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share your opinions on 9/11 5th Anniversary [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by joeching at 2006-9-16 16:20

Conspiracy theories aside, do the events of 911 and Pearl Harbor both looked inevitable to anyone who believes in cause and effect?

All the times we ar ...


What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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911 never forget ... er_remembering_sept
here is my blog to remember the 911

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terrorists........ ?

freedom fighters, more likely..........and they sacrificed themselves............

they just happened to use a weapon that was

a form of guided missiles.............that was within their grasp...........

too bad for the colatteral damages.........

and they done the city planners a big favour
It is important that man dreams, but it is perhaps equally important that he can laugh at his own dreams...............5555

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American football stadiuns threatened

Some threat about the use of dirty bombs from terrorists was going to be used on American football stadiums this weekend was issued.

I am looking to buy tickets at any of the 7 reportedly targetted stadiums.

Maybe I can catch a terrorist! I would have fun wailing-out on one.

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America deserves it

,in my opinion,the america deserves it.
For a long time,the america is in the arrogance,treating themselves as world police,
whenever and wherever sth. happens,then come to interfere other couturys' politics,
finally got what they want,
they can combinated with a countury's insurgents to convert its power,
tramp its constitution,
they are vilians,and they deserve the revenge of others,
not only the arab counturys,but also the ones who are tramped.

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2006-9-6 15:53
" 9.11 " must be music to the ears of Dubya when it happened , and ever since. His term of office was dead in the water when this " disaster "  occured. It was the confluence an ...

Dude, what the hell are you ranting and raving about?  Is there some gap in the language barrier that's preventing me from understanding what is you're referring to?  Example:

The " War on Terror " and the " Law and Order " as well as the " National Security " became viable currency for his, and his neocon posse ,rampage  into every nation on earth as well as into every house and bedroom at home. That was the start of the running amok and steroid rage which affected the whole world since.

Seriously dude, are you daft?  What in God's name are you talking about?  Steroid rage?  "Law and Order"?  How does this even apply to currency, much less the Neocon crowd?  Bush is quite possibly the most liberal of Republican presidents that we've had in a long while.  Proof of this is his attempts to grant amnesty to God knows how many illegal immigrants in the country as of now, so I don't know what you are talking about with this passage, much less anything else in this diatribe.  Please be so kind as to back your position.

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Originally posted by embryohou at 2006-10-22 12:41
,in my opinion,the america deserves it.
For a long time,the america is in the arrogance,treating themselves as world police,
whenever and wherever sth. happens,then come to interfere other cout ...

Sir, I can't even begin to tell you how ignorant you are.  You curse us Americans to hell with an arrogant wave of the hand (probably with middle finger extended), and yet you are using our language in this post?  And quite poorly, at that.  What sense does this make?  What made the hair on my neck stand the most is you casually stating that we "finally got what we want."  Are you going to sit there, while typing retarded smilies on MSN Messenger to your anorexic girlfriend and tell us that we WANTED 9/11 to take place?  Furthermore, how have we trampled you, in particular, since you seem so pissed off at us?  The way we are handling Iraq is in such a one-armed manner as is, so there really is no trampling taking place.  If that were the case, we would've been out of there a long time ago, sir.  So please, before you post a garbled diatribe on here about "screw America," do some research before pulling a rant out of your ass to display your blind hatred and ignorance.

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