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I'd contribute a little on Chinese's 'bad manners' if possible [Copy link] 中文

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not for the fighting, but for the discussing...

I agree that according to the proportion of the educated population, Chinese are not considered well-educated., that's why some Chinese are considered 'rude'. But  some even worse educated peoples in poorer countries are not necessarily so 'rude'. Here it seems that Chinese are 'special'

In what way are they special?
I saw a piece of writing on that said-----Before the 10 years' Culture Revolution Chinese were so polite and needless to say that for the past 20 centuries China had been No. 1 for 18 centuries without anyone troubling them because there was no advanced means of transportation and therefore anyone had to develop on their own and of course the most High I Q would win.Later people had good transportation and some weapons and the body-strong people could rob and run and steal and then could develope fast.
During the Culture Revolution, the Chinese had to take sides of 'the good' or 'the not good'. When they closed followed Chairman Mao they thought they were politically right and that was the safest way to survive.
So manners were not important to them, instead they must be 'politically right'. The writing said that is the hidden idea inside of the Chinese, even today.

If this is allowed to show up and not the deleted, that means not afraid.:)

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Reply #1 sinfulgirl's post

I've found that even the so-called "educated" in China can be quite rude.  I work at a university in China and every day I must share a bus with Chinese professors.  Even on a bus where "intellectuals" ride, the amount spitting and noise is overwhelming.  On top of that, they are quite rude to us foreign language teachers, constantly referring to us as "laowai" and "guilao."
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Originally posted by sinfulgirl at 2007-11-25 13:04
not for the fighting, but for the discussing...

I agree that according to the proportion of the educated population, Chinese are not considered well-educated., that's why some Chinese are consid ...

I am not sure if I can agree with you (or understand you fully).  But what you relate about the Chinese rudeness because of CR can happen to anyone, any race and any people.  It is not be "typically" Chinese and it can happen to the westerners as well.

Quite gladly, when I travel in China, I have not met any particularly "rude" Chinese.  Yes, I have seen (but not met)* Chinese who spit, Chinese who spoke loudly, who jumped queue and who shoved (though like I said they were not "hostile").

*(but not met) = referring to Chinese (total strangers) whom I spoke, chatted up or approached to ask for road directions and other assistance or make enquiries.

Yes, there was an incident in a bus I was travelling on and the bus driver shouted at the top of his lungs at a cyclist whom he almost knocked down at a small road turning.  To a foreigner, the driver's behaviour of shouting loudly while servicing the commuters would have been perceived as "rude".  However, if you understand the LANGUAGE and the reason behind his shouting at that timid cyclist you would not have considered his reaction "rude".  I was in the bus and sitting near the driver's seat and so I was witness to the whole incident.  I suppose the cyclist was in the wrong (although I am not sure if there was any right or wrong in this instance on Chinese roads which were quite (often) "chaotic").  The cyclist was taking a risk to cut into the bus lane which could cost his life, and he thus aroused the "anger" of the bus driver.

Of the other Chinese "rude" habits that are often criticised by the westerners, like spitting and queue-jumping, please think and understand whose "standards" are we applying to criticise these behaviour.  If you apply the "western" standard of behaviour, then there is no Chinese behaviour that is NOT rude except in servility.

To me, I think the Chinese people are "privileged" to enjoy so much freedom in their behaviour and yet they all got along with each other congenially without incurring the wrath and animosity of each other (or not at least in a big way).  This type of "freedom" would not have been possible to the westerners who needed to maintain a certain "standard of behaviour" to avoid a bloodbath.

So, think again when you consider Chinese behaviour and what is considered "rude".

[But it is a good thing how easily we can brainwash those westerners. :)]

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calling you laowai doesn't means they hold prejiduce against foreigners.
it is something like a custom.
and in order not to share with other professors? you'd better go for the USA.

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the article said

nowadays people are not worried about 'politics'. They want to be sure that they are on the right track or just they are doing things ok(like: they have helped people, they didn't take more than what they should take). So they value manners less. That's how history impact on people. If think this article is ok, then pls to post.

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Originally posted by zglobal at 25-11-2007 09:37 AM
There's nothing wrong with Chinese manners.

Apart from the fact that "ladies first" seems to be something many don't consider ...

Just a basic courtesy that I show to both Ms G and any other ladies. It would be nice if others could do the same.

Improving the "let people off the train or out of the lift first" skill might help too.

The whole spitting issue is more about the accompanying noise and choice of location than the actual action. A taxi driver winding down his window for a good bit of throat gargling and projectile spitting is hardly appealing ... neither is the taxi driver who pulls over to have a quick leak in a nearby hedge in full view of all passers-by

Anyway, I can tolerate the spitting and p*ssing in the street but it is the relentless and inconsiderate smoking which I find most objectionable, especially when there are non-smoking signs and rules in place - taxis, shopping malls, gym changing rules, etc ...

Give it 5 to 10 years and it will be much better ...
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