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Racists [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wowzers at 2008-2-6 15:15

Yes I love it here!
I consider China and especially Guangzhou as my home now...

I consider the above as pretty good conclusion on "European Racists" LOL ..

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Reply #13 wowzers's post

Yeah, my fiancee and I copped a fair bit of the same in Gz Andrew, usually by the drunks or illiterates.......sadly, and indictment on some parts of society here in GZ. Still, like you, I love China, love Gz but am not sure how much longer I'll stay.

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2008-2-6 17:47
not sure how much longer I'll stay.

I understand that and have seen people come and go in my time here.
But something just clicked for me, and then I got a great job, and then the gf, and then that settled it..
Now if I could only lose the job and really take advantage of the opportunities in this country, all would be golden.
Best to you wherever your travels might find you!
Good Gweilo: My job is the ideological quality control

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That psedo judge .

wowsers jumped in on  # 3 and rammed home the China-Japanese football match of yesteryear !  Why can't we talk about the subject which is  Europeans behaving badly towards Lewis Hamilton . I don't even know what it is about in the first place . But I find it disconcerting and frankly annoying when this  deviation and detour comes in straight away : pointing to some other instance when the " Chinese also did that " . So what ?  Start a specific thread on the bad behavior of the Chinese and we can all go full bore at that as well . Wowsers did not mention once about the subject , did not proffer his learned commentary or opinion on Hamilton but launched into gagging gotohell and then accuse all persons who are not physically in China at any moment for being " off side "

Well wowsers, just being in Guangzhou at the moment does not confer on you the monopoly of wisdom on Chinese affairs . I doubt if you even can read Chinese .  Come off that  rickety soap box of yours . You can do better than that .

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World Affairs Today» European Racists

Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-2-9 04:31
wowsers jumped in on  # 3 and rammed home the China-Japanese football match of yesteryear !  Why can't we talk about the subject which is  Europeans behaving badly towards Lewis Hamilt ...


these people are trying their old art of distraction once again, I myself have had racism from Taiwanise but
they seem to think they are superior to all on the mainland, it must be years of Japanese dominace and influence that has made them like this. I have an old friend born in Shanghai half Chinese half Japanese, after WWII he was imprisoned as a spy then he managed to pay for his release and moved to Taiwan and exactly the same thing happened to him there, now he lives in the U.K and now Stateless due to racism but he considers himself chinese, when he asked me what part of China my folks originated from he was supprised that I was not rich, he just said to me that the See Yip usually look after eachother.

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racism knows no limits.

my paternal grandfather was an ignorant racist and once remarked about an African [foreign born] that he saw at the bank saying 'he looked like a n----r but talked like a foreigner.'  My neighbors at my mom's house were both black. I just sort of felt sorry for him in his ignorance. My maternal step-grandfather was Cherokee.  american indians also indured racism in kansas and oklahoma.  I didn't agree with it but witnessed it time and time again.  I saw two white men enter a home of a black family and heard women and girls screaming inside.  The law was not much help as for a long time the main recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan was the sheriff and two deputies.  

The cherokee tribe recently voted out members that had any african blood. they were part indian but the black blood was enough to exile them from the tribe.  it was so sad.

there was an eagle scout classmate in high school that I respected until he used the n--- word in a manner identifying himself a racist and a supremacist at that.

my grandmother would tell me not to date any black girls, but I just sort of laughed at any idea of limiting me.  I openly defied those bigoted norms in college.

when I moved to virginia I saw more but noticed deeper hatreds toward 'race mixers'. the racists hated those mixing worse than the despised race.  I believed all were equal.

When I came to california, I saw different kinds of racism.  the most extreme being asian [particularly chinese] and blacks. they seemed to have mutual animosity for each other.  they held each other in contempt and regarded each other as dogs or pigs or slime [unwanted and dirty] .

from a young age though I watch Star Trek where race meant klingons and vulcans.  and spock was mixed.
old enemies would later be allies and no one was supposed to be judged on account of race. some character who expressed racism were chastised for it.   that and my neighbors helped me to accept people as they are without regard to skin tone or even religious faith.  I had muslim friends even growing up in a third world hell of kansas.

in this day and age it should not be forgotten that some folks are still going to be racist, they need to be countered on it and a stop made to any discrimination or genocide they attempt.  Look at kosovo, dafur, iraq, rwanda, and other places where even a small tribal, linguistic, or religous difference could fuel mass hatred of groups.

can't we all just get along?

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Originally posted by correction at 2008-2-6 13:00

But I've never seen that in China!

Oh yeah, that's because "racism doesn't exist in China. Chinese is a hhhhhhhhharmonious (emphasis on the gutteral "h" sound) country... blah blah blah."  Ask most Han people!
Individuality: Always Remember That You Are Unique.  Just Like Everybody Else.

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