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Emergence of India as a Global Power [Copy link] 中文

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India as a Global Power

India is the newest great power on the world stage, according to some. This status has been achieved only the last few years. India was always in a strong geographic position to exert great influence.

After the British Empire had seized possession of India, British Governor General of India Lord Curzon stated:

揟he central position of India, its magnificent resources, its teeming multitude of men, its great trading harbours, its reserve of military strength, supplying an army always in a high state of efficiency and capable of being hurled at a moment's notice upon any point either of Asia or Africa梐ll these are assets of precious value. On the West, India must exercise a predominant influence over the destinies of Persia and Afghanistan; on the north, it can veto any rival in Tibet; on the north-east . . . it can exert great pressure upon China, and it is one of the guardians of the autonomous existence of Siam. Possession of India gave the British Empire its global reach. Britain loses its status as a world power when it loses India.        ?

After achieving independence in 1947, the new Indian government was marred by wars and internal religious turmoil ( Partition of India). The government eventually brought itself back together and set itself towards the goal of modernizing the economy. It engaged in a close relationship with the Soviet Union and defeated political rival Pakistan in 3 wars. However, it was not until the 1980s that India began to push itself to the status of a great power.

In the 1980s, India began increasing its political status in the world, the Indian Peace Keeping Force was deployed and India took over the Siachen glacier. However, not all actions went to plan and India's military buildup resulted in a weakened economy in the early 1990s, when its great ally the Soviet Union ceased to exist.Thus India's move towards a greater role in international relations had to slow down and the nation had to rebuild itself. With a booming population, India began to achieve impressive GDP growth which sits today at 9.2%. It was, by now, a strong military power which possessed nuclear weapons, it possessed a huge population accompanied by a rapidly growing economy. India's greater role as in global politics as a member of BRIC and the G4 pushed it into the forefront in terms of political influence. India has now established itself as an economic strength and some political analysts believe it could project its influence through the Indian Ocean, just as China earlier did in East Asia. India's new foreign affairs policy after the end of the Cold War has given it strong yet friendly political influence in numerous regions.

According to political analyst  C. Raja Mohan:

揃arely 15 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, India's omnidirectional engagement with the great powers has paid off handsomely. Never before has India had such expansive relations with all the major powers at the same time梐 result not only of India's increasing weight in the global economy and its growing power potential, but also of New Delhi's savvy and persistent diplomacy.        ?

The signing of a landmark nuclear deal with the United States, despite being non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has proved India's political influence as the deal is against traditional U.S. policy with any nation. The fact that India is the world's largest democracy is appreciated by the United States..

India's ties with Japan, the only other democratic great power in Asia, have also grown, as Shinzo Abe has stated "It is of crucial importance to Japan's national interest that we further strengthen our ties with India, the most important bilateral relationship in the world". On 22 January 2007, India became only the fourth nation to complete atmospheric reentry, an indication of its recent scientific progress.

The CIA has labeled India the key "swing state" in international politics. It predicts that India will emerge by 2015 as the fourth most important power in the international system. Goldman Sachs predicts that, by 2030, the largest economies on earth will be China, the United States, India, and Japan in that order. India's growth has increased speculation that it will be the next superpower.

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One Good Turn Deserves Another

And how are our wonderful Indian friends, the superpower to be, using its power with the natural resources that it does have?   

In response, China should at least put a 27.5% export tax on all coke exports.  One the one hand it informs our Indian friends of China's feelings.  On the other, it shows our American friends what a 27.5% levy can do to trade.  Two birds with one stone.  

"Beijing, March 25: China's plan to levy additional tax on coke exports will impact Indian steel industry adversely as the country is one of the major sources of the key raw material, industry sources said here today.

It is not clear if the Chinese move is a tit-for-tat measure since India had imposed a levy of Rs 300 per tonne on iron ore exported from March 1.

Protesting over the move, major Chinese companies have decided not to buy iron ore from India, claiming that Indian iron ore is no more competitive compared to Australian and Brazilian iron ore.

The Chinese Government is considering the levy of an extra tax on the country's coke exports, which account for half of the world's annual coke consumption.

Officials with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the general administration of customs said the levy would protect the country's diminishing coke resources and the tax ratio was yet to be fixed, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Coke is in short supply globally and it is estimated that China's coke resources will be depleted in 40 years, it said.

The NDRC was studying the feasibility of cutting exports by an extra levy, an NDRC official said.

Coke is a crucial raw material for the steel-making industry. Every year steel works around the world consume 427 million tonnes of coke.

The energy-consuming coking industry had attracted government attention as it strives to cut power consumption and tighter control of exports was expected to help reduce the country's soaring trade surplus, Zhang Bingzheng, an official with China customs.

The government has levied a five per cent tax on coke exports since November 1, last year, but it proved ineffective in suppressing rising exports, which rose by 38 per cent in January.

The average price of China's exported coke was 150.3 US dollars per tonne in January, while the average cost in the global market stood at 171 US Dollars.

The United States and the European Union both launched anti-dumping probes into imports of foundry coke from China last year."

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All the best to India :)

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Tea Leaves reading.

Dear masterkung,

You must be the chief cheer leader of this " India the next superpower " brigade. You have pushed this campaign many a time befoer, only to disappear into the never never once the discussion starts. Are you doing this again ?  

Ok India is capable of doing great things , why not ? With the second largest population in the world ( will be the first in the not too distant future ) why not indeed ? Perhaps this " strength " of hers is also exactly her " weakness ". The population explosion unchecked will gobble up any increase in GDP automatically. It is going to be a case of keeping the head above water.

Lord George Nathaniel Curzon.Marquis ( 1859-25 ) could not have any idea of what the 21st century look like, let alone predict.  His " teeming multitude of men ( and women ) is about the only thing spot on . Good luck  and good cheer.

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mengzhi (wchou37) is best ignored. Rather i commence towards the eternal nature and persist on

Say the wise in India .........................................

"When a man dwells in his mind on the object of sense, attachment to them is produced. From attachment springs desire and from desire comes anger."

"From anger arises bewilderment, from bewilderment loss of memory; and from loss of memory, the destruction of intelligence and
from the destruction of intelligence he perishes"


"To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive; neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction"

In Trivia.............

Mahatma Gandhi derived great moral strength from Bhagavad Gita, which is evident in his words:

"The Gita is the universal mother. I find a solace in the Bhagavad Gita that I miss even in the Sermon on the Mount. When disappointment stares me in the face and all alone I see not one ray of light, I go back to the Bhagavad Gita. I find a verse here and a verse there, and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming tragedies - and my life has been full of external tragedies - and if they have left no visible or indelible scar on me, I owe it all to the teaching of Bhagavad Gita."

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Hmm I have the feeling this purpose of this thread echoed just like western media want how the world see India, a counterbalance to China.

I have deep respect to India civilizations and most of the time in thousand years of history, China and India are good neighbors.

This certainly the west, who upset to see the rising China doesnt want to see. So they court India, to neutralize China's rising power status.

I don't see this will succeed, India is still one of the 4 great civilizations, she has own way to achieve greatness, and certainly not to be a pawn or proxy of current low-civilized hegemon. Confrontation with China is not within their option.

Once the anti-China Indian defense minister George Fernandez hold hawkish anti-China position, but after he visit China and understand the complexities of Chinese societies, he went back home and stated "We're on the same boat".

So the west eagerness to make another geopolitical move, to use India as potential adversary of China won't work.

They better clean up the mess in the mid-east before making another laughable move.

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India received 11 billion in 2006 which has 1.1 billion population
Vietnam received 8.3 billion 2006 which has 84 million population

India has a long way to go.

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