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Do you support letting Iran get Nuclear Weapons? [Copy link] 中文

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well, in this particular case,

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Hey Joe!

The idea of Mr. Bush was either an empire in the middle east stretching to Central Asia or simply just to cause the Persians to cut crude oil supplies routes to Europe (except France and UK) and Japan, Korea. It could spark a world war as these region go crazy.

Except that now it would be called a Bush's gamble.

Very dangerous for USA, as Japan, Germany could revolt against the USA, damaging the USA forex, making it impossible for USA to afford the Persian war.
China has proven how vulnerable is American military assets, which means, Persian Forces could tie down American forces in trench warfare as American army fight without modern technology!

ha ha ha

Now it is up to the Democrats and Republicans to brainstorm it out. There is no way the Amerikan Regime could pacify the Mesopotamians, what with the support of the neighbouring states for the freedom fighters in Mesopotamia.

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Persians?  Mesopotamians?  I know that you are living in the Dark Ages, Greendragon, but those places DO have different
names here in the 21st century.
We report.  You decide.

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Do you support letting Iran get Nuclear Weapons?

So what do you guys think?

I think Iran should get nuclear weapons because
(1) Iran has lots of oil and we all know what American Imperialists do to nations with oil....Invade, burn, plunder, steal, rape... like Huns
(2) Iran can get a sigh of relief from being safe until the US gets an effective Anti-ballistic missile system.
(3) Iran can pursue its interests without getting threatened by "Big Brother"  

I agree with you. A few Nukes would help deter an american attack on Iran.

The only way they might get some in time is by buying from russia or china.

but it looks like it might be too late

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America prepares to invade Iran...

America is currently preparing to invade Iran.  That's the reason why Washington must ignore the country it claims to lead and represent.

The most recent Washington Post / ABC News poll has shown that for the first time, a majority of Americans want the USA to leave Iraq regardless of what happens...

11. Do you think (the United States should keep its military forces in Iraq until civil order is restored there, even if that means continued U.S. military casualties); OR, do you think (the United States should withdraw its military forces from Iraq in order to avoid further U.S. military casualties, even if that means civil order is not restored there)?

             Keep forces   Withdraw forces   No opinion
1/19/07          46              52               3
12/11/06       48              48               4
11/2/05          52              44               4   
8/28/05          54              44               2 ... postpoll_012007.htm

Despite this historic turn in public opinion on the Iraq war, Washington politicians and the American media will only talk about whether or not to send in more troops.

Washington intends to invade Iran regardless of what America wants to do.  And if the media doesn't play along, then there will be another intelligence failure that results in a massive terrorist attack on civilian targets.

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The Bush administration don't give a damn what anyone think.

"anyone" - polls, media, the American public, allies, the rest of the world, etc

Dubya ("bring em on") is completely oblivious to everything that is happening in the rest of the world.

With the power he has he can do anything he wants. Who can oppose him?

Its a big childish game being played with all of us caught up in it. And there is nothing we an do! No debates, no reasoning or coercion will change Dubya's mind.

On the other hand, the Iranians are acting tough but they must be worried about getting the hell bombed out of them!

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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I disagree with Bush lately.  I voted for him, but he is acting strangely in some things.  However, I support the war in Iraq.

A good leader does what he thinks is best, and does not lead by polls.  A poor leader does only what people insist on him doing.  We don't have the access to the information that the President does, so we can only judge second hand.

Let Iran have nuclear weapons?  Right now, Iran is trying to blackmail most of the world WITHOUT them, threatening to destroy Israel, and threatening Europe because they imposed sanctions.  What do you think would happen if Iran had nukes?  

I shudder to think of that.  The world held hostage by a nation threatening to use nukes...... no matter what you say about the USA, we've never used nukes on a first strike basis.  I guarantee that the USA will take action to prevent that, regardless of the hand wringing and talking that the rest of the world insists on.

Come on, China.  You want to be a world player, but you refuse to put yourself out there to keep the peace.  Take the initiative and attack Iran before we do.  Show the world that YOU, too, can be peace keepers.

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We report.  You decide.

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