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Emergence of India as a Global Power [Copy link] 中文

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By jove you' ve got it.

Irish is not your average Irish. You' ve got it, by jove you' ve got it . There is indeed a bell-curve to this problem of population explosion. India is forced into sacrificing the first 2-3% GDP annually to feeding the increased mouths born . It is close to 15-16 million extra mouths per year. This is about 3/4 of the Australian population each 12 months !

Look India is full of potential but she is her own worse enemy . There is no central planning government, no discipline and no oomph ! She will continue to show case the several oases of excellence to the world while the poverty numbers soar and the country stay in an unmoving catatonic state.

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india should adopt to the modern time.
some of its leader still wears those indian headgear which is time consuming to say the least
imagine chinese leader still wearing ancient clothes.
even mao was very modern in his attire.

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What is needed for a country to remain stable is for the average family to have 2 children. Governments should offer incentives for people to have 2~3 children and use lower tax rates etc. to encourage people to have families within this range. Any number greater than this per family stretches the economy and public services to the limit (look at India, South Africa etc. for examples of this). The other extreme is the example of Greece, Japan, South Korea and Russia, where an aging work force forces countries to import foreign labour, potentially causing inter-ethnic tensions. Both extremes lead to crippling problems: just look at 40% unemployment in SA for an example of the first, and look at the serious civil unrest in France for an example of the second.

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Indian investment in UK poised to rise

Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at 11:13

London: Indian investment in Britain is poised to outstrip British investment in the subcontinent, reversing the flow of capital for the first time since the days of the Raj, says a new study.

According to exclusive research by Close Brothers Corporate Finance for The Sunday Telegraph, by 2010, Indian companies will buy up 150 British businesses a year, while British companies will acquire just 138 in India.

India's booming companies are increasingly willing to spend money abroad with Britain being a favourite target. Of 12.4 billion pounds in deals announced in the last five years, more than half - 6.8 billion pounds - was spent in Britain.

The research showed that other European countries lagged far behind for Indian investment with the next most popular, Germany, picking up just a billion pounds worth.

Close Brothers Corporate Finance managing director Richard Grainger, who recently signed a deal to add Bangalore boutique Allegro Capital Advisors to Close's international network, says the still-strong cultural ties between Britain and India encourage investment.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "We have a linguistic advantage here and in the US, while in countries like France and Germany there are employment issues around investing."

Grainger points to Tata's 2005 acquisition of British technology business INCAT as a turning point in the investment trend. "That was the first sign of the wall of money coming out of India," he said.

Tata eclipsed its own deal earlier this year when it won the 6 billion pounds battle for Corus, formerly British Steel and a one-time bastion of the FTSE's industrial core. Indian tea company Apeejay International also picked up Britain's Typhoo in 2005, taking tea back to India.

The research showed that if India's acquisition spree continues on trend, it will buy 31 British companies this year, almost double that to 52 next year, then push up to almost 90 corporate raids in 2009.

In the same period, British companies will also increase investment in India, but by nothing like the same rate. From 50 acquisitions this year, British firms are expected to pick up 99 companies in 2009.

Grainger said: "There is a tipping point where things could start to move the other way again. India is growing rapidly and will soon need serious investment in its infrastructure. I can see at that point that British companies will start buying up assets there to be part of that investment."

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INDIA ARRIVES: Indian investment in Britain is poised to outstrip British investment.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Indian BPO firms in world's 'hot growth' list
28 May, 2007 l 1646 hrs ISTlPTI

NEW YORK: Two US-listed Indian outsourcing firms -- Cognizant Technology and EXLService -- have made it to a list of the world's 100 "hot growth" companies with significant growth potential.

The two Indian firms are among 10 software and services firms that have appeared in the list of companies from around the world.

Cognizant, which is headquartered in the US and having most of its operations and 75 per cent of workforce in India, has been ranked at 15th position, while EXLService is at 57th rank.

The annual list, published in the latest issue of Business Week hitting the news stands today, is led by Heelys Inc, a maker of wheeled sneakers used by kids for skating.

The magazine used Standard and Poor's database of 10,000 public companies with revenues of 50 million dollars to 1.5 billion dollars a year and the rankings are based on three year sales and earnings growth as well as return on capital.

Only those companies with a market cap of 25 million dollars or more and a stock price of at least five dollars were considered, the magazine said, adding that "profit or stock price shortfalls, or news that put prospects in doubt, may knock a company off the list."

According to the US-based magazine, Cognizant that is the fifth-largest Indian infotech outsourcing firm has consistently racked up better growth rates than its larger rivals with more than 43,000 employees.

In the first quarter this year, the company's turnover rose by 61 per cent to 460 million dollars.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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All the best to India

Second to that.
Working with us, you work with a part of China!

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Demographic transition theory has proven a very successful theory of international relations. It posits that India is very likely to become a super power in half a century or so.

As a nation's income per capita grows, so does its mortality rate decline and subsequently its fertility rates follow. So while India's growth continues to climb, health standards will improve, people will live longer and (as witnessed in numerous empirical studies across the globe) birth rates will then stabilise, essentially to a point where the population size is maintained.

It is here where larger nations have a distinct advantage, and with India expected to pass China in population size in the coming decades, one could assume India will have the biggest advantage. What advantage is that? Well, it is productivity convergence. As nations develop and technologies are spread across the globe, nations' productivity levels begin to even out. This leaves small nations struggling to compete with large nations, who are able to deliver aggregate output far greater than their smaller counterparts. Clearly, at the moment India's population growth is a disadvantage, but history shows this will correct itself providing growth is maintained. Both India and China have this century in their sights, and it is an exciting time for both these whom combined make up almost half the global population.

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