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The India-China conflict viewed through a Chinese kaleidoscope [Copy link] 中文

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You win, of course

But of course you have won....

You are superior and I am inferior.

In anatomical terminology, "inferior" means below and "superior" means above.

You are dead and so you are up there in Heaven, and poor me is alive and down here on Earth.

It may surprise you to know that I have earned a certificate in international trade so I know what I am talking about.  So you have won again in terms of competing for the title of the "most presumptuous guru"  this side of Himalayas.

Save your mantra for your analyst.  Now get onto that sofa.

No don' t lie face-down.  No one is going to spank you -- not yet.

Anything else?  


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blue tiger

I am surprised you would post here again after the * THRASHING * chairman gave you.
Very surprised.
We know from many of your posts that your education is under average for the USA.
We also know that you have a very low opinion of Chinese men and feel you are God's gift to Chinese women.
Your type is well known in here blue tiger.
Again, I am very surprised that you chose to *FLOAT* back to the surface in a wchao37 post.
Where you are out classed, eveen maybe wrose than when chairman thrashed you to a bloody pulp.

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As has been said to you before and as a leading China hater you should understand from your China hate, that you must deal with the Chinese you are constantly attacking and trying to humiliate.

You had a good run seneca, even had some of your lies and false material posted into the China Daily, but all the big boys are back now and it is simply a matter of time as you a pulled to bits and pasted on all the walls.

Better you withdraw your China Hate riddled person as soon as possible.

As I said to you in another post, teach your English, take your Gold and get out seneca.

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No no let them stay, let them be fruitful and multiply, please

Without blue tiger in the Heavens, how can we inferior poor fellas justify our existence on earth?

Seneca just needs a hand.  He can be saved.  He could be intelligent when he chooses to, only misguided at times.

So please, nationalism.

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Never mind Nationalism, he does not *FOCUS* his Hate correctly.

blue tiger is a multiple loser in the high end forum stakes.
blue tiger, with his anti-chinese men stance has lost too many times.
The bluie tiger has no face, he has lost his face too many times, how could he come back here, the mind boggles.

As for seneca, well if you ask him directly, he will tell you to your face, that he is smarter and more intelligent than you, poor old seneca and his ego, it is a suprise he can walk at all.

seneca, knows nothing and claims to know all. seriously sad, seriously disturbed.

seneca, is the classic WHITE SUPERIORITY COMPLEXED KNOW IT ALL and guess what, guess who his best friend on the forum is.....

guess who....
hguess who the number one friend on seneca is.

Yes your correct, that is who his friend is.


They will team up tomorrow and come for blood.

Wait and see.

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Never mind Nationalism, he does not *FOCUS* his Hate correctly.

Hey anti-devil, my focus in fine.

You hate anything that is not pure home grown Chinese, I am a little more selective than you, thats all.

You know anti-devil, I agree with most if not all of what you may say, but I think my focus is fine.

We are different anti-devil, for instance, you do not want to know if they are guilty or not, just shoot them where they stand.

Some of us, require that they have a trial and then be shot.


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Hey, no fighting, Patriot to Patriot, calm down. Easy boy's, Easy.

anti-devil and nationalism

We have enough Hanjian and Foreign enemy's on here to last a life time, no need starting fights with ourselves over who shoots who with or without a trial. After all, as long as they are shot, you should both be happy. It is not right to fight with each other, there are too many enemy's as it is. So, be good guys and calm down and go back to your respective corners for the next defense. We all want to defend China, we should do so together as a combined force for the Good of China against the Evil that is the far-far west. Please, don't fight each other, that is what they want.

Why I should be woken up at 3.00 in the morning to referee for you two I have no idea, he who only writes sometimes called me. Let me go back to sleep. OK.!

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