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2007.09.26 Boss, Pls Don't Come Back

These several days our manager is on a business trip abroad, we all have comfortable work life everyday. In our eyes the manager is press to us when he is in the company. He always comes to our office and talk about the work with us, asks everyone for the suggestions we will have on our work.. The more he asks us, the boring we feel. We can understand him standing on his side, for he has press also, he has to hand the housework to the boss. The profit is the most important thing to all of us, we have to work hard and get more profits. In the business trade, there are only competitive adversaries. Every business man wants go get money from the market and doesn’t want to lose any chance.

Maybe I’m not proper for this kind of work, communicating with the business man, sometimes I feel I’m so honest to tell some truth. What is my ideal work, work as a writer, work as an editor or other work related to the words and sentences. But considering to the press, in every work we has to face different kind of press, there are no essential differences between the work, the only difference is big or small press. Just like the students, when we study in the schools or universities we have to face the press, we have to pass the exams, we have to show a good behavior.

Sometimes I think I don’t want to be a leader or a manager in the company, it is not easy to finish a good work. You have to deal with so many different kinds of problems, you have to face so many unimagined troubles. As I know, the more risks we have ,the more gains we will have. My friends have different thoughts, some of them want to live as a leader, who can lead other people as they like; Some of them only want to live a simple life, go to work, come back home, only enjoy the direct line in daily life. The various thoughts lead different people to have various occupations.

When I chat with my classmates, we have some different thoughts, for after going to the society we had different environment.. I can understand them, I can understand the factual life. Whatever we don’t like the press, whatever we don’t want our manager come to the office again, the press will come, the manager will come back to China. Hehe, face the real work life.

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A Trip To Shan'xi 2007 10 09

Today is the second workingday after the National Day Holiday, I clear up some photos took on the trip to Shan'xi. The memory coming in my mind gradually,the Old historical Wall of Xi'an, the high and steep Hua'shan, the delicious food, the grand bingmayong etc.

It's a supernatural trip to Shan'xi, for I saw so many things which I hadn't seen before.Xi'an is a historical old city, which has past thirteen dynasties. When I was on the top of the  old wall, I felt it's old and historical charm, the old buliding, the old bricks ...all the sights are so beautiful to me.There were so many foreigners come from other countries, they also have curiosity to xi'an. Every year, Xi'an welcome lots of visitors in and overseas.

That is the first time I climb Hua'shan, which is famous as the popular mountain in Mr.Jinyong's novels.We climbed the mountain, but I felt so tired for the sharp slop. I told my darling that I don't want to climb on,I want to climb down,It's so difficult to me.When I saw so many little children keep on climbing, I went on climing.We usually say like this"The most beautiful sights are on the peak", though I felt so tired I persist in climbing.When we was just on the top of the hill, two guys told us that they had two tickes of the cable car,but they didn't want to in the cable car when they left the hill,they can present the tickets to us.It was a good news to us,tks to the strange friends.We everyone want to see the pretty sights, though it is so tired for us.

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2007.01.05 Only a Joke

Last night, I was watching TV and waiting for my darling’s call. The TV was not interesting so it seemed that the time went by so slowly. I sent messages to him, told what I was thinking, but didn’t get his any reply. He told me that he had to go out for a supper with his colleagues, maybe they were enjoying the meal.

When the minute hand past twenty three o’clock, the phone rang. I knew it must be his call. His voice was so quiet and low, he told me the result of his work, which was nothing with me. “I can not understand what you’re saying.” I said to him louder, I thought he would tell that how deep he missed me, but not. He continued to say, “Our leader’s wife complained that he was too busy to talk with her; One guy’s wife was pregnant but he had no time to take of her…” He didn’t know how disappointed I was, maybe he didn’t recognize that I was waiting for his call. He didn’t say some sweet words to me, instead he told others’ things. The call lasted about twenty minutes, he said “ I am so tired, I have to go to sleep.” The voice became lower and lower, what could I say, I said nothing at last, he ended the call.

Even when I talked to him, the tears coming out of my eyes, he certainly didn’t know my appearance. After the short call, I couldn’t help to crying in the quilt. Some dissatisfying feels came to my mind, waiting was too horrible. I’m a person, who has the life by myself, can’t tell the real feelings to others. Crying in the quilt, having some words in my mind, like a poem. I thought I have to write it down the second day. The more I write, the more I feel lonely. Other guys those read my words can not understand completely, sometimes I only want to write down without getting any comments by others.

