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Dr Train... I am hastening the 'end of the world' as fast I can. Let's close this circle asap.
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My Friend, I will have to agree with most of what you said in you comments.
We do get bad deal when it comes to media and public perception. Also in a racist and fearful world anyone who is non white (including Chinese and any other race) may be considered inferior because of it.

              Being a black guy a remain positive despite, people judging me because of my colour, and getting strange looks because my girlfriend is Asian.
When I was growing up in London I lived in a predominately white area which was extremely racist. Many times I have come across gangs of about 40 white guys going around verbally and physically abusing non white people (I come back to your point dtrain) However when I go out, I do not think every white person out there is going to attack me.
I would like any Chinese person who has negative stereotypes about black people to please respond my past experience.   

              A few years ago i lived a few doors down from a Chinese family with two children and did not speak good English had recently come to England. There were racially harrassed, they had stones thrown at their window and had dog sh*t put outside the front gate of their house. One day I was coming home from university and I saw one of Chinese kids called Charles being stopped my a White guy with a knife. The white girl was a known racist. I walked up to the guy and told them to put the knife away. The white guy said that the Chinese boy should go back to where he comes from. He then started flashing the knife and waving it about to the Chinese boy as if he was about to use it on him. I stepped in front and tried to take the knife off him. I was not worried about myself because I had had lots of experience with racist people at that time and I was not going to see this Chinese guy attacked. As I tried to take the knife, the white guy moved back and slashed my hand and there was blood everywhere. He then ran off shouting out racial abuse. I reported him to the police later. Me and the Chinese guy became friends and Introduced him to a few of my friends.

              I want to say to all the negative thinkers of black people, should I have just watched and left the Chinese guy to get attacked, without helping him?
And if something like that happens again should I just walk on by and not get involved, knowing that Chinese people do not like me because I'm Black.
Please remember that in England there are many a racist attacks where people are to scared to get involved because of there own safety.

             We need to cut this race division and get along with each other, take people for who they are and not for what they are.
It only seems that we forget all our differences when we complain about racism in this country.
I know this because, many Asians would not consider even speaking to a black person unless they have all joined a fight racism committee.

Thanks for reading....

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Hi again...    This post was originally about Chinese guys dating black women.  I don't think many black women or Chinese men really responded.  All I can say on this topic is that I live and work in Melbourne.  I happen to work in a place that is open 24 hours a day and gets thousands of people a day through its doors.  What I am saying is I see a lot of different people,,, a lot of different couples.  My rough estimate and it is a rough one is that of the couples I see.

  • 65% are asian/asian
  • 25% are white male/ asian woman
  • 6% are other male/ asian woman
  • 2% black male/ asian woman
  • 1% asian male/ other woman
  • 1% asian male/ black woman

Putting populations demographic into effect,, meaning that there are a lot more whites, others and Asians than black.  I think the figures can be said to be normal of what you would find.  It would be interesting to see the makeup in a country like South Africa.  What I also know is that in all my time here, I have only heard a few persons make negative comments about mixed couples.  95% from white women.   I have not idea on the ins and outs of their relationships. I don't know if they are happy are having a hard time with it.  What I do know is I meet a lot of single lonely people out there.  The funny thing is they are all looking for the same thing.  So I say this to all the people out there.  You have an opportunity to learn and to teach.  You can break down the stereotypes everytime you get to know and allow yourself to be known by someone else who is different.  In any relationship your goal is happiness and healthy standards for all.  For instance,, Black women who think chinese men might not be up to par.  Show/tell them how you should be treated.  I am not saying get married, but at least let the experience make you both more understanding and grow.  Imagine if we did this in every relationship,, friends or anything else.  The goal is to live a happy and fore filling life.  We all play a part.  Idealistic I know,,, but that what I am.

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Alright I since the original poster asked for input from black girls I thought I'd add my take on the topic.

I date anyone who I'm attracted to and who likes and respects me. It's that simple. I don't place many restrictions on who I do and don't date. Though I suppose I don't like men who smoke too much around me but that's only because I have asthma.

I'm a relatively tall (175cm) 1st generation Cuban-Jamaican American with long neat dreadlocks. I get asked out by Chinese guys more so than white guys but that probably has more to do with me meeting and interacting with more Chinese men than white men on a daily basis. I also have green eyes which seems to be another point of interest with most of the Chinese men that have been interested in me. I'm slender but not petite by Chinese standards or Western ones either (too tall).

So to the poster that said that black girls are too strong, tall, and loud for Chinese guys then maybe you should have made that statement specific to you. I'm strong (not muscular) in the sense that I can take care of myself and most average beijing-ren seem to speak as loud as or louder than any black girl I might meet.

I really wish people would just stop with the racist comments and stereotypes about black women and Chinese men. If you don't like them, don't date them. Just leave it at that.

Not every black girl is a loud ghetto muscle-bound amazon and not every chinese guy is a short weak womanizer with a small penis. Those are stereotypes people. Remember that.

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stupid is, stupid does...

i have found quite a few kokoo threads in this forum.  and people just ignore the original poster & you will be fine...they just don't have anything else better 2say!

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From what I can see...

This is a moot question - because people are already doing it. ... mp;mpage=6&key=


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Originally posted by tradervic at 2007-8-12 07:59
This is a moot question - because people are already doing it.


People inlove no matter what they look like always make me smile. :):)


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