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Can Buddha guarantee the pass of exams? [Copy link] 中文

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A true prayer

Although the twenty first century's natural science knows very little how the human mind works. The research results from the social scientists and psychologists have shown that the true believers have done much better at work and in life.

People have the right to pray what they believe.

Let them be!

Originally posted by voice_cd at 2007-3-20 13:51
Many prospective postgraduates prayed to Buddha for the pass of the postgraduate entrance exam in temples. These candidates and even their parents kowtowed reverently to the figure of Buddha althou ...

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Originally posted by polaris1120 at 2007-3-20 14:28
I have to admit that I have been in a temple to pray to Buddha for the offer of a London university two years ago. Although I knew that the success depened on my efforts not Buddha, I still wished  ...

I remembered that first time I visited European I did the same thing...I bought Buddah stature with me...

you trust,then you do it,no question...
***always to be yourself***

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Buddha speaks

I will be Buddha for a moment, imagining what he would say:
(no offence meant, I'd consider myself buddhist if anything)

Only YOU have control over your exam scores. Your score will depend on your effort and natural ability. Your effort is in your hands, not anyone else's. If your natural ability prevents you from doing prestigious work, then find contentment in lower paying work that makes you happy or useful. Even a garbage collector has an important job. If you must collect garbage, be proud you are helping the town be prettier and healthier.

Actually Indira Gandhi (wife of the man Gandhi, don't want to spell his name all wrong here, you know who I mean) gave a speech somewhere saying just that. She said everyone is important, even garbage collectors, and if everyone does their job well, then the country will run well.

And.... praying to something you don't believe in is NOT cool. I mean, if you are sincere, I think it's ok to pray to other people's gods or whatever you feel in your heart because THAT's the most important thing, but if you're faking it, that's totally not cool.
I am not rich.  :L

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Reply #7 caringhk's post

You should have come to me!

ha ha ha ha ha

I could have given you a  more PORTENT CHARM to be successful in any exams.

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
Game Master

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Freakyqi, I'm afraid you've got the Gandhis confused a bit. The confusion arises from the similarity of the family names (note that in India, unlike in China, the family name comes last).

The man Mahatma Gandhi responsible for India's independence was not at all related to the woman Indira Gandhi who was a Prime Minister of India after independence. They just happened to have the same surname by a coincidence. You wouldn't consider two Zhangs in China to be necessarily related, would you?

At least you got the spelling right:-) Many people wrongly spell the name as Ghandi.

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Originally posted by laotsu1 at 2007-3-21 10:27
There is no actual god in Buddhism per se, the rite of praying i s merely to concentrate the mind, to harness it and to direct it, in a peaceful manner towards ones aim/s wishes.

To be sure an i ...

i read Prajna Paramita by Ven Hsuan Hua yesterday.

He says Laotsu(Laozi),Confucius & Yen Hui are his dicisples.
Buddha sent them to China to preach the way
after he saw with his Wisdom eyes
that people in China were doing all the wrong things that time.

I read the word Laozi is filial piety as taught by Confucious.
Making up of Lao(elder)&Zi(Sons), so they are interdependent.
Pitiful to those who have no time to care for thier parents in old age!

Maybe now u also know why monks are in USA/Europe now!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by easywind at 2007-3-21 10:52
It is true that nowardays we chinese do not usually believe gods , since we think
that we can manage everything as long as we make every effort to do it. They say, maoney is everything,maybe power ...

If Laozi is the disciples of Buddha,
what do you think????

Think carefully about Leshan mountain,
Buddha is the mountain,
Mountain is Buddha.

or Can one grasped the world with yr fist?
Or yr grab the world with yr fist???
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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