One of my friends usually tells something interesting around her. But sometimes I really want to tell her that, if you are under the similar condition of me, you don’t know how to smile. You have not experienced, you can’t understand the feelings. Maybe I can end the contact with her, for we’re not the same guy. I like reading the list of my phone, delete the names those not familiar to me, maybe we were once good friends but now we had nothing to say. Just like a road, you chose to walk on the wide one, I chose the narrow one, we will have no cross.

These days I’m thinking what kinds of friends are necessary to be contacted, I delete so many names. Now I even have no friend to send a message to. What’s a joke, there are still so many names in my phone list. A friend can’t share the sad with you, a friend can’t enjoy a happiness with you. He, a joke, can’t tell in some words.

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Busy Work,Heavy feelings

These days,I feel so tired.On one hand, I'm busy with work every day.On the other hand,I have to face so heavy pressure.Maybe others will tell me that we everone in the workd will have different kinds of pressure, we should try to adapt to it.I also understand all the truth,but when I come across with the troubles,my heart jumps so fast.Everyday, the strange dreams come to my mind, how terrilble thing!

It's principle that  at present  the business is not so easy to operate,for so many companies request the  deposit  in advance.We don't worry about the deposit paid to the large company,but I'm so worried the little companies.As we know,there are lots of little companins in and abroad,which have little reputation.I come across so many companies who request the deposit first, I feel so boring about this,but we have to face these conditions.The material market is not boom today, the companies conditons are too complex.

We signed contract with a little company,after signing the contract,I began to worry about the safty of the capital.The second day,we paid the deposit to the company,I felt so nervous about this.Large quantity,little company.Just as a gaming, I fling my ante with large risk.Can I get the respond that he promised,I even don't know.Terrible thing.There is one sentense says, you have to keep yourself safe before the business.I'm safe now?

This is the last month of this year,my hope will come true? With the heavy pressure, how can I walk on relax?

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残疾人 - 身残心不残。

Create and start managing account,takes just minutes disease

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Have you heard or seen the battle between a girl and a boy in the office?I have not seen this kind of scene until today.Today is Christmas Day, it's a festival that now we Chinese youths like.But this morning a battle broke out in our office without  imagine by others.

When I come back to office from out, I heard those two guys talked to each other loudly. I started to do my own work as usuall.The office is quiet in a short time,then we all heard the boy abused the girl in some lousy words.The girl who sit in front of him didn't show the impression of weakness,she also abused the boy in the same lousy words.To my surprise,the girl doesn't say any bad words in the office,though she sometimes talks to others loudly.We other people didn't say any words,but just listen to their quarrel.How terrible the quarrel became.The boy suddenly stood up and hit the girl with some lousy words in his mouth.He is also a good and soft boy,I even don't see his red face before.How can this talk become a battle.

We couldn't sit still but to persuade them to relax themselves.We sometimes have bad mood and want to abreact,maybe when we begin to abreact the other guy is also in the same conditon.The two angry guys come across each other then the battle break out.I still think we have to control our mood,especially in the office.We workmates should understand each other and support others.

I chose to write the bad mood in the bbs instead of other ways.Hehe,hope everybody has a sunnshine mood in the festival.

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Everybody what about your journey?

Everyday, we have to wait for the company-bus.It's a pity that we usually have to wait  for several minutes, which is not fixed. Today, I had the breakfast fast so as to catch the bus on time.We talked on and on waiting for the bus,but the there was no any new information from the bus.Where was the bus?Whether there was sth wrong with it?Some problems came to our minds.We four guys sent messages to the workmates those on the bus,then I got the reply told, the bus would be coming soon,wait pls.

We all looked to the bridage, there were coming so many buses but our bus didn't appear.It was so quiet that we all didn't say any word.The terrible jam, I hate the situation.There is no place to sit, we have to stand on and on to wait for the late bus.

About half an hour later there came the bus,I remembered that the longest time we waited was about two hours.The bus usually can not arrive on time,for the traffic jam or the sudden problem of  the bus.Everyday I have to walk twenty minutes to get to the bus stop,then have about forty minutes on the bus to get to the company.On the bus, I sitting and having a sleep.More and more people get on the bus, there are no enough seats in the bus, some people have to stand in the bus.The air is so little,I even can not have a breath.

A long time journey to the company every morning, I hate this kind of way.Everybody what about your journey?

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