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Meeting report for CDCLUB(BJ) on Sep.2---Written By Bin [Copy link] 中文

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Minute’s Report
By Bin Zhou, September 2, 2007

Introduction by Alhaji

Alhaji introduced Joyce, today’s host, by quoting one of the principles in The Art of Public Speech that for the well-known figure, a short introduction would be just appropriate. “As an upbeat girl and top administrator in our circle, Joyce is active, enthusiastic, and warm-hearted,” Alhaji said bluntly.

Host Speaking by Joyce

“To briefly expound my name, someone has complimented that there must be full of joy, whenever and wherever I am,” Joyce smiled gently. She is an old member serving the CD Club for more than two years and a half, and in light of that experience Joyce apparently has much to share. Despite, she gave the precious opportunity to new comers.

New Comers’ Self-introduction

1.        A little girl. Though most of the members in this club look green and student-like, this young lady stood up to the surprise of all. She is REALLY beyond our age spectrum. Roughly around 8 or 9 years, she read her own poem later in this section.
2.        Rossanna, at the start of her speaking, was a little shy. Yet she accommodated herself to the surroundings quickly. She said she wants to improve English through more practice.
3.        Another girl, who once came to the club two years ago, due to the availability of time and energy, finally showed up again and participated.
4.        A boy! God, here comes a man! He is someone’s friend, and now employed in the Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd.
5.        Jessie is a student, with a strong desire to beautify her English.
6.        Nicky, a quiet girl sitting beside me, was a teacher but are currently leaving for Vancouver, Canada. She is waiting for the Embassy’s news while doing preparatory training for the upcoming “English life”. We all wish her a good future and happy study!
7.        Bin, the one who’s writing, stumbled that day, partly because of nervousness, yet for a larger part because of a bunch of cute girls’ staring. I believe, he’s done a good job of letting others know him, his easy-going and caring personality.
8.        Sara, is at the moment in the Management Department, Beijing Communication University
9.        A student and girl again, wants to improve English and make friends. She is from BUAA.

Impromptu Speech

1.        What do you like the most in the Beijing’s autumn?
2.        What’s your favorite place to go out in Beijing’s autumn?
3.        What’s your special food in Beijing’s autumn?

Audrey took the first one. She said, “As the most ephemeral and agreeable season as autumn is in Beijing, everything is so valuable.” She cannot figure out any specific thing to memorize, but the hour, the day, the month being together with friends are the most enjoyable. She recalled her four-year University time, which was composed of her main experience in Beijing and turned out to be a great gem for the future life. Audrey might be the youngest in our group, except the little kid. Personally to say, she’s done pretty well, particularly for her gut to kick off the section.

The next excellent speech was addressed by Crystal. She would rather spend all the day out in autumn, because “there are only three seasons in Beijing, no autumn.” Happy time always passes fast. Once at school, Crystal used to stay in the library, to watch the limpidity of autumn. But now, she prefers to go out, from the mountain to the air, from the river to the breeze. “No exact place is more favorable, but the one with friends.” Concluded like this, Crystal stepped down with great applaud.

James approached the third question in a rather ambiguous way. He proposed a two-fold argument. On the one hand, “There is No very nice local restaurant in Beijing”. On the other hand, “You can eat all kinds of food here.” So actually, he sidestepped under the sly the question in given. Besides eating, he supplemented, “sleeping also makes time fly.” Even as a not so native downtown Beijinger, I want to do some defense. There Are many good local restaurants around, as far as you are patiently looking for. Man, find me next time, and we’ll visit one together!

Topic Speech: Cultural Differences between China and U.S.

It is to everyone’s evident surprise that the speech was delivered by such a Chinese cute girl! With standard American accent, Rita not only presented us a great speech, but also an aural and visual feast. The elegant narrating and languid pacing allowed for rich contemplation of cultural diversity of the two major powers. Step by step, Rita touched upon the issue of Relations, Education, Politics, Social security and Working environment under respective circumstances.

For the Americans, “No close friend ever exists.” Everyone is loosely connected to each other. You must be on your own when problem comes. Thus to be independent is the No.1 rule for living. This principle may also apply to the family relations in the U.S. In a sharp contrast, Chinese people are so into close, intimate relations, no matter with friends or family.

The education system in the U.S. is still the best that one could experience. Assignments are there, but you are definitely out of doubt of being checked in any formal manner. It is through naming and shaming in class discussion that teachers inspire student and spur them to work hard. Compared to that, Chinese thrilling “Gao Kao” is a strangler of creativity and freedom.

