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Nanjing Massacre marked [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by sockmonkey at 2007-12-14 10:14
*I am in no way condoning any events of the Nanjing Massacre--it was a horrible event, whether 40,000 or 300,000 died, and it should never be forgotten*

There are two sides to every story; here  ...

Dear Sockmonkey,

Thx for the article,but i am really annoyed by the author that call it a "incident".
I also agree that there should be open debate between the two countries but claims like that  
" However, there are theories that the number of victims was about 40,000 and that only a fraction of those deaths were murders that violated international law."  really hurts. "An Allied war tribunal put the Nanjing death toll at about 142,000."(from the NYTIMES)

But be it 40, 000, be it 1142,000, be it 300, 000, it was still one of the worst massacre in world history. And any attempt trying to justify it is unhummantarian and unaccetable.

I had my education here and i do not hate the japanese, but i think they should not attempt to justify for what they did during the war. Everybody makes mistake, but one can improve only when he/she  know and admit their mistakes.

I admit that there are a lot of blind anti-Japanese trend among many young people in China, and this should not be promoted. I used to help around at a international events and the Japanese participatns, who were all kids , had to be very cautious when we took them to see the Tian'anmen. I think it was not right.

Anyway, it really make me angry  when i read seneca's post.

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to #9

I agree--I think the numbers aren't the important part. 40,000 or 300,000, it's still a huge number. It's like the Sudanese government saying only 9,000 people have been killed in Darfur, where most other estimates put it around 200,000. 9,000 people is still twice the population of my hometown; 40,000 people is twice the total number of students where I went to college.

I think your post is very reasonable. I hope your friends share your views, and that some of you have plans to engage in international diplomacy--what both sides need are people with balanced views who can help move relations between China and Japan forward.

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If there's a pulitzer prize for hypocrisy and whitewashing the most heinous crime against humanity, the Yomiuri Shimbun will win it hands-down with their article.

1. 'controversial incident'

What the dung---- was so controversial about it?! They came, raped, pillaged, bayoneted, speared, beheaded, machine-gunned, burned, buried alive and killed with complete abandon of even the smallest shred of being humans. They were inhumans, subhumans, unhumans, nonhumans, so wtf was so controversial about the 'incident' And by using the word 'incident', it just happened?

2. 'deepen a cool dialogue on history'

did Yomiuri Shimbun mean that after all that cool killing it was now time for cool dialogue? did it also mean it's just 'history'?

3. 'a great many Chinese citizens became victims of the occupation'

and how did they become 'victims of the occupation', did they kill themselves? did they behead themselves and then got up to dig their own graves? come on, mr nippon journalist, explain in plain english which i can understand more deeply this deepening aspect of history.

4. 'China has been avoiding blatant criticism of Japan, out of apparent consideration for the changing situation'

'Apparent'? China exercised the greatest restraint in history and you call that 'apparent' as if hinting it was something else? Before the world, tell me which nation has had to swallow so much grief and pain in order to help another country composed of midgets of mankind's conscience come to terms about its past?!  go on, make my day, name one.

5. 'China did not make any negative comments even when the Defense Agency was upgraded to a ministry in January'

So it's still about military enhancement, is it? You just showed how fake is Japan's so-called 'pacifist' stance.

6. '70 years after the event, the Nanjing Incident is not on the bilateral political agenda'

Do you friggin' think for one minute that just because it's not on a piece of paper, the japanese govt and people can coolly walk away from their conscience? Don't you know the only way someone can avoid his conscience and the conscience of his entire nation is to lobotomize his and its heart out? But i forget, you're already solaced that you and you and you don't have hearts in the first place. How else can one even explain to the whole world what had happened in Nanjing?

7. 'Taught to hate?....the exhibitions and sizes of the halls have been repeatedly expanded....If that is true, there may be many things that China has to rethink'

Has Japan taught to love? Name one programme, one lesson, one newspaper article that Japan has sincerely and contritely taught the japanese people to love China and the Chinese people so that they can finally overcome their own guilt for consistently and prolifically killing and harming China and the Chinese people over the ages.  But i forget again, my poor memory, the japanese race has no sense of real GUILT.  That also explains why they cannot understand the need of China's government to remind the citizens what happens when a nation is weakened by external predatorial forces through whose veins course the blood of vicious animals.  Who has every year won the Attila Award for National Guilt Erasure subcategory: crimes against humanity subclass: crimes against innocent neighbour? Good enough to make it smaller? ptui!

8. 'It has been revealed by reexaminations of the incident by Japanese scholars that these exhibitions include quite a few fabricated photos '

Were those japanese 'scholars' taught to recognize crimes against humanity too? Are they children who only know how to count one-left-alive! but not lament nine-decapitated ?  Did they offer any japanese photos and footage to add to the exhibits in a gesture of bilateral reconciliation, perhaps the 'truth'? Why am i so stupid today? i forget again, they only want to parade their academic credentials and win national fascist support that they have punctured the other version of what happened!

9. 'The Japanese government, too, should urge China to review such exhibitions as they may invite misunderstanding.'

There's no misunderstanding. You came and killed. We stood and died.  You also slyly in the still of the night added tablets commemorating those class-A war criminals into your yakasuni shrine.  Do you think your saying it's a 'misunderstanding' will draw a response conducive to your souls?  What sort of response do you want? Jossticks at your shrine?

