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Why is the world in such a mess? [Copy link] 中文

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Now that's a good one, my Ol' boy!

ha ha ha

Now, let's have some tea with crumpets. I am going to have tea by noon today before doing my manicure, and watch a 1 quid movie.

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Just as Taoist philosophy stated:

There will be peace time after comparatively long period of war and turmoil.

Vice versa, there will be clash and war after period of peace.

This is the universal order... the natural pattern, Tao.

Human's imperfectness and limitation caused this.

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There's time when the west rule the world...

There will be period when the east replace their position.

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The West never really "Ruled" the East.

They were just tolerated, and their Media were noisy, but never was the EAST really ruled!

And that's the TAO!

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Originally posted by seneca at 2007-2-14 14:58
Did Changabula exclude China from his tortured picture? Or does he see that China is one of the hot spots where troubles are brewing? Not the only hot spot - but one of the major ones!

I think for this thread we should get away from thinking about our individual countries and look at the planet as a whole!

I get scared when I look at issues facing mankind such as global warming, poverty, wars,  and so on.

Possible solutions?

(1) Well I look at the scientific and technological achievements of mankind as a possible solution even though this doesn't seem to make people happy. Also, it can create more problems than it solves when its not wisely used.

(2) The UN (never really a success!). Individual countries seem too selfish and want their own way to tackle the big issues facing the planet.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Competition for resources and wealth...

Throughout history, empires and nations have waged war to acquire resources (land, food, energy, money, workforce, etc) from others.

At this stage, all civilized nations would do better to work together to develop new energy sources that all can share.  Developing new and better ways to produce food for the world's population and living space is another area.  The oceans are probably the first place where the latter can be found/produced in.

Those nations lacking the technology or intellectual resources will fall back on going to war to take these from others.

Throughout history, poor and greedy people have found it easier to steal from or kill others to acquire food, wealth, or even power.  I don't think this one will be solved until man is extinct.  But good law enforcement with the proper judicial system (the right punishment for specific crimes) would help lower crime.

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