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September the Foolish Should not Grieve.

September is the time for children to go to school, but I have not been to school for so many years. On the way to my work, seeing some childish little boys and girls running to the direction of school with their genearches following. The bright triangle, clean school uniform against their naïve smiling face. Though, the sight is so far from me just like one century or longer.

Liu Xiang got the champion in Osaka, which means his recognized by the world one more time and the ferly re-comes again. Who can create this kind of ferly, it is Liu Xiang. I saw the segment that he running to the victory line again and again agitate, I watched the record of his experience carefully. Every champion has lots of hardships on the way to their success, but Liu Xiang can get through the hard life optimistically and enjoy all the troubles and dangers. On our way, who can face all the conditions success or failures chicly, all which we experience can bring us so many thoughts.

I stayed at home for the whole day, rambled another weekend day outside. In the afternoon I was called to play badminton peremptorily. In the lift there were crowded people, genearches and their children looked up the signal lamps. Life stopped, ballet; Life stopped, chese; Life stopped, kickboxing… I stood in the corner, seeing the people in and out. The 20F, bright and large place, active and sporting people. When the sweat pouring I hope all the unhappiness fly away. Even I ran and jumped with the naked feet, which was so stimulate.

"Reversible Glue ", which is full of various faces, I’m the audience, I’ll have this kind of life, maybe I’ll bore of the trifling, maybe i’ll not back home, maybe I think the warm is out of the family. There is something that we can do nothing to help, there is some feeling that we can not avoid.

My friend lived my home hastily at 5:00 am left me some guilt. Though there was no chat through the whole night, maybe we both understand so much for we experience some things. Say or not does no matter, I cry with tears bestrewing on my face helpless, though you show the blandness. The hear is belongs to everyone, it’s decided by ourselves.

I want to escape from the place, which gives me so many heart-struck memories. It’s hard to walk, come again, clear up my memories again and again.

Who knows, ten years are only instantaneous, which is blank to me. I taste nothing with my puerile heart. Whether is itch or pain, the foolish should not grieve.

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A Treasure Memory About Disabled Sport

Last night, the 2008 Paralympics One-year Countdown Celebration was held in Beijing. Watching the Celebration on TV I was excited and went to the memory of the Disabled Sport several years ago.

About in the year 2003, the China Disabled Sport held in Nanjing, some volunteers were needed for the sport service. Our university announced to choose some volunteers, I went to the office to compete for the chance as a volunteer. As an active girl I usually take part in some different kinds of activities, that time I didn’t not want to lose the chance and also for that was a hard-won chance for Nanjing to hold the sport.. After the interview I was informed to prepare for the volunteers service.

For that was a special sport, our service object were the disabled athletes we had to learn some skills to help them. We were arranged to learn some gesture language, the expert teachers were invited to the university to teach us some applied gesture language. Two booklets were handed out to us, taught by the teachers and we practiced to use the gesture language in the sparetime. In the short time we mastered the basic points.

In the palaestra I saw lots of athletes, who were disabled for some different kinds. The boy serviced by me was a legs disabled guy, he had to walk under the help of the wheel chair. I could not imagine how he can live under this hard condition but to my surprise the boy could “run” very fast by operating his wheel chair. I wanted to help him to push the chair but he told me he don’t want anybody else to help, he operated his chair and ran faster than my running. I shouted to him ”wait for me pls. ”, he looked at me with a victor’s smile. I admired him very much, though he was a disabled boy he had health mind full of confidence and loved the world so much. In fact the boy was health he was more health than some common people those who have right bodies.

At the rest time I saw some athletes preparing in the playground, one of those athletes was a beautiful girl whose smile was so pretty. I enjoyed the beautiful girl’s act, she prepared to attend the game “running in the wheel chair”, running at very fast speed with a smile on his young face. How beautiful she was, just like a swan skiing on the lake gentler and natural. Around the playground there were so many people looking at her with admiring eyes. That was autumn, some yellow leaves dropped like the pretty butterflies. All that I saw was a canvas, full of hop and passion.

In the short time service I enjoyed the rare days, met some cute friends. Some times, I can’t help to go to the memory, all their spirits encourage me to conquer the troubles in my life. I’m a health person I can do the best, with this faith I experience one and one difficult time. Thanks to the rare experiences thanks to the life, it’s a treasure to my whole life.

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flyflag, Your articles were well composed and refined. It is easy for us to grasp their meanings and themes. Hmmm, while chewing your sentences slowly and letting their tastes and smells linger in our mouths a bit longer, to be frank, we couldn't say they were as delicious as Chinese delicacies.  For examples.

