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Starbucks should be shut down.  I don't think many people would be happy if Starbucks was set up next to Stonehenge, and stonehenge is just a stack of rocks.  So some pride in Chinese culture.  Shut Starbucks down in the forbidden City, If anything, the CCP can just open up a new shop in its place, but one that is more authentically Chinese.
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Starbuck in Palace has nothing to do with....


It's about GREED & MONEY.   

On that note....  China & the US are on equal footing.

That's why there is a Starbucks there in the first place.   Shut it down and people lose jobs, other people lose money & investments, stock goes down, people who originally approved it lose face......

In China a cup of Starbucks coffee costs much more than a cup of tea.......  profits much higher than selling tea.   I'm sure government gets a piece of the action.... Forbidden City or not!
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Originally posted by jacquesli at 2007-1-23 09:36

If one day there is a Chinese restaurant opened in overseas famous tourist place, such as Louvre in Paris, (which is comparable somehow to the Forbidden City), Chinese media and people will feel  ...

Yes, but you forget that a restaurant is respectable.  Starbucks is not.  Starbucks gives a sense of urgency and decadency to a place that was the center of power for Chinese Emperors.
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but if a Chinese fast food restaurant opened in the middle of Stratford upon Avon (a tourist town in the UK, with a tradtional appearance)

we would not think of it as Chinese cultural infiltration attacking our treasured places

instead our news papers would be demanding to know which British officials approved the plans for a Chinese restaurant in that place,

we would demand that these officials be named and their jobs taken away from them because they prostituted their heritage in order to make themselves a quick profit

we would accuse the officials of being just pimps against their own country and its traditions

we* would then apologise to the Chinese shop for the mistake and probably have to pay them compensation for the lost business, and find them a new site in a place with just as many customers but no culture clash problem.

It would be the British officials who would be in trouble and have to explain their apparently crazy actions, not the Chinese shop - the shop after all is just a business, it applies for permission and if it gets permission then it will take the opportunity to make money.

but no one here is asking

"who approved the Starbucks in the first place?"

"which officials decided to hire out China's heritage for a fast RMB?"

"Are these officials now sweeping the streets of Beijing?"

Blame Starbucks, that's good for those officials they can quietly slip away :)

I hate Starbucks but I have to consider where the real blame seems to lie.


*we, actually would be the local government because the (we) the local public would keep complaining until everything was put right

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Reply #1 chairman's post

No poll here NPH.

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Does no one care

who approved the Starbucks in such an important place as the Forbidden Palace?

It must have had the approval of some high rank government officials

they must have thought

"which matters most? The traditions, history and image of China or business, money and profit?"

Their choice was clearly money.

So someone somewhere sold history for a coffee shop

Doesn't anyone wonder who they were and why did they do it?

How can Starbucks be to blame if those who approved the "crime against culture" are not even questioned?

Starbucks is a US company, not Chinese, so obviously they will put their business interests first and they applied to the Chinese government for permission to place a Starbucks in that palace, and amazingly

they got permission !! ??

I bet even Starbucks were surprised by that, but China said OK, so being from the USA they got started selling coffee.

How could any Chinese government official approve a Starbucks in the Forbidden Palace ?

It seems wrong to me, does anyone know the full story?

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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chairman has been deleted
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No matter the reason...

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