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9.11 remembered.

It is the 5th anniversary of 9.11 and the whole world mourns the dead and maimed. However the domino effect which ensued and have cost tens of thousand of lives as a result of the " War on Terror " should also be recalled with sadness and sorrow.

A valid cause for anger and hurt to the American innocents rapidly extended to sorrow and tragedy for nations across the globe. An ill conceived and wrong " crusade " was started on shakiest of grounds. The horror and carnage which has followed, perpetrated by both sides, puts paid to the notion of " human intelligence " and " empathy ".

The 3000+ dead in New York followed by hundreds  and thousands dead from Iraq to London to Spain and India are all numbers sacrificed on the altar of callous disregard to human dignity and respect. May ALL these souls rest in peace because your leaders have bungled big time.  

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The BBC has written about the Israeli connection to 9/11.
I feel Israel MAY have had information, which would have
saved American lives.

and this

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to occupy a place.something to say.

I am an English fan  and interested in it which makes me study hard.

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Whatever the take on 9/11, terrorism has become an international focus

Governments around the world had a heightened terror alert status after 9/11. Almost 2/3rds of Americans no longer approve of the US government's military response to 9/11 in Iraq. This is having serious political consequences for the administration. Americans can change their government by election, which will most likely begin happening in November. At present , Americans' dissatisfaction with their government is being heard around the world, because we still have the remnants of a free press. What has been lacking in America is adequate information about world events in the American press.

There are reasons for this. There has been a concerted effort on the part of some wealthy and powerful Americans, aided by wealthy and powerful investors from around the globe, to control the flow of information in American media, to outsource American jobs to cheaper foreign labor markets, and to influence many countries' educational systems to educate the masses just to the extent that they become useful workers, but not to the extent that they have the education to really quesiton the actions of their governments. In America, this lack in the public education system effectively disenfranchises many voters through their ignorance of history and issues.

There is a deliberate restriction in the flow of information available from mainstream media in America today. Available information mostly supports administration actions. This has lead to a lack of critical thinking. The lack of critical thinking is also due to limits in public education. Without adequate information through education and the media, citizens don't know to demand more information in order to make more informed political decisions through their vote. A vicious cycle has been underway in global education for decades. Many Americans are waking up to these lacks, and are looking to foreign media to better understand both America and America's actions as viewed by the rest of the world.

9/11 is a tragedy whose truth is not yet completely known. Most Americans do not support their government's response to 9/11. Try as it will, the administration does not have the national support for its assertions that terrorists lurk around the globe, ready and willing to do in any and all American cities and military installations. It is not a reasonable threat assessment, and most Americans are quite aware of this.

An Australian friend who spends several months at a time in countries around the globe each year recently remarked on the great amount of freedom he observed in American society. He spends time each year in Germany, India, America, Australia, Hong Kong, and travels to other parts of the world. He has noted the decline in infrastructure recently in America, with airports being dirty and airplane seats being torn, much like in a so-called "third world" country. Americans are paying for their debt-backed current prosperity, and it's showing up in places like dirty airports.

But what he finds remarkable about America is the personal freedom we still enjoy. We complain long and loudly about our government and its policies. We are very displeased with the combat being waged in our name as Americans and with our tax dollars. We don't like our government's failed response to the Katrina tragedy. To voice this, we write letters to the editors, call our members of Congress and our local politicians, and vote those who implemented policies we don't like out of office.

The recent loss in a political primary by Senator Joseph Lieberman, one of this administration's strongest backers in the opposition party in Congress, indicates how strongly Americans feel about the administration. If a 17-year member of Congress can have his seat threatened because he backs the Bush administration, there is a sea change in American political thinking underway.

9/11 was a national and international tragedy. I don't think Americans will, in the long run, permit their government to use it as a wedge issue to continue to prosecute a manufactured war on terror that profits the few, and costs the many dearly.

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Lest We Forget.

Dear hygelac,

Welcome to the  forum. Your analysis of the state of play is spot on. To-day we remember all those innocent lives sacrificed in that horror event of 9.11 five years ago. To-day we also mourn the subsequent lives lost through no fault of theirs all over the globe. This " 9.11 " event should be remembered as a milestone of illogical governance in co-operation with mega-commercial interests. Human lives lost is now acceptable as the " colleteral damage " along the way. Let those of us spared of this carnage remember that but for the grace of god, goes I. If we do not speak up now, it may be too late for anyone else to speak up on our behalf if anything happen to us.

Let ALL innocent lives lost to this " 9.11 " syndrome R.I.P. !!

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1.To promote the defence protection is one of the important  measures to give us safety.  
2.I support the war on terrorist around  the world.  War is the most effective way to eliminate  villainy .
3.Our government is trying our best to construct a peace international environment ,including  to support  the war on terror.
4.I agree that terrorism is the result of the clash of civilizations.  The religion and the poverty is the conflict between west and the Muslim.
5.Terrorism is a retrogressing that countercivilization.

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For what the terrorist continues his attacks

I'm interested in the 2nd question:

Do you agree or disagree the opinion that the war on terror, in some sense, provoke torrorists to be more aggressive?

In my personal opinions, we should research WHAT'S the history of the Terror and WHY there's always terror in the world. This expression looks stupid, but I think that it is basic for us to consider in depth.

Why we debate, fight and war? These are for what? For money, nature or philanthropy? For personal benefit, or for national / religious belief? As the strongest country in global, if America should survey again its policies to foreigns. To avoid more aggressives, it only need

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