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Exit Spielberg, stage left [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by iii3hairs at 2008-2-14 10:34
Beijing defiant as Spielberg walks out

Mary-Anne Toy Herald Correspondent in Beijing and agencies
February 14, 2008

BEIJING was defiant yesterday in the face of its m ...

Sorry, but regarding the headline.

As we know, international herald tribune also a China-sceptic western media. They are not only presenting facts, they also have western based bias.

The headline written as "defiant" is not appropriate. Beijing doesn't defy any authorities, she just refused to comply with Spielberg ridiculous demand.

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bye bye Spielberg

Zionist hatemonger you will not be missed.

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I think 'defiant' is inaccurate because it seems like Beijing is actually silent on the issue- nothing in the Chinese media yet.  As the article says, its embarassing for the government and either it hasn't decided on a response or it's not going to respond at all.  I don't think there's an inherent bias to 'defiant' though, because you can be 'defiant' in the face of your critics- it doesn't have to be a higher authority.  Defiance is often a positive characteristic (I think there have been warships called Defiance)- it all depends what you're defiant about.

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Reply #1 thepeop's post

i guess Amerikan Regime's sales of weapon to the Ethopian government, Southern Sudanese Christian which cause the terrible wars in Sudan, Somalia, Horn of Africa, does not count?

Double Standards or poor Mr. Spielberg has been BRIBED to leave the stage?

Come on AMERICANs! The Olympic is APOLITICAL. It's just SPORTs!

Green DRagon

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Missing the point?

Zionist, perhaps.[are you throwing taunts at him to distract from the issue? - sign of a lost argument!]
Hatemonger? - doubtful [where did that come from?]

The point Spielberg makes is genuine. It comes from the hard fact that China is doing nothing to end the genocide and is indeed doing more than any other nation on earth to assist the atrocities in Darfur .

money and weapons from Beijing have helped fuel a conflict which has claimed 200,000 lives and forced 2.5 million people from their homes.

  So rather than trying to stab the messenger perhaps the focus of your rage should be to do what every human must do now to bring humanity to the human race by protesting the big money that is behind every war and every atrocity and every bad law and every genocide.

If Spielberg cannot make his point this way, maybe the world will have to turn away from the Chinese Olympics... and what a shame that would be - we were hoping it would be the beginning of a new world when China embraces humanity now that her long march for survival is done.

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Spielberg said he was prompted by his conscience.  Well, it seems he had pretty well cleared his own conscience about  US millitary excesses in Vietnam and Iraq.  Probably because they had given him a medal for Saving Private Ryan.

What does he expect China to do? Walk into the Sudan and do an american take-over, as was done in Iraq? He must think his conscience is bigger than the foreign policy of an entire nation, in which case he should try to run his own country instead of just making ET bicycle over the moon.

As for the Herald correspondent Mary-Anne Toy, what's with 'defiant' and 'most embarrasing ..crisis'? It's as if she, the Herald and Spielberg plus her taskmasters hold the monopoly to what's best for the world.  Katrina and Aceh were crises. This, just a bug-bear by a self-anointed director given much fanfare by a socalled journalist working in a city where the citizens have been training so hard to speak her language so that people like her can be welcomed to the one event she seems so adept at mocking. Toy should toy more with her real paymasters than with the fine people who make up China.

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Reply #12 noah_scape's post

Amerikan Regime INVADED IRAQ for oil?

It's seems normal conduct for powerful CUNTRIES.

WHY BULLY CHINA.....? China did not invade Chad, or Ethopia?

Green DRagon

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