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Weekends and state-accredited holidays have more and more become a much-awaited rare commodity for mostly bustling town commuters. When the holiday draws near, question arises as to how to spend it. Far-away excursion is a good option to allay pressure and get rid of nuisance at least pro tempore. There are with two ways of going excursion: one being self-catered, self-sustaining backpacker way, the other being by way of agency. The unpleasant part about the first choice is reportedly safety mishaps as well as troubles in finding accommodation and economical itinerary, yet travel by agency is not as a common knowledge problem-free because the tourist agency may inflict you with some unsolicited service item. Anyway some may weigh the pros and cons and finally choose travel by agency bearing in mind the averse service is something to be expected. In order to avoid those possible unpleasing experience, I opt for religious sites where you are expected to find no trace of merchants but breathtaking natural and humanistic beauty and misanthropist cloisters. Did it really panned out as I expected?

The following is what happen to me when I stepped into the gate of a lama temple somewhere in the northern part of China. Came into sight is such a boisterous place that makes me take it for a bazaar market. The wing-rooms on each side had been renovated into western-style cafes. Discarded stuffs were littered here and there. Having seen this, I instinctively poked my way out of the congested crowd and eventually arrive at the main hall where a legendary gilded statue of Buddha of enormous size was honored. In the midst of permeating smell of incenses, I got down on my knee and kowtow on all fours to show my homage as is required of a veteran Buddhist. No sooner had I risen than the guide asked me to draw lots which according to her could tell veraciously fortune. I declined this seemingly kind-hearted offer for I was somehow repugnant to fortune-telling guised in name of divine religion because religion, as I understand it, was not an instrument for pursuing self-interest so much as a faith to do goodness and reach self-fulfillment.

Others irresistible to temptations lot only to find mostly the results were quite auspicious (you may wonder why). While they were taking pleasure, they were told by the monk to pay 5000 apiece in order to buy a holy lamp needed to hold on to the good luck, failing which gook luck would go across them. Knowing that they were swindled out of their money, everyone was abashed to overtly refuse look luck to be blessed upon them. In the end, everyone (me excluded) paid as requested.

On our way back, an air of moroseness seemed to hang above us all for a good-intentioned and ingenuous outdoorsy trip could beget such a vexing fallout. Even the temple which we hold dearly sacred can be tainted with vulgar and ignoble demeanor. I wonder where we can find an appropriate place to let ourselves go. Maybe it only exists in the nirvana in the afterlife.

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Hi, flyflag, you have a good beginning. Good beginning is half done.

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2007.09.13 Loving Letter

Yesterday I browsed some Loving Letters of a young Miss from her Blog, the letters were very sweet feelings expressed in and out of the words. Actually I admired her very much, considering that I had not received any Loving Letters from my lover I began to feel disappointed. I recalled the days we were in love, always talked to each other by phone instead of sending some mobile messages. In my mind I usually think the message can express love directly and we can use this special way to tell each other some feelings, which are not easy to express by talking face to face or through phone.

I told my thoughts about the Loving Letter to my darling with little despair. My darling smiled in the phone and said ”As you know, I’m always very busy and have no spare time to write letters. If I have time I’ll try to write some.” In my memory these is not the first time I complain the letters to him, I don’t want to get the Loving Letter only, I want to get some love expression from my darling. In some girls’ mind a Loving Letter is full of happiness and love, when the letter is sent to the hand they feel little nervous and happy. But to my disappointment I have never had this kind of feelings, I have never received any letter from the first time we fell in love.

Usually I write some articles about the life and love in some BBS, I tell my darling to read the articles and tell me his thoughts. The first time I told him, he was little surprised and said ”Ok, I’ll have a look.” Some days later he told me that he have red all the articles, he gave me some papers printed my articles. I was surprised by his action and felt glad. From then on I have never found his footmark in my articles’ leaving words. I told him “Pls read my article when you’re free and leave some words.” He said “I don’t know how to leave words after your article, I usually write some archives. I also think it’s not important to leave words, you know what I think.’ My darling is this kind of guy, who doesn’t express his feelings directly though the first time he told me his loving feelings. He usually thinks we can tell each other what we think instead of writing something.
Loving Letters mean what, real love or other? I want to have lots of memories when we’re old, I can recall some rare memories we both have. Maybe I’m a little selfish, I want to get what I want without thinking about whether my darling wants or not. We’re two different kinds of people, I’m sensitive but he is careless. I’m angry with him for some little things, such as he forgets to call me or he call me in late time, he doesn’t prepare some gifts for some special dates. He doesn’t like to explain some things, which he thinks not necessary to say again. Maybe this is also difference between man and woman, we have different opinion on some things.

Think again, it doesn’t matter whether my darling write Loving Letters or not, just like that we don’t need to say love on and on in everyday life. Keep love in heart, we understand what the other person think. Hehe, I told him I was not happy without getting Loving Letters from him, in fact I’m satisfied with this cute and pure-hearted man.