Not to mention about political differences. No way of public opposition to the Central Authority. [Actually, this is the very point I would like to add up. Freedom of speech is merely one element in terms of evaluating a current regime. Under two-party system, it is of course allowed even encouraged to screw one in favor of another. Yet for the country of one ruling party, if you are against the party in a similar way, you are undermining the whole basis of the country. People are most welcome to give any good suggestions, but are least welcome to give any destructive blows.]

The Americans are quite satisfied with the well-established social security system. They pay for it in form of tax, and benefit from it. They don't save money and they use their credit card all the time, whereas Chinese people hold different thinking. They save money for their next generation, and every so often in case of emergent disease’s striking when they are aged.

Working environment is the last aspect in Rita’s speech. “When I work in the U.S., the only thing I should care is my work, other than the relationship with my colleagues,” Rita continued, “Team work is of utmost importance.” Yet in China, relations are ubiquitous.

By any means, Rita has set a good example for us, in terms of fluent expression and plenty preparation. Look forward to her presentation again later in the future!

To be continued

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Second part of the report


Hiking and Planning were two topics under discussion. Six groups had been formed with the size of 5 or 6 people each. Below are summaries of group presenters.

1.        Caesar’s group

Caesar started his encounter with hiking by bringing us to his lovely childhood, when hiking everyday was not but a daily activity. Back to the primary school, he used to go hiking a lot, for the Mountains are right located nearby. When he moved to Qingdao, there was a Mount. called “Cao”(?) facing the ocean. We could easily imagine how happy he would be to have physical exercise in a romantic way. He recommended us to check first if any out-going idea popped up into our mind.

Sue spiced the discussion with two anecdotes after Caesar’s talking. First, she mentioned that Caesar had been insisting the prominence of a knife during hiking, because “when everyone carry different things, a knife is exactly enough to grab them all.” Second, she gave away a funny story that Caesar once “unintentionally” copied Audrey’s Resume and other stuffs in his computer when he was supposed to help Audrey transfer the pictures into her flash disc.

2.        Alhaji’s group

A girl stood up on behalf of Alhaji’s group. She listed at least five categories of things to be carefully prepared before hiking: (1) Information about travel routes, weather, transportation, etc. (2) Dress: dry T-shirts, jackets, mountain shoes, sunglasses, but No umbrella! (3) Carry-bag with sufficient food and water. (4) Hand stick if needed. (5) Interphones, like what we had last weekend, and all the Cool words in use: “Over”, “Action”! Thank you, Alhaji!

3.        Victor’s group

Victor’s group put more time on Planning. As he said, planning is crucial everywhere. If you enter into stock market, you need plan. If you decide to invest rather than speculate, you need plan. Long-term eyesight is the guarantee for potential success. Even in education, you need plan, because “high input brings about high reward.”

4.        Crystal’s group

Crystal did a fantastic summary of her group discussion. Initially, the members set off the topic by raising the question, “Is hiking for physical pleasure or mental happiness? Which takes more?” Nicky said she would do it mainly for physical reasons, while Bin would prefer more mental relaxing along the journey. Jessica disproved both, for nowadays indoor activities would realize all the expectations. Weirdly, they diverted their attention to love affairs in the second half of “talking”. Here is their concern: “How can people get out of the emotional quagmire generated from loving someone?” -- Very Private. Don’t ever ask their results!

5.        Ellie’s group

Ellie’s group approached the topic of Planning by distinguishing a “rough plan” and a “detailed plan”. “Should we have a rough plan or detailed plan? Which works better?” Bob and Ellie answered, “That depends…” Business structures plan. People may have “New Year’s Resolution”, as well as “season plan”, “month plan”, or even “day plan”. The point is to make the right plan for the right thing.

6.        Ruby’s group

Ruby is definitely a newcomer. She is now a director in CCTV for Travel Channel. At first, she identified the difference between “hiking in the city” and “hiking in the office”. For the latter, it means taking a walk around the park inside your company. In consideration of busier and faster life, hiking is becoming a treasure for most of the working class. She then minded us to beware of climbing in rainy days.


It’s my great pleasure to be the minute’s writer on my first day attending the Sunday Meeting. I am responsible for all possible mistakes and misunderstandings in the report. If anywhere needs to be corrected or improved, please tell me without any hesitation.

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wonderful, simply brilliant

no wonder he teaches IELTS writing at school.:)

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wonderful, simply brilliant

no wonder he teaches IELTS writing at school.:)

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thank you

Thanks, Bin. It seems I should talk more in order to get used to the 'English life' soon:)
See you tomorrow.

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