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High Seas Sovereign??

Tough one I think.  While Japan view's these waters as the high seas, the Japanese are still party to the Antarctic Treaty which recognises that territorial claims have been made but holds all claims in abeyance.  If the Japanese are party to the Antarctic Treaty this might indicate a form of acceptance of Australian jurisdiction where this type of "interaction" has taken place?  However, it might take an international court to sort through this issue.  Otherwise the anti-whaling activists who boarded the ship might actually get away with their "stunts" precisely because jurisdiction is indeterminate.  If Australia is keen to further advance its territorial sovereignty then it might press changes like reckless endangerment.  

Interestingly, in terms of economic resources in this region, Australia recently submitted a claim to the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of its Antarctic territorial claim.  Japan was one of the nations that objected to this EEZ submission based, I think, on the articles of the Antarctic Treaty and its limitations on the pursuit of further claim.  Japan would appear to be on rather uncertain ground in this instance though as the Australian territorial land claim predates WW2, the current Japanese constitution and the United Nations.

The New Zealand claim is being tested at the moment by a murder, a few years back, at the USA's Scott-Amundsen research base.  This base is located in New Zealand claimed territory.  New Zealand holds that a murder allegedly committed by a US military man should be tried in New Zealand courts.  The USA disagrees.  China's establishment of a scientific research base on Dome Argus might face similar issues as it is located in Australian claimed territory.

In summary, given the pursuit of economic gain by non-claimant economic actors in the Antarctic, the Antarctic Treaty might have run its course and be of no further purpose to claimaint states.  There is to be a big re-assessment of the Treaty in 2011.  Australia might be better off outside of the Treaty.

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#8 ectatdaccord ,

You have a good point there regarding the " Antarctic Treaty ". I am not clear about this at all . Nevertheless , I know that as a matter of safety on the seas ( high or not ) any uninvited " guests " boarding another vessel can be treated as an act of piracy and be treated accordingly . In this age of twitchiness and terrorists , such unannounced pranks are fraught with danger and potential accidents.

The whaling agreement for this year, as I understand , is 800 Minky whales and 50 Humpback whales for the Japanese . So have they exceeded that  agreed target yet ?  I still think this  vigilante actions has next to no chance of success ( what is success ? ) and can be counter-productive .

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japanese fleet 'whaling'

don't be fooled .this about projecting sea power globally .they do not need whale meat this badly . if one looks at the cost of meat collected both in yen and loss respect from the world community it becomes very clear.

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Funny, even here Mengzhi wants this to be an anti-Australia or anti-British issue. Go figure.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-1-18 13:16
A Whale of a Time. ...

This whole issue of Japan's whaling, presents a real conundrum for people who think like Mengzhi.
On the one hand, you have the dirty cro-oked Japa-nese who are out killing whales, surely that's a good excuse to condemn the nasty Ja-ps.
On the other hand, the Jap-anese whaling efforts are being opposed by the dirty croo-ked Australians who are acting just like ra-cist Europ-eans by projecting their own values on to Asian nations.

What to do, what to do ?

It's a tricky situation and I feel for Mengzhi's conundrum, criticise the Japa-nese (like all good patri-otic Chi-nese who won't forget Nank-ing) and you appear to be supporting the Australians colo-nial mentality against the asians.

Criticise the Australians, and you could be seen as supporting whaling, or worse still, supporting Ja-pan.

It is difficult and that's why Mengzhi has raised this issue here, so he can incorporate ideas on how to best slam the filthy Japs and the filthy white Australians without being seen to support whaling, or to be insulting Asian values.

Well, I'll help out, this is my view.
Large scale commercial whaling should be banned for a number of reasons (intelligence of whales and cruelty being the major issues)
I do not hold the vast majority of Japanese people responsible for their whaling industry, but I feel that some right wing Japanese figures are using whaling as a demonstration of nati-onali-sm and to try to unite people against foreign influence.
While Australians and the Australian government has been careful to separate whaling from our otherwise excellent relationship with Japan, there will be some people (ironically more likely on the left of politics) who will call for broader sanctions. I do not support that.
I do not support those who seek to taint all Japanese as supporting whaling.
This issue has to be handled sensitively by all concerned t avoid ethnic stereotyping and racism. Already we've seen one "pro whaling" video on youtube which uses racist language against non-Japanese (but this could possibly be being used to discredit Japan)

So, on the whaling issue, my message is, don't use it to criticise the ordinary people of Japan, or Australia.

As far as the Sea Shepherd crew is concerned, well there's too many dickheads among them for my liking, but charging them with piracy is ridiculous. Vandalism or other criminal or civil actions, fine.

"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Knickers in double knots.

#12  Reply to emu,

Let me put my point of view across first .

#1.  The IWC ( International Whaling Commission ) has allocated the Japanese a quota of 800 minky whales and 50 humpback whales to be harvested this coming year . The Japanese have not exceeded that number by any stretch of the imagination .

#2.  The Australian declared  " Australian Antarctic territory " is a non-event . Only 4 nations support that . The rest of the world does not .

#3.  " Intelligent whales " boomed emu  : yes siree , so much more than some inhabitants from the south .

Conclusion :  I do not support whaling and I detest the Japanese playing this " scientific research " game with us . This is an open slap in the face . You don't need a thousand whales to do " research "  and what are the findings after all these years cooking the scientific material in the kitchens. ?

I also protest over the Australian ( Howard legacy ) government's threat of taking the Japanese to court because they are in " our waters ". Humbug galore . These illegal and vigilante boardings of ships on the high seas are counter productive . Sheath that colonial mentality and come into the 21st century . Is the Royal Australian Navy going to confront the Japanese Navy ? Hah .

I like how emu loves to isolate the " peoples of Japan and Australia " when such sensitive and potentially explosive ( it is happening now with the Japanese accusing the Australians of dangerous propaganda ) diplomatic tangle comes up . It is as if the head is working without the body !!  The Australian government IS the Australian people and so is the Japanese government .  Learn this fundamental inconvenient fact my matey .

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Law of the Sea

A Sydney based shipping lawyer has suggested that Australia tests its anti-whaling law by pressing charges at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.  I think Australia doesn't have much of a choice in this matter if it is going to maintain its claim over part of Antarctica.  It must press all legal angles at home and in international fora.  Equally, Australia should prosecute the evangelical environmentalists for vandalism or some other minor offence if they enter Australian territory again.  There can be no doubt, given the footage distributed, that what they did endangered lives.  This may prove to be politically unpopular though.

Similarly, the Australian Federal Police should be drafted to identify and arrest when possible the crew of the Japanese research whaling fleet.  If the Sea Shepard and Greenpeace activists can be prosecuted under Australian law for certain infringements then the Japanese crew members must also be prosecuted under Australian law.

Finally, if there are enough whales 'for those who want to watch them and those who want to eat them' as claimed by a Japanese Government representative then it wouldn't it be just as easy for the Japanse to conduct their research in waters that aren't claimed by another goverment.  Surely the compexities of whaling can't be that difficult if you're trying to avoid an international incident.  The initial research whaling harvest in Australian claimed waters appears to be deliberately provocative.

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