10. 'when the Japanese forces wiped out the remaining Chinese soldiers hiding in the city, many executions and violence against civilians obviously took place'

Are you a nation of parasites who like to 'wipe out' underarmed defenders of another country? Does killing innocents heighten your peoples' libido?  And wtf is so 'obvious' about executing and being violent against civilians?  Did the american soldiers do that to your civilians when they marched into your cities, your tokyo?

And what exactly happened to all the japanese orphans who were left behind in China? Were they not well taken care of by the very people whose own children your bloody soldiers had killed? Taken care of so well that your Fukuda had to apologize to them seventy years later for japan neglecting them when China had quietly and responsibly saved them!

11. 'empirical research toward the final report to be compiled next year'

How empirical do you want? Exhume the bones for forensics? Your banzai country doesn't even have the guts to be empirical about the millions of deadly ordnance still left behind on Chinese soil and you want to talk about research in order to find more pliable evidence to salve your conscience.  See, i forget again. Yours are a nation without any.

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12. I aspire

I aspire to write for the China Daily.  But i know my standard is too low. I will not pass China Daily's rigorous interview.  But maybe if Yomiuri Shimbun will allow me to try, perhaps i can work in your 'illustrious' company instead.  How about it? You want me to try and write the same article as you had so creatively done? OK, i will try now.  Let me know what you think:

The Rape of Nanking Memorial Wakes Up Our National Conscience
The Yomiuri Shimbun
(draft by Mark Wu, candidate no: 300,001 for post of junior journalist, foreign affairs division)

Thursday will mark the 70th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre.  Already 70 years have passed since this dark blotch on our national conscience took place. But this is a good time for both Japan and China to face up to history beyond the pat niceties of realpolitic diplomacy.

On Dec. 13, 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army entered and occupied Nanjing, the then capital of China. Many of the Chinese soldiers had left but those who had remained behind were rounded up, tied up and machine gunned in cold blood in groups of four so that their corpses would float down the Yangtze River  as a telling message to those who continued to resist the glorious imperialism of Japan.  Others were beheaded, speared, bayoneted, shot, buried alive. The works. So as to strike fear in the hearts of all nationals of China that resistance against our forces was futile, their women and children in that city were killed with complete wanton abandon; because we were conquerors, their women from young to old were raped, sodomized, speared, and then decapitated.  Our japanese soldiers, who are after all japanese people in uniform, brutalised and killed without even referring to the Book of Musashi or the Code of Bushido.  Foreign witnesses at the city later estimated at least 300,000 were so decimated in the most cold-blooded and brutal period in the entire history of the human race.

The management, editors and journalists of this newspaper, now rise where once we had bowed in prostration to the imperial and fascist japanese who still live on in our midsts.  Enough-is-enough.  We have tried to hide, deflect, minimize, erase and counter all the attempts so far to make our nation and people recognize clearly what we had done as a nation, as a people, as a race, to China and her people. What happened in Nanjing during that blood-drenched period was done by the hands of our forefathers, plain and simple. The uniforms they wore should not be made out to be a shield to reduce our collective guilt.  The atomic bombs that convulsed our two cities should not be taken as sufficient quid pro quo for the acts of bestiality and brutality we had heaped onto China, a friendly neighbour who did not even have one iota to do with our restricted situation at that time.  We must face up to our guilt in Nanjing, and the thousands of other cities, towns and villages all over half of China, during those years, no matter how far back they were.

We, Japan and the japanese people, have been guilty of turning our eyes and hearts and minds away from what was done under our flag to China.  We must make amends in concrete terms to attone for the evils and crimes we had committed against China.  We must stop being machines in the way we think and start to be as human and magnanimous to China as China has been to us without one break ever since that war unilaterally started by us on them on their grounds.

Let us all make our own way in a final resurrection of all our suppressed angst on our guilt.  Time to find out for ourselves clearly and completely what we had done to them, time to make our pilgrimage to the Memorial and pay our deepest respects, shed our most solemn tears, recompense with our fullest hearts, all the suffering that China has had to bear from the hands of us the japanese. And as our businessmen, industrialists, financiers, government officials, militarists and newsmedia again take up with China, let us all collectively and individually remember what our nation had done to China, and treat our fellow Chinese business partners and friends better, more concretely and less calculatively.  We know that they already know.

We who have so much pride in our own race should be the first in the world to have the pride to face up to our own guilt and crime and make fullest amends to China and her wonderful people for this gravest, darkest, most forgotten of all holocausts of all.

We had splitted skulls then.  Now, without splitting hairs, we will remain guilty until we begin the process of true reconciliation and contrition.

(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, Dec. 11, 2007)

What? Yomiuri Shimbun rejected my draft?  But why? too much truth in it?  The japanese readers cannot take it? How do YOU know?

I know there are at least five hundred million toilets in China; in these days of environmental protection, that's where your paper can be recycled. But i take that proposal back.  At least in recycling, waste in, usable out;  in the case of Yomiuri Shimbun, if it continues to write such rubbish, waste in, waste out.


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Originally posted by markwu at 2007-12-14 14:33
12. I aspire

I aspire to write for the China Daily.  But i know my standard is too low. I will not pass China Daily's rigorous interview.  But maybe if Yomiuri Shimbun will allow me to try, perh ...

Well said mark.

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i do not really know this history, i just hear from other person. i do not see the murder, i do notsee the died prople, i should not feel sad, but when i saw the old women's face and the childen who hold the candle on their hand, i suldden feel my heart ache.
hold the old women can lay down this terrible memory and life a good life; hold the children can know this history and find the guidence to the future.
history is a mirror that we can saw our load for the future.

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