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Are they all just crazy? [Copy link] 中文

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"Suicide Baby To Board Plane In Mass Murder
By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Aug 16, 2006

The six-month-old baby was going to be a suicide bomber on one of the ten planes targeted by
Muslims.  Thousands of those in flight would have had their bodies strewn across the ocean.

Abdula Ahmed Ali, 25, and his 23-year-old wife, Cossor, offered their child as human sacrifice to the
Koran's Allah, per Scotland Yard police report via The Daily Telegraph.

That is why now security guards must insist on mothers tasting their babies' milk at check points before boarding."

Can anyone relate to these people? How can a Mother...offer her a human sacrifice....
...just to get a bomb on board.

Does this not show the world....that these are the neighbors from hell. Poor Israel can not put a
wall up high enough.

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Not crazy just brainwashed

It is the belief of many in the Muslim faith that sacrificing yourself or one of your family members for the "defence" of Islam or justice of Islam is an act of martyrdom which they believe gives you a derect pass to heaven . So the mother of this baby thinks that she is sending this child to heaven by using the baby as a bomb. No these people are not crazy just totally and completely brainwashed. I wished these people were crazy becouse they would show signs of mental illness and be locked up before they could harm anyone but sadly these "martyrs" live normal lives and blend in with any crowd right up until they detonate themselves.

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What do they get out of....

....killling innocent lives.

I can understand soldier killing soldier....or military killing military....

...but to kill - women and children and plumbers and painters and housewives and students...

it just does not make sense to me.

I think 99% of muslims do not think crazy like this....but how can we make out the difference
between them?

Do we send all the Muslims home to Iran or elsewhere?

What do you think would be the reaction of the "common" people of the USA if these terrorists
were sucessful in their task?

Do they think that we will lie down?

Don't you remember post 911...when everyone in America screamed for revenge. Do you think
if they were sucessful with the would need a draft in the USA to take revenge?

This 1% of Muslims is going to get alot of good Muslims killed I am afraid.

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I'm not so sure its just 1% of Muslims

It may be a small amount of Muslims who actually carry out the acts of terror  but what about the millions of Muslims who didn't commit the act but condone the act . I have yet to see any mass protests from Muslims or there leaders condemning this behavior.

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Muslim leaders came out after 9/11 and condemned what happened.  And that Super-Size Me guy did one of his TV shows - 30 Days - about living with a Muslim couple. A rural Christian lived with Muslims for a month. The show gave us glimpses of their daily life together from both views. I learned a thing or two.

Near me, a mosque on a highway put up a big banner saying something to the effect of supporting America and referring to 9/11, like the "We Will Not Forget" slogan.

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You will find no such banner

on a mosque in the middle east were the majority of Muslims live in the world . Yes is America you will find a few Muslim leaders speaking out against terrorist acts and see a positive banner or two hanging from a American mosque. But as far as the world Muslim community
you will see crowds of Muslims gathering with "death to America " signs . Or you will here silence from them which speaks for itself.

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Well I wouldn't expect to find a pro-america sign in the middle east!

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