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CD English Club, Minutes of Meeting, March 9, 2008多彩地带英语俱乐部 [Copy link] 中文

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March 9, a day after the International Women’s Day, Joyce opened the meeting with holiday greetings to Half the Sky’s of CD Club. When doing so, she must have heard a voice from among the crowd that we should set March 9 as the date to celebrate the Men’s Day. On second thought, however, from the writer’s personal view, we should name March 7 as the Day, for, according to the Bible, God created a Man before a Woman.

Kathleen was the Host for the day. She is Knowledgeable, Abundant in energy, Thankful, Happy, Enjoyable and Nice, as her name was interpreted such by Joyce. When things went on, we realized she surely deserved such compliments.

Several newcomers were received with warm applause. They were Amelie (artist), Rose (director at China Peace Travel Agency), Jim (mobile phone engineer), Eric (former President Hudson’s disciple), Izzie (sounds Easy, student of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) and Evan (software engineer?).

Willie, an eloquent speaker, jumped at the first impromptu topic, talking about romantic films. It turned out that the topic was tailor-made for him. With a rich collection of films, he made a generous offer to anyone who would like to borrow from him.

Eric was asked to talk about generation gap. He announced that there were no such things at all at his family. To stress the point that his was of a harmonious family, he depicted a nice picture that the whole family were playing cards and chess together and sharing the same TV channel. Apparently, Amanda and Neil, among others were not convinced. They bombarded him with questions. Under pressure, Eric had to admit that they did have different opinions occasionally as in the case of his college choice. Besides he was more willing to take bold steps while his father generally preferred a prudent approach.

As March 5 marks Chinese Volunteers’ Day to remember our beloved hero Leifeng, Neil shared his experience at West Point. The American military academy honours Sun-tzu for the Art of War and Leifeng for his selfless and teamwork spirit. Would you believe that? He went on to say that this increasing commercialized society of China nowadays demanded more Leifeng spirit to wipe out social vices. And to win recognition, recommendation and support of our superiors and colleagues alike, we should also learn from Leifeng.

Highlights of the day came when Joyce delivered her prepared speech. Based on her personal experience, she talked about ways for girls to shape a charming personality. 2 years ago at CD or at work place, she was nobody. Barely had anyone noticed her at that time. She was so plain--no make-up, no fashionable dresses and not so much social life--that she even began to hate herself. All changed after a conversation with her boss at one day 2 years ago, which served as a thunderbolt that unleashed her latent power and vitality shadowed by her self-imposed obstruction. She began to put on perfumes and light make-ups, change hairstyles, dress differently Monday through Friday. And on top of that, she has gained her due confidence. Confidence makes her more attractive than ever before. Believe me, all girls at CD in particular are happy, confident and attractive.  

After an-hour-long table discussion, Matt, Bob, Caeser, Fred, Richard and Melanie got their opinions heard loud and clear. Fred’s presentation brought down the whole house. As the only boy surrounded by three pretty young girls, the table follows Gentle First etiquette. And apparently he was overwhelmed with delight. The way he presented his speech was full of sparkles of humour. Richard projected another funny picture: Kathleen can find her way by using her sensitive nose like a dog. And for Richard himself, since earlier age he always knew where the best smells were coming from: teahouse, flower shop and bakery.
Melanie again delivered a well-structured speech regarding the brain drain issue. Putting all factors into serious consideration as to the decision to stay abroad or return China after graduation, she analyzed point by point issues like security, living quality and environment, opportunity and respect or acceptance. And her conclusion was: come back!:)

And come back, boys and girls for another CD meeting this coming Sunday, the usual place, the usual time, but not the usual people and topics.

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Bravo Alhaji !!!

I finished reading your report while holding my breath. at the moment i finished it,I felt so satisfied and delighted! it's not only because your nice words on me but the report you are writing! So smooth and nice! again,reading it is like tasting my favorite milk coffee.

Your report shows me what is “一气呵成”!

You are the top model writer in CDCLUB. We need to work hard to follow you.

BTW,cute smileys :)

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to Alhaji

No wonder the Club is getting better and better in popularity and management. Bravo, Alhaji. What a masterpiece!

I keep observing the Club's growth since I left 8 months ago, and to my joy, however, not surprising, it's going sharp upward under the strong leadership of Alhaji, with the collaboration of our lovely Joyce.  Your charisma, capacity and selfishlessness will, without doubt, attract more and more people to be self-motivated, contributive to others. I highly respect what you two are doing for the welfare of club members as well as kind outsiders. We're building up ourselves so as to benefit more and more people.

So proud of you two. You'll be always blessed by me, and surely others.  

Makati City
Metro Manila

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we are proud of you, though personally i hate you

mind if i say something to our CD fellas about your situation in Manila, chairing parties and meetings and even handshaking with Arroyo, this kind of stuff?

we share the joys with you. best luck, dude!

btw, i have started working out at gyms often.  do keep fit and strong as you always did back at home no matter how high workload is.:)

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to Alhaji

Of course not, Alhaji, about your briefing about my goings-on since I came to the islands 8 months ago. I'm proud of what I did so far contributive to my office, Embassy, hah, maybe also our diplomatic cause. I'm not that much modest, I know, neither low-profile. Whenever I am congratulated on my successful performance as a host  or MC, I reveal that I sharpened my skills when learning together with Colorful Domain English Club members.

As a matter of fact, I'm proud of the Club, much more than proud of myself.

As I learnt from my involvement in the Club, I conclude self-motivation, profound objectives and mindset of teamwork & dedication to common good can support us to accomplish one victory to another.  


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