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Does China face widening income gap? [Copy link] 中文

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widening income gap

the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening.

as a chinese young man, i think it is not easy to solve this problem.

it is a social problem more than a political problem.

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hi, chairman

it is not too late to fix it.

kind regards!

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Post time 2007-1-9 10:13:37 |Display all floors are right and correct....

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shorten the income gap

in our country ,the income gap is getting wider, i think we can shorten it throuth the method below
first : raise the monthly tax deduction more;
second :monitor the microeconomic person income severely and collect the monthly tax deduction on time
third:to develop the west economy greatly

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Income Gaps...GOOD OR BAD???

What if, instead of being a "bad" thing, an increasing income gap was a "good" thing?  Wait a second, before you say I'm crazy, here me out.  Then you can let me have it.

First, you can read about America's ever-increasing income gap here: ... America/china03.htm

Okay, almost everyone (except the poor in America) will admit that the "poor" in America aren't really all that poor.  They are only "poor" in comparison with their richer neighbors.

Now, let's look at China.  Take my city, Shen Zhen.  To be "poor" in Shen Zhen is to be "rich" in many of China's other provinces, such as Henan or Fujian.  

Where do you think that the greater "income gap" exists, in Shen Zhen or in those two provinces?  Of course, the answer is Shen Zhen.  (I'm talking about tthe gap within that area - within Shen Zhen, or within Henan - NOT between them.)

The point is, in a free market, a widening income gap is a sign of a healthy market.  Not only that, but because "a rising tide lifts all boats", the "poor" of Shen Zhen are notably richer than the "poor" of Henan, et al.   Here, I am not just referring to economic wealth, but also to "quality of life" issues, such as streets, education, heathcare, etc...

So, instead of trying to reduce the income gap, perhaps we should be celebrating it and trying to discover how Henan, Fujian and all the rest can begin increasing their own gaps.

To paraphrase Deng Xiao Ping "To be rich is glorious."  And I know he also referred to that newly created wealth as being (leading) the way out of China's poverty.  He really was a great visionary.

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Margaret Thatcher once said "You are not going to make the poor rich by making the rich poor"
Wealth division is an old problem and an universal one.The main thing is what caused the division .You don't want to be in a situation where no matter how hard you worked or how good you are academically you can not lift yourself up from the bottom.
What governments have to do, is
1.Make sure those who are getting rich are doing it in a sociable fair and legally way.Just rewards for just people.
2.Those who are not benefiting from China's new surge are not actually going backwards.
How to do this is simply firstly stop corruption.Yes I know every nation has corruption ,but at least stop the plain obvious corrupt deals that are made at the expense of others.Which even a blind man can see.This will help prevent resentment which can erode a soceity's fabric and tend to lead to social problems.
The government must provide the basics to people, no matter where they live.I would love to know what happened to free health care in China.I thought this was a fundamental.To me this is a case of the poor going backwards.

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