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Christmas & New Year Celebration at CD English Club [Copy link] 中文

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to Joyce

You're right, Joyce, that was a joke, which I hoped it could work as a kind of metaphor. Haha. Sorry, it didn't work well.

If I had returned to Beijing, how could I not have joined the Club, at least, given u guys a call? You know how important the club and all of you mean to me. I abused my language and I apologize. I'll be having my vacation in the middle of 2009, or a little bit earlier. So, I'll see ya then. Keep walking,haha, as you always encourage us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Manila, Ph.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Your Excellency President Hudson,
FYI, It's Joyce's job to write the meeting report. But I simply can't wait to say a few words about our Party.  It was great fun, full of laughter. Though the climax came at the ending (2 short plays, directed by Sue, narrated by Alhaji, cast by Lili, Bob, Frank, John, Jack and Matt among others),  the whose house was broght down when Maple Feng and Matt were doing the Idiom Guessing Game. You simply can't imagine how Matt could, well, leave this part off. And we all enjoyed once again the hot performance by Rayman. He is hot!
Last but not the least, I should extend my great gratitude to a group of creative and hardworking organizers, namely Joyce, Sue, Crystal, Jack, Matt and Maple Feng.  
Do follow closely with CD and offer guidance from time to time, remember she is your brainchild!
Wherever you are, have fun!
Keep blessed!

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to Alhaaaaaaaaaaaaji

Thank you, Your Honorable, Mr. Alhaji, for your kindly blessing.

I do keep very close watch, as you said, on CD Club. The only purpose is that I keep learning from all your threads, replies, ideas, members, activities, and what's most important, the concept. I am so lucky to have once involved myself in the club management, and I have, indeed, broadened my vision and deepened my insight, which does great help to my work, my life. CD English Club is much more than an English Club, as Sue once put it, it's a platform for practice whatever skills and mindset good for your life. Bob and I set up the club, preliminarily, for English improvement, but in the end, we found we could learn much more in addition to English.

I was at my wits' end about the further development of the club when I was about to leave for Manila. So you are the perfect choice to elevate the club to a much higher stage, with the assistance and cooperation of our beautiful Joyce.  

Best blessings to you, Alhaji, a person whom I've learnt so much from.

and best wishes to our Club members.

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deeply moved

i am certain that we shall feel proud of ourselves for what we are doing and what we have achieved so far sometime in the future when we look back.
good luck and Happy New Year!

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2007 CDCLUB Christmas & New Year’s Party Report

If I could just use one word to describe the party, the word would be colorful! Yes it was really a colorful party!

Crystal surprised us with her super short and fashionable wig, she turned into a sophisticated woman from a sweet little girl. She helped collect the party fees with the assistance of Matt. There were 26 members joining the party that day.

The MCs Princess Joyce wore a red skirt and Prince Bin wore a white sweater and tie opening the party by welcoming all the members.

Our beloved chairman Alhaji wore a great suit and made an opening speech thanking all the members and organizers who participated and gave support for CDCLUB in 2007. (Hudson FYI appeared in the same suit you saw him wear last Christmas.)

The games were very excited!

Joyce and Bin led the members in exciting games. Jack and Lucy, Crystal and Mike, Matt and a new girl made 3 challenging letters shaped in total H, Q and S. they were all very creative.

Joyce invited Matt Feng and John to speak one simple sentence in their hometown dialect. And let the others try to guess what it meant in mandarin and where they are from. The members were very active and clever. Those who were the first one to get the correct answer got a wonderful little gift.

Talented Alhaji made some great riddles; here I will share them with you for those who missed the party. See whether you can get the answers!

Whose name among CD clubbers begins with a word meaning full of fun and whose name begins with a drop of tears?
(Joyce, Crystal)

Whose name begins with prosperity and whose name you would prefer to put around your neck?
(Richard, Pearl)

Who is named after Kings or queens? (Caesar, David)And whose name means to wait to get in our Xmas party? (Mr. Q)

Our great brother Frank made a magic show for us; he can guess which side of the wood you will put on top of the box, and he can guess your surname according by the card you pick. Isn’t it amazing?

Sue prepared some charade games, the couple Katty and Mike, Balanda and Bob, guessed the answers very quickly. And Alhaji was very quick thinking too, with all the audiences’ hints and clues. The whole house was brought down when Maple Feng and Matt were doing the Idiom Guessing Game. You simply can't imagine how funny they were while doing the team work.

And we all enjoyed once again the hot dancing performance by Rayman. He is a fabulous dancer of CDCLUB! We are very proud of him!

It was great fun, full of laughter. Though the climax came at the ending (2 short plays, Thanksgiving Original and the Birth of Jesus directed by Sue, narrated by Alhaji, with the cast of Lili, Bob, Frank, John, Jack and Matt among others).

And everyone who joined the party got at least one gift. Those gifts were bought by our beloved chairman Alhaji.

Last but not least, we should extend our sincere gratitude to our creative and hardworking organizers:

Jack helped book the party place and got us a discount. We gave him a colorful baby rat as gift and thanked him for his efforts in arranging the party place for CDCLUB.

Balan helped make the gift mugs with the CDCLUB LOGO.

Amber helped buy the gifts.

Our Video man was Feng.

And to all the other members who joined the party that day.

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Mr. Q

Unfortunately Mr. Q waited too long in a queue that he missed the Party.

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