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Meeting report for CD club gathering on Feb.24th,2008 [Copy link] 中文

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Minutes report for CD club members gathering on Feb. 24th, 2008

Although it was a little bit chilly, the spring still steps the door of the Club. After a long holiday’s refreshment, a lot of members just wake up from their winter sleeps and come back with happiness. This gathering just like a family reunion, a big international family, and we have 32 people joined the Sunday’s meeting with 5 new faces.

After the traditional opening speech by Joyce who just got an internal job promotion, our host Alhaji presented us a clear brief introduction on the schedule and also joyfully introduced some new friends to us. Besides 3 natives, we still have two new U.S. friends, James and Ryan, who both are English teachers.

During the second phase-Impromptu speech, Lillian initially introduced a good website for us to listen to US news and learn English at the same time. Then the host put on a game of roll playing, Bob turned out to be George W. Bush to present a speech to us, also his counterpart Fidel Castro, the famous Cuba’s leader was acted by James, which was another excellent short speech with strong affection to give a big slap to the rival.

As we all know, the 56th consecutive election for president in U.S. is very hot now and catching lots of people’s eyeballs around the world. The prepared speaker Sue brought us a comprehensive introduction about the U.S. presidential election process which triggered lots of members’ response. The presidential election process in U.S. is very unique and complicated in the world, and even a lot of U.S. citizens can not clearly understood. It can be divided into three phases, primary election for candidates, National Popular Vote for electoral college and president candidate, and electoral college Vote for president. First and foremost, you should become the leading candidate of each party, Republican or Democratic Party, it is the pre-primary campaign which is the most drastically period. The former first lady Hillary Clinton and the outstanding senator Barack Obama now are traveling around the whole country, asking for support and fighting for the nominated candidate of Democratic Party.
Aiming at improving the understanding, our dear sister Sue edited a short drama to imitate the election which arising the active and interactive involvement of members. The show was on fire, every person joined the simulated election. Pearl,a pretty girl just as her name, was standing up as Hillary Clinton, and Richard, a handsome guy always with a dream same to Obama, was also struggling for the winner of Democratic parts. Frank and James are separately played as the rival candidates in GOP. They just rushed between tables with lectures and speeches to canvassing for support. It was really interesting and dramatic. I couldn’t help to say that all the actors and actress are full of talent, and they should be awarded with the Oscar awards. It is no doubt that Pearl should be the best actress who got whole-scale support from all tables. Finally, “Hillary” was chosen to be the next president for the U.S. Maybe all members thought her statement is good enough to lead that Country back the right track, but Richard and Frank also well performed their duties to promulgate us supporting them. I could image that they can be good politician if they were in U.S, while James even quit the election with a childish face. What a typical politician! How dramatic!

After voting, we still need go back to the normal life. It is the schedule to table discussion. The topics are related to cultural differences when traveling abroad, how to share your English learning experience, and compared with Chinese teachers of English, who is more qualified and suitable? Every representative from each table reported the brief of their debates. The majority people preferred to talk about the cultural difference. We thought culture diversity is the flash point of every person group and also attracts us to travel and explore domestic and abroad. Inclusion is the virtue of human being. We should respect their culture and need to self discipline when we face the difference. After all, it is really embarrassed when you make some culture mistakes. So at operation level, we also need to do some investigation and research on each country’s culture before we start a tour, such as customs, religion, taboos. We also shared some experience and tips about travel abroad.

After the next gathering role-call, the gathering was concluded successfully. Thanks for the effort from every members. Hope to see u next.


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Good Job Ben,Thank You!

Hi Ben! I enjoy your report every much. It drives us back to  last club meeting again, sweet memory indeed. lots of members have the same feeling that we do learn a lot from the meeting.

Hope to read your next report soon :)

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enjoy as an outsider

enjoy and thank for sharing your club news here. i thought to join the club activities but was too lazy to travel to the venue on time.

the meeting report is well done. just a couple of miner mistakes:
...U.S. citizens can not clearly understood...
...which is the most drastically period...

look forward to your successes a lazy outsider. cheers.

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American general election system has never been told so clear

and lovely. Well done, Sue. You are an educator!

And well done, Ben. Those masterpieces of yours and Lillian's have served as a perfect reminder of what has been going on at CD. They will become one of your best memories whenever you go. Best wishes to you 2 wherever you go and whatever you do.

it'll be a great idea to have a happy hour together in your honour sometme before your departure. you just give us a time.

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wow, people are watching

wow, people, insiders or outsiders are watching!  We got to watch our words carefully.

i made a msitake too. i wrote: they will become one of your best memories WHENEVER you go. actually i meant to say that they will become one of your best memories WHEREVER you go.

Thank u, yry 111,

we appreciate your concern and best wishes for our CD Club. when it comes to a time that you are not lazy anymore, feel free to join us and transform yourself into an Insider!


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