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Foreign Teachers in China---Pro and Con [Copy link] 中文

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Where?  What Chinese English teachers are these?  Who are they?  What schools are they teaching at?

I have taught at two primary schools so far and, particularly at my previous one in Wuhan, the level of English speaking ability of some of the Chinese English teachers was, to my mind, quite shockingly bad.  I saw show lessons where they taught students incorrect English (e.g. "I want hamburger"), for instance.  Quite often they had very limited levels of conversational English.  If you attempted to make any kind of conversation not related to work, they were unable to understand.

Furthermore, I believe westerners, at least the ones who have done the CELTA and take their job seriously, tend to use more varied and interesting teaching methods.

Bear in mind, though, that I am mainly talking about Primary level teaching here.

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mmmm...........  I still remember three foreign uni tutors.......yes, three, only three during my whole
university life in China.  The first one was a retired Canadian lady who taught computer class in Canada. I don't know whether she taught in high school or uni, and I don't konw whether she had the certificate to
teach English as the second language. But she was good, outgoing and lovely, I bet everyone in my
former class liked her. The secone tutor was a young Australian girl, who was actually a student
studying Chinese at my uni... I believe that she didn't have the ESL certificate. But she was OK, at least
she had the intention to be a good teacher. But the last one... a US guy, was not quite good... He told us
that because nobody in his US university, I think it was Ohio Uni, wanted to come to China to study
Chinese, he had the chance to be sponsored by the uni to be here... He didn't know how to behave like a
teacher at all...  

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That leads to an old issue in China's English education field. Since day one, the English learners were taughter how to choose a letter out of abcd.( I am learning French now, the situation is the same) Oral English? No, it can't be tested in the standard examination.

Another reason is that the teachers were educated in the abcd environment, they can't speak well either. Then how could he/she teach others to speak.

In addition, teachers in China are a weak group of people. They are paid little but given more workload and pressure. Meanwhile, the social status of them is at the botttom. Chinese elite were all flying to the international corporations and large national owned companies, where they can get far more money than from school.

The brain drain of shool, who is to blame?

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Foreign language teachers in China must be certified

They must be certified to have the desired education and training.  I've come across English teachers who can't spell words correctly, although they do speak fluently because it is their mother tongue.

An English teacher must have a college degree from a bona fide college or university.
The teacher must have at least one year of teaching experience.
The teacher must pass an exam that includes an essay, oral interview, and basic principles of teaching.

If a teacher does not possess the 3 fundamental requirements above, then you know they are a problem.

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I would think that

Originally posted by tekvicious at 2007-1-24 10:04
The majority of FTs that come here are teaching DICK and JANE level stuff to classrooms of 50-60 kids of varying aptitide and intelligence. You hardly have to be a PHD to do this....

You should NOT be a PhD to do that  

Life is not easy for a western foreigner in China (except maybe some eastern cities)

There are no career prospects

no future security

not much respect

for a Foreign English Teacher

So, most of them must be here for some other reason

and one can't expect them to jump through hoops and have bundles of certificates to get the job.
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Originally posted by woodenbird at 2007-1-24 09:00
In my educational exprience, altogether I have met roughly 10 foreign teachers. Frankly speaking, most of them weren't qualified and they made feel they were just coming to China to have fun.

Ac ...

i think one coin has two sides.indeed, some of foreign teachers are not real teachers ,but they still enjoy the higher treatment.maybe this reason fot that is in the last two dacade,some foeign countries have developed economic and education.we chinese admire they come to china, we always give them more sight.want to be near them.may be want to practise oral english.may be think interesting.anyhow.there is no doubt that more and more foreigners rush to China now following China is developing.of couuse ,words could n'tbe said absolutely.some foreign teachers are still escellent and have  high educational level.right?
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Right, some Chinese simply want to get close to the white gus because they are rare in China(except metroplis) Being in company with a white guy makes them feel somehow superior or proud, although nobody except him/her would think in that way.
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