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CDCLUB(BJ) Meeting report on Aug.12 [Copy link] 中文

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Three years ago, a young, tall, and handsome gentleman posting on the Chinadaily website came up with the idea of starting an English club. He became the cofounder of CDCLUB. His name is Bob and our host that day.

He guided us to see whether the world was flat or round and how to find out the answer on how to succeed i.e. strengthen your strong points while avoiding your weak points. Those two were table discussion topics prepared by Bob.

We had four tables that day, the presenters were: Melanie, Audrey, Chris and Crystal.

Audrey was a newcomer and I got so impressed by her motivation to get involved. She on behalf of her table summarized the topic; how to manage your own strong and weak points. She shared one of her own experiences with us; the difficulties she had in learning the basic mathematics  required by all finance majors. Caesar suggested for her to focus on her own strong points while improving her weak points; taking it in this way she would be less stressed.

The others talked about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. With the emergence of personal computers, the internet and new software applications, people could now communicate and share information with each other anytime and anywhere.. The ways of communication went from vertical to horizontal. That’s why we call the world flat. So now people can become more equal in terms of opportunities. People can get cooperation and competition more freely and easily around the world.

Bob prepared some easy and hard topics for some impromptu fun.

Six lucky members got the chance to try them out.

If Crystal just had one day before she would die, she would spend that day with her parents, siblings and CDCLUB members. Family and friendship are the most important things for her in life.

James hoped to help his child’s financial situation by guiding his child to invest in the stock market, to increase his wealth and become financially secure

Lisa would not forget her best friend’s friendship if she and her best friend both were involved with guys they fell in love with.

As a leader of a company which was sued by a competitor for leaking confidential information, Claude delivered an impressive speech to reassure his staff, showing his personal feelings and concerns in the case while authorizing two staff to investigate the allegations.

Audrey delivered a speech honoring her parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. She thanked her mom for supporting and encouraging her. We wanted to hear more about her parent’s 30 amazing years of marriage.
We had another newcomer that day, Lisa from the Foreign Affairs Department of the Chinese Wushu Association.She was a very active member that day.

Prepared speaker Ellie shared the main idea and concepts of the book of Long Tail Theory with us. The long Tail Theory is a statistical distributions model which argues that products that are in low demand or have low sales volume can collectively make up a market share that rivals or exceeds the relatively few current bestsellers and blockbusters, if the store or distribution channel is large enough.

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to Joyce and others

So proud of you, Joyce, for your perseverance and great initiative when you're under the spotlights of the Club. You're such a good example about how to pursue dreams and strive for something meaningful and far-reaching. I'm confident that you'll also succeed in your pursuit of  a perfect husband. Ha!

It's so exciting to have Bob's comeback, a comeback as a leader, managing the club crowd, exhibiting his charisma. Still waiting for your wedding with your girl, Bob. My gift will be on the way if the date is fixed.

So many familiar names, actually, familiar sunny faces Joyce'  report brought me. In spite of the thousands of miles between us, I feel I could see all of you clearer, even the newcomers I'd never met when I was in Beijing, they must be as beautiful and energetic as the old ones. Do you know the reason? You all are in my heart, always.

Thanks again, all of you, for all the things I've learnt from you. Whenever I think of you, I don't feel lonely.  Whenever I read topic notices, I feel excited and cannot help preparing for table discussion, and whenever I read weekly reports, I recall the CD Eng. Club area at the western restaurant, dim but gentle lights, how you guys walk in, say HI, and request " May I borrow your membership card?"......

It, at present, has been bygones, but inerasible.

Manila, the Philippines

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To Hudson

Hi, last week, we also talked about you, the way you well organized our gathering of CD and improved  yourself dramatically in CD, the way you encouraged members, the way you were serious, the way you were humorous, like just you were there, beside us, vividly.

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to Crystal

Spritual linkage keeps all of us very close, and internet provides convenience.

Pretty often when I work together with the local people in the Philippines, they comment:" Hey, Hudson, you do speak very good English. Where did you learn it?" I told them:" In China. At Colorful Domain English Club." They exclaimed then:" WOW, it must be a wonderful club."

Yes, it is, and it'll be a bigger wonder, I strongly believe. I've improved my English greatly after 3 years with the Club, what's more, I've learnt how to communicate with people, how to view and deal with issues wisely, how to treat friends warm-heartedly, even how to lead a team.

We're not learning English with the purpose of showing off our language skills if we'll have some, neither competing against others about whose English is better, whose is the best. We're using the language, as a tool, to better communicate, to influence, to impress our counterparts with our initiative, personality, expertise, interest, and charisma. Therefore, when we're working with someone, English is not the most important thing, though it'd be of great help if your English enables you to make yourself clear and impressive.

By this sense,  the club plays a much better role than foreign English teachers, English courses and etc.
No matter what, there'll be millions whose English is better. But we'll be very welcome and working efficiently and successfully if we're comprehensively well-trained, versatile, selfishless, easy-going and communicative.

Do you agree, my friends?

Hudson in Manila

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Tell you sth about CDCLUB :)

Hey Hudson, my Bro, how are you? Wish you are doing great in Manila!

YOU are the good example on showing perseverance and taking initiative, which influences us a lot. Those are the key points to pursue for success. You are always our pride.

So many warm-hearted members with CDCLUB, one of the reasons they are joining the club is because they really CARE for the CLUB. This motivates me to go further and be better! So I can contribute more to the club.

Bob is one of those top persons who care for the club development.

Caesar and Richard are those highly active and energetic members in the club.

Our great sister Sue joins the organizers team and she is the organizer of the outing next Saturday.

The adorable little Crystal with strong mind and soul makes great progress these days, we are all very proud of her.

Alhaji become the second great chairman of CDCLUB, we are rolling to a better future with his guidance now.

There are some newcomers joining us almost every meeting; some of them have quite years of oversea study and working experience. They brought fresh air to the club.

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to Hudson and Joyce

hi , I can not agree with both of you more.

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