water in limpid streams, enjoy delicious farmer meals on Kang(炕).What a nice country retreat!  It might not be quiet, though, as some of us CD members are known as partygoers who propose pokers/mahjongg/killers game, and singing&dancing around blazing bonfires.  Let’s have fun!

CD Spring Outing ’08 is discussed and details of which is agreed upon as follows:

Date/Duration (时间): April 12--13, 2008  
Note: kindly reminded to get prepared for this overnight event.

Assembly time (集合时间): 10:30AM on April 12th (Saturday)  
All the cars will leave for 怀柔 at 11:00AM.

CD Organizers’ Committee is not responsible for latecomers.

Assembly point (集合地点): Byone Western Restaurant (Chao Yang Men).

Transportation (交通安排): CD members’ private cars
Public transportation if necessary.

Budget (预算): RMB120 per person
(Transportation, 4 meals and one night accommodation)
Crystal and Matt will help collect the fee during Assembly time.

Registration(登记): Please confirm your participation by sending an email to Amanda:


In your message, please note your name and mobile phone number (necessary for arrangement and security). In case you bring along your friends and/or family members, please also note.

The deadline for confirmation is 5 p.m. April 10th. For inquiry or urgent contact, feel free to leave messages underneath this notice, or send emails to Amanda:, or call Joyce by 13810627028 or Sue 13581524219

Important notice:
Though CD Club is good at and experienced at organizing such events, and CD members are as close to each other as brothers and sisters, this Outing is basically a spontaneous activity.  Nobody but each participant himself or herself is liable for his or her own decision, deeds and safety.

Colorful Domain English Club(Beijing)






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This is Amanda,  join us and contact me !

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to you all

WOW, if I were in Beijing, I would like to go with you guys, Alhaji, Joyce, and etc. To be specific, I would like to join your organizing work.

I dreamed of such kind of move when I was there between 2004 and 2007. However, I dare not give a try. I know how much work all the organizers have to do. They have to plan weeks ahead, wrestle about best venues, visualize programs, calculate expenses, discuss about transportation, negotiate about board and lodging, ensure safety,and encourage participation. And I know, what I enumerated above is only a cut of what they suppose themselves to do. When I was there, I didn't dare to make it happen. Shame on me.

What are we supposed to do at their call? To join them. That's simple. It's such a worth to join them, such a group of people extraordinary in dedication and sacrifice for the welfare of Club members.  What they have is not only guts, but also heart.

I used to be part of them, but I would like to say so even if I'm an outsider.

Have a nice trip, you all.

Metro Manila
Republic of the Philippines

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To: Hudson

You are not an "outsider" and will never be. You are an "insider" inside out from the very beginning of CD.

Not only do old members miss you, but newcomers also take you as a role model. Your motto "So long i am in Beijing and can walk, definitely i will be here" has inspireed many and will encourage more people still lto come.

Now Colourful Domain attracts more and more people. Byone restaurant can barely hold our routine meetings. A new location has been proposed and subsequently checked out by a dozen and more members. We might try it out once or twice next month.  Actions of significance to CD development got to be taken in a prudent manner, right? There are pros and cons. But majority of us agree to have a try. And that is exactly what we are going to do. The date's been set on April 20, a week after the Outing. If you were here, I am sure you must be one of the strong proponets to change to the new location, for it is equipped with a white board, microphones/loudspeakers, a computer, and a screen for PPT. You know such visual aides are an integral part of many meaningful presentations nowadays.

As to outings, we are just so lucky to Sue/Rose, Caeser/Maple Feng, Amanda, Matt/Crystal besides other enthusiasts Frank, Neil, John, Kathleen, Code and Tracy, for instance.

We are just a group of luky and happy people.

One more thing about CD management, and your assignment to me as one of your successors, i am "torn between love and hate" towards you. I hate you because you left me an unprecedented model hard to follow and lots of care, concern and responsibilities to our club; I am also grateful because you left me with a group of most talented and helpful people. Joyce is absolutely part of it.

Thank you all.

And happy stay in Manila.

Miss u.


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to Alhaji

I'm really happy for the Club to have a better president, more united management talents and an increasing number of enthusiasts, thus bulging attendance. What you're doing now is in comformity of the calls of not only President Hu Jintao, hah, and the requirements of a rising China.

We believe in self-motivation, and at the same time, we value innovation, which makes us refreshed and upgraded all the time. A new location serves as a landmark for Club growth, and also a higher stage for club members to take on better performance. We're giving one try after another as long as we make sure it's worthwhile to do after brainstorm, preliminary study and democratic decision. Hardly could I imagine we're going to have a white board, a microphone and a computer to aid our speeches and presentations.

A very important, though sometimes unseen by many people, contribution the Club serves our members is that it's indeed a scarce opportunity for members to learn from each other coming from all works of life. We cannot learn as much as we want from our colleagues, our former classmates, even our bosses nowaday because we, most probably, work in the same trench, breathe same air in same office, follow same rules, concept and expertise. On the contrary, we're meeting different people here, of different origins, diffferent working fields, different outlook. We can share various knowledge, perspectives, experience, joy and,even pains. We can get stronger together. As I repeatedly said, English is just one of the tools we'd like to hold in our hands. We need a big variety of skills, some of which are even more important than English mastery, such as far-sightedness, open-mindedness, spiritual strength, penetrating insight, ability and willingness to love, and etc.

Once the new location is confirmed, take a picture and put it online, pls, Alhaji, my elder brother, and I'll appreciate that greatly.

I miss you all there, and I visit our website times each day. I never expect our Club, as some other similar English organizations do with themselves, to grow to be an industry. It's not the destination in my mind. What you are doing, as I was doing, is to improve ourselves together, and do good to others. That's in no way a slogan. As what you, Alhaji, said before, when we look back in Year 2020, or 2080, we'll be proud of what we're doing now. We'll be saying to ourselves:"I learnt a lot there and became capable, and I did a lot for my brothers and sisters."


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back to April's outing

Subject to final agreement of majority of CD members, i hereby propose that our drivers are exempt from paying relevant traffic tolls him/herself. Passengers shall share the tolls instead.

Agree or disagree? Get your opinions heard here.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to discuss here.

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The Passengers should share the traffic tolls plus oil fee.
You are very thoughtful Alhaji :)

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