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Flyflag, Hmmm, love letters? May I say something?

People express their love in many ways, some say it out load, some give a subtle gesture, some keep silence that speaks volumes ... their expressions of love are equally touching and moving and beautiful, as long as those ways coming from the bottom of their hearts, truly and utterly.

"The course of true love never did run smoothly" quoted from a Shakespeare play,  Midsummer Night’s Dream. As both lovers are embarking on the life journey together, sharing their lives, bitter and sweet, small moment and big time, tedious chore and exciting party ... those things co-exist they come and go together.

On this journey, both of you are experiencing new things, getting to know each other, building up the bond, developing the intimacy … learning to read each other’s mind and feeling, like a click. To me, a simple ‘Hi’ calling from your loved one at a remote airport is more touching than a Shakespeare’s sonnet; a small bunch of the wild flowers  hand-picked him is more beautiful than a basket of red roses; spending a night inside a tiny tent on the mountainous camp site is more comfortable and memorable than in Summer Palace ...

Yes, cherish the moments both of you are sharing together, wandering aimlessly on the streets, bursting into laughter while watching a comedy, yelling after smelling the burned food in the kitchen ...

Yes, those moments belong to both of you, you are exploring the world together, building up the memories together. When you are old, sitting at your garden, gazing at the bank of  the colorful clouds hanging over where the sky and the mountains meet at dusk, you see him, you see yourself, you see the youth of yours, you see the fountain of youth, flowing and coiling, flowing and coiling, never dry up ...

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2007.09.17 Real Life

Yesterday I sent my brother a message and asked what was his life going, he replied to me ”I’m ok, don’t be worry about me.” I seldom contact him, for I even don’t know what to say when I contact him. He is my brother, who studies in Wuhan city and far from me and my parents. Now I think he is an adult and can take himself very well, though my mum is worry about him and tells him to take care of himself well. I can understand my mum’s thoughts, in her eyes we’re still little children and can’t live by ourselves.

My brother said “I heard that you become cranky, don’t you?’ I was surprised why he said like this. He told me my darling told him this, last time they had a phone talk. Maybe I became cranky without feeling by myself, these days I come across some things and can not deal with these very smoothly. When my brother told me this I went into thinking and felt his care on me.

These days I and my darling try our best to make our dreams come true, but sometimes we can not get the result that we want. We bought our own house but with so many loans, we have to plan the consumption and keep the money tightly. Last Sunday I went to marketplace, there were so many beautiful garments ,shoes and bags. All the girls like beautiful garments I think, if they have enough money they’ll buy more and more garments. Hehe, most time I go to the marketplaces only to look at the garments but not to buy.

Some friends asked me to have supper together, I didn’t want to go, for I only knew one of them. These days I don’t like to have meals with the guys I don’t know. When we had supper that day, I didn’t know what to say, I felt poker-faced. How long time I hadn’t gone to the little restaurant, how time flied I only can say like this. Remember those days I had just graduated, I usually went out for shopping and had meals with some friends out. Those days have become history, the stress of the real life likes a heavy stone giving me a heavy hit. The days before, I use d the money without any plan, at the end of the months I found little money in my pocket.

Life is real life, we can not evade the stress. If I am a stone with some acuate edges, I am grinded on and on in the everyday life, at last I become the slick stone. Life likes a hill giving us more and more stress, under the stress we become sackless and understand the real meanings of the life. Going out and see some babyish youth, how childish they are just like myself in the early days. They’ll become realistic in the future too.

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in parents' eyes we  always are little children,no matter how old we are.
we will be an adult when some day parents pass by,because no one ever call us children.
so it must be terrible to be grown up.....

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Happy Middle Autumn Day

Today is middle autumn day, as the festival before it has no special places. We have to eat moon cakes, enjoy the beautiful sight of the round moon. I have gotton into the habit of having the festival outside my hometown alone. Today this is the same with before, though I have my darling, but we’re at the different places, miss each other everyday.

I can not change the life, only to hope the life can become more and more happy. Last week our company handed out everyone two boxes of moon cakes, the box had ugly color we all didn’t like it. Last year we got one box of moon cakes, which package was so beautiful but we still didn’t like to eat. Every year we have to have this traditional festival, we have to eat the same moon cakes, have nothing special to do. I think it is boring to our youths, now we like the western festivals much more. I see so many youths going out to have their Christmas Eve, more and more youths like to enjoy the Valentine's Day. How to explain the phenomenon, our traditional festivals give way to the western festivals.

Middle autumn day means all the family members come back home to enjoy the day together, the people outside the family miss their families. Though we don’t enjoy the festival like before, we have the modern way to contact the family very easily, we can remember the day wherever we are. What is the meaning of this day today, means reunion, miss or other things?

I don’t like eating moon cakes today, I still miss my family, my darling. Tonight I will call my parents and tell them, “I miss you.”, I’ll contact my darling tell him,”The moon here is the same with your place.”

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