1. just like a swan skiing on the lake gentler and natural.
>> just like a swan gliding on the lake.

2. That was autumn, some yellow leaves dropped like the pretty butterflies.
>>  That was autumn, the yellow leaves were drifting slowly down, like the butterflies fluttering their colorful wings.

You would say: "A wine bottle dropped on the floor."  Relatively speaking, a wine bottle is a heavy object.

Here is another example. She dropped him like a hot potato once she smelled the money from another rich old-guy.

Why was "pretty" taken away from the sentence?  We would rather describe the beauty of butterflies to let our readers draw their own conclusion and impression than simply say, "pretty".  Haha, I'd say that would be a personal preference.

Hmmm, am I too picky? Is it too harsh to judge your articles without your permission? I am sorry if my comments stirred up something unpleasant in you. No hard feeling, huh?

Keep up your good work and look forward to reading your next articles. :)

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good article
i  like
looking forward to  reading more~

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flyflag, your article about the Disabled Sports moved me too,Your writting is beautiful as well as fluent.
Changzhou007,your little adjustion is really brilliant. I think,  your remark is  welcome to flyflag, isn't it? flyflag

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tks everyone

thank you very much Changzhou007.
your comment is large help to me, the setense corrected by you is easy to understand.
just as you say, English is not difficult to use we can express our feelings by using some fluent sentenses.

actually to say, my expression by Chinese is much better than English. Chinese is our mother tongue and we can use it freely.

thks to all the friends browsing my dairy.Suuny2005liu your diary is vivid about your everyday life i can understand your feelings,for we have the similar conditions.

i'll keep on  writing more and more diary and share the life with you.

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2007.09.10 Happy Teacher’s Day to my teachers.

Today is September 10th, Teacher’s Day.

I reminded this day when I saw some little students taking colorful flowers on their way to school. I’m not a good memory person, I usually forget some festival days. Just like today, I thought the Teacher’s Day maybe September 12th. The little students are cute and naïve and they want to give their presents to the teachers, their teachers should be so happy to get so many flowers. Going into the long memory river, think of the first present given to our teachers that old year.

About in the High School, we began to wake up to prepare the presents to our teachers. In the old days, we were so simple and even didn’t show our wishes to the teachers. A small Card was not given to our teachers when their Day came, maybe in our age most of the students were awe-stricken to the teachers. When another Teacher’s Day came, one guy suggested to the class that we should give the teachers some presents. Heard this, we all agreed with the nice advices and were active to prepare the special presents. We several leaders in the class decided to stand for the class to look for the presents.

Looking for the presents through the whole market, we didn’t decide what to buy. We went out to buy the presents in the midday and had to went back to school before the class. On the street we looked at the coming and going cars but had nothing to do. The monitor decided to buy the Tea Set, when he gave the suggestion everyone nodded to him. In my memory we bought the Tea Sets, which were made of glass with vivid flowers on them , everyone of us held a Tea Set in the arm and went back to school hastily.

Time was just ok, we gave the present to every teacher and said Happy Teacher’s Day. When the teachers got the presents, they were all very glad and thanked us. Though the present was not expensive, every teacher shew us their satisfaction, which was hoped by us too. The teachers taught us all kinds of knowledge with their undivided attention, which was large help to us and created large space for our progress.

So many days went by I could still remember the first teacher to me. She was a young girl, usually with sweet smile on her face and had soft voice. My parents were so busy with their work and I was sent to my grandparents’ home a little village. When I went to the kindergarten I usually had meals in my teacher’s home, for she was so hospitable to invite me to her home. I played on and on and forgot to go home, the kind hearted teacher was maternal, she was so gentle and gave me warm care.

The kindergarten had bad condition, instead of using wood desk we had to use stone plate sustained by the bricks as the desk. In the winter it was so cold for us to do work on the special desks. In this kind of condition, the young teacher taught us singing and dancing and other kinds of lessons. In my memory there was only one teacher in the kindergarten she was so busy with the work. In those two years we had happy memories, but before I left her class I made a mistake, which made me ashamed to speak to her again. In my blurry memory I abused to her just for a very little joke. I even didn’t know why I said that to her, that was only a joke. Several years later when I went back my grandmother’s home I still felt so ashamed to say anything to my first teacher, though it seemed that she forgot anything of my foolish action.

Teacher is the teacher, they only remember our good actions and forget our bad behaviors. Those years past I met so many teachers and got some excellences from them and they all don’t want to get any repay from us. Only a simple regard can make them happy.

Happy Teacher’s Day to my teachers.

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