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The Biggest Robbery of the 20th Century [Copy link] 中文

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Looks like good conversation going on here.

Well, today, I am not able to post long answer. May be tomorrow.

But I will say that the problem could not be solved without understanding the route of it.

So what are the routes of this problem.

Why this roberry happened

Any info ???


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Originally posted by saj2go at 2008-1-24 19:45
Do you know any nation in the world, which is non-native to the land they occupy.

The US, Canada, some of Central & South America, part of China....

I mean, people have been taking over other lands throughout history.

I'd like to think we'd learn from the past though.
I am not rich.  :L

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Due to heavy propaganda there are millions of Kibbutz Volunteers every year going to work for free in Isreal. We were there too in a very
young age. There i learned first about one could also study Chinese, this one of the good memories. All in all it was lots foreigners
and the interaction with the Kibbuzim was rather distance. I understood, they get year for year stupid foreigners like Seneca and dont
want to deal with them too much after a while. We were ok there but it was nothing like arabic at all, this does not fit into the landscape.
even Greece was more Oriental to me, then Israel. there was also one portugues who claimed he is Angolan. It was strange.

We went to have a look at the Kibbutz we stayed a couple of years later, and were shocked, while we could at that time stay in houses,
they put  up Containers to house the people from all over the world. But i am not so picky on that fact. only once you get older, some
of us grow also more concious and we couldn't stay anymore. It looked too fake to us.

We went and stayed in Tel Aviv also, which is an US-american town, and its strange to have such, on the Meditarenian, since all the
different countries around that Sea have still now there specific places.

After we volunteered in a Palaestinian Hotel in Jerusalem, and i think this expierence was more authentic. It was not so much how the
Palaestinians organised our work and stay, but the way they behaved which convinced us, that Jerusalem is better of in their hands.

We think the Golan Heights as Jerusalem should belong again to Palaestinians. They can rule their land better. and we also think they would share
their land with the non extremist Jewish community.

In Maroc, I was living in the Mellah and saw how the Arabs and the Jews lived for hundreds of years peacefully more or less together.
Everybody has a fight once a while.

thanks to this forum also i understand now better what the Zionist movement is all about, and having seen it with my own eyes, its
rather clear to me. The europeans, i belong to them, so europe just exported something it considered as a problem. But the
problem has not stopped, now there is just another problem. What the usamericans see there as a strategic interest or that they
want to be there for any reason this is just not right. its greedy to a high extent.

just reading today in some forum of my region, reflecting about the past, i must say, how bad europe was hundred years ago and
the uptodate comments about that documents were in no way better. Its very frustrating only. i dont know if it is the water or the
air but europe is quite insane was insane and i hope that the near by African continent is saving us, they truly are doing this in
every point of view to me. So how unfair the political handeling of the so called problem is, shows very well.

what a pity again to see those containers looking like concentration camps beeing exported to the Holy Land. as i said i dont
mind staying in very poor housing, opposite its the thought which is behind that strategy that turns me off.

Oh btw i lived and worked among Jewish leaders for years in europe i dont have anything against that faith, i think among the
monotheist religions Islam is the most tolerante, this is my long expierience.

sorry my english spelling some words look very strange to me, i am not used to write english at all, even my mothertongue i am not
used to write, i am not a writer person, i always had so much other things to do. i picked up my language skills in the daily life while
working or leasure time. i can understand quite a few languages by now, and as more as a learn as more i can get. arabs are
very talented in languages i think, also arabic is a beautiful culture. the chassidim culture is more eastern european i like it a lot
too, but its not originated in the middle east. i wish the tv program would be more educativ in different tongues then propaganda
for stealing. plus subtitled film should be the ordinary. it always should be the original tongue, i think when africa will make the
top of movie industries like Bollywood, Lagoswood or Khartoumwood, this would be very good for mankind. I like what and how they do.

whether a country is colonialised like my country also is colonialised, there is still to much unjustice, the rich are greedy and the poor
have no chances, its unfair.

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I would add that the trouble is centered around the Zionists of Israel - those who settled the new land of Israel.

  America supported them because they wanted to get a foothold in the oil-rich lands of Arab nations, from what I have read. There are many Zionists in America also.

  There are many - most? - Jewish people in Israel and America who are against the Zionist violence and just want to live peacefully with the  Arabs there, and they are against the settlements and expansion of Israel. They probably would also like to give back the land that the 1967 war took.

  People who point at Israel as the source of so much trouble should be pointing at the Zionists.

By the way, budebuai, your English is very good, and I understand what you write. You make good points, and have a first hand account of the situation. You seem to agree that many Israelis would like to have peace and stop the harassment of Palestinians.

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The sequential maps look much like a cancer eating up a host . Like a untreated or uncontrolled cancer the tragedy is both the invader and the host die eventually .  Is this stupid or is this stupid ?

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 1/27/2008 02:55 PM
The sequential maps look much like a cancer eating up a host . Like a untreated or uncontrolled cancer the tragedy is both the invader and the host die eventually .  Is this stupid or is this stupid ?

Depends on which side of the rifle barrel that you are behind.  Then again, learned people scoffed at Gandhi's attempts to liberate India (Pakistan & Bangladesh) from the British Colonial Rule in the mid 20th Century via non-violence.

As for the Middle Eastern issue - it is now a question of the Muslim/Christian populations within Isreal proper.  Given time, that population will be taking a more prominent stake in Isrealli politics.  So, the question of borders in the next 50 years will become moot.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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A lose-lose scenario


"  It depends " is right . And you have made this three times as clear !  As a Palestinian , it is the end of the world . As a Zionist  it is Christmases ( perhaps bad metaphor ) all coming at once : free land and water .

The consequences like continued resentment , conflict and carnage will not cease as long as the Palestinians do not get their lands back  . The " might is right " theory is only a temporary solution , not a permanent state .

I do not believe that the Zionists would like to live under this constant threat of suicide bombing and rockets raining on their heads either .   Is this stupid or is this stupid ?

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