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Yeah...or it doesn't get reported. Also, black females have far less trouble slapping the sh1t out of you for even trying. And blacks DO NOT GO TO POLICE as a general rule. Call it distrust or just a code...sorry. No cops. Bet you a lot of white guys got their asses kicked for attempting dumb ---- to black females though.
"Finch...stay away from that Ficus! That's a jizz-free Ficus."- Steve Stiffler

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Can I get that source

Originally posted by whiteeclipse at 2007-5-9 15:06

You seem like a nice person, I'm have not against you and I'm not talking about you.  

I'm talking about black guys that have self hate and that think black girls are ugly.

"In th ...

Lets get one thing straight people...they say do not look at the world in black and white....tough ----. It makes me sick to my got damn stomach that this is such an issue that it has to be posted on....and for that lovely little statistic I wonder how many white boys would be successful in attempted rape on a sister....she'd whoop his ass if he tried crap  like that....and also....a majority of the women in this study you speak of were hookers and prostitutes that attract "Those guys" and in this world being white trumps black anyday in the court system; in the whole got damn world if you ask me.........I find that pathetic I really do.

Here is an example of bias statistics and reporting.....Jane Creeva a young white girl was shot in downtown Toronto on boxing day is what the headlines wrang out.....LOSS OF LIFE....TRAGEDY STRIKES THE HEART OF TORONTO.....Within weeks they had suspects and made some arrests......a couple months before that my sisters friend was gunned down commin home from church gunned down....right infront of a church......All the news could say is "A gang related murder has occured today.."  all cause the guy who got shot had the nerve to be black!...It wasn't gang related it was hate motivated....and the media and statisticians could care less as to why it occured.

To answer the question AGAIN.  of you Chinese and you wanna date a sister...go right on ahead god bless that relationship....I hope it is the first of many.

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Reply #18 ah1988's post

I don't think "there is a considerable majority of Chinese men that do".

I know, there are quite some foreign men, when they are dating Chinese girls, often ask their Chinese girls "why you left your ex" and the answer is probably like this "He treated me bad".

I insist there are bad boys all over the world as there are good boys in every country.  But why the Chinese girls complaining to their foreign (even Chinese) boys about their ex-boy friends remains a mystery pending for the experts to disclose.  I have my personal explanation to this phenomenon.

In Chinese, we have a saying "bu ai jiu hen" - "Love or Hate".  If she tells you her ex is very good to her and she still loves him, it will make you feel very uncomfortable, isn't it?  So, the only answer to your question is "he treated me bad", to make you feel you are so great!!!

But, guys, do remember there is another saying "ai jiushi hen, hen jiushi ai"- "Love is hatred and hatred is love".  So, next time, when your girl friend tells you the same story, challenge her by this saying and see what is her response.

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I am very interested in hearing the perspectives of black women in China and their dating experiences. Are there any who can offer some experiences?
I agree with kaixinghuo on the popularity of black men, and that many women of all countries just find black men sexy.  It makes it hard for non-black guys to manage to attract black women.  But even if a cute guy (Asian or otherwise) beefs up and stops smoking as you suggest, what can be done about the 'you-know-what'? Won't the black woman who is used to the big 'you-know-what' eventually become frustrated with the normal sized (or less) one and look elsewhere?  Black women are not known to be subtle about this sort of thing.
On another note, I have seen some men with women who are physically larger and taller than their man, and in fact some black women I know prefer it this way.  Ones I know have said that they feel safer with a little guy.  The guys in the couple are hoping tp 'balance things out' for their children.
I realise that we are talking about situations that are 'out of the ordinary', but then that is what this thread is about isn't it?

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i think one person(man or woman)shouldnt be discussed here whatever is the color of his or her skin, wherever he or she comes from .black, white, yellow people are all equality. they should have the same right todo everything and function the same responsibility when they are on this same field.

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welcome to 1994

Like someone said earlier, this thread is just going to turn into a racial put-down ring. "Why is it most ----- always act like this. I don't discriminate, my best friend is a  ------"  I mean, seroiusly. Yea we don't live in a sugarcoated world but there are ways to say things without coming of as a closet racist or just plain ignorant. As far as Blacks and Asians dating, i don't see what the big deal is. People just can't let go of stereotypes. I mean one of my close friends who happens to be Cambodian has a Black baby mother. It's 2007 right? Why are we still generalizing whole races when experience shows us that everybody is an individual. To prejudge people by their race is as stupid as judging people by their hair color. Sure you might find a few dumb blonds but for you to base them being stupid simply on the single fact that their hair is blond would be pretty foolish.

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My ex-wife was brown. I'm white.

Yet I've heard the most amazing things from Chinese... TEACHERS! One day, the topic of my ex-wife's skin colour came up. After I'd mentionned she was from Ethiopia, the first question the teacher wanted to know was her skin colour. Once I'd mentionned she was black, I'd seen a shocked look on this teacher's face, asking why I hadn't chosen a white girl. Once I'd explained that I loved her, even more shock and revult on her face, to which she replied that she thought black people were ugly. She said this to my face, and she was a close friend. She saw absolutely nothing wrong with just letting it out as a 'fact' or so it seemd in her mind. And she was studying for a master's degree!

And this is just one of many examples of attitudes towards blacks that I've come across in China.

On the other hand, I also have many Chinese friends who are not racist. In fact, some of them are quite outspoken about all the racism in China. So in in effect, it's just like Canada, except that the racism is more in your face in China since they don't even realise they're racist. Yet strangely enough, I find that more palatable than the Canadian variety. Many in Canada re racist (and it goes both ways, I'm sorry to say), but for the most part white racist Canadians try to hide their racism 'cause they know tthey're wrong. I guess I can be more forgiving of Chinese racists due to a certain ignorance on their part of what racism is. In Canada, racists are just sly. They know they're wrong, so they try to hide it.

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