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America is richest country in the world [Copy link] 中文

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Who gave you such idea(s) that The US is the richest country among all??

If you had such thought, well sorry may need some books to beef up yourself a little bit...
I agree that Switzerland, Netherlands, and some other European Countries would be better, at least in comprisons of living standard, safety, wealth, environment

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Switzerland just have world bank. But  did they make the Boeing plane or Microsoft solfware?. Althrought
European countries living standard is higher than US. But they don't have so many opptunities as USA my
dear friend.

Talk about safety, Europe can't even protect themselve and they have to rely on the US milary present
overthere for the protection.
Use you head and think before you say something  you "Old Europe" boy............

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America is richest country in the world??? that's bullshyt......a lot of northern and western european countries are richer than that cowboy country.

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please say more about yr life in the US so that those who doubt yr citizenship

will be soon convinced that u are from America...:

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Pizza man

Yeah! but those rich are King or Queen but the people are still poor than the US citizen. the different is that in US the gap between rich and poor are not too much.

And if you willing to work hard and I guarantee you can be rich and have a good life within 5 year.

America is still the Land Of Opputunities and that why so many Chinese and people in this willing to do
anything to go there.

America control more than 50% of  the wealth of the world. Pizza man you are jealous of us and you wish that you R
an American citizen

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you call me as Man?  thanks......most of the times, im being called as Ma'am...although the sound is a bit similar.

i don't wanna be a usa citizen coz not interested in paying federal tax.....too darn complicated.

rich?  poor?...people?......oh man, in every country, is the same.....the rich is rich, the poor is  poor and most of the ppl in between. Period ;)

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Originally posted by hillbilly107 at 2006-8-17 12:11
Pizza man you are jealous of us and you wish that you R
an American citizen

I'm no linguist but "fille" means girl in French, and her profile says female. And WHY are you saying "JEALOUS OF US"????? There is no US, YOU are not american! Oh good golly you're getting annoying!! I tried to be all nice to you about it in another thread. If you're unhappy with your life in China but can't move, just try to see the bright side - find SOMETHING good about your life, I'm sure there's something! Grow where you're planted. (not my saying, read it somewhere).

And as an american, I'll say I think very highly of some European nations and would feel perfectly comfortable, safe, and proud to live in them. I get the impression my life would not be much different. Some things better, some things maybe not so